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8 Youtube Channels About Korea You Must Watch (not drama)

Youtube never runs out of channels and content related to Korea, here are 8 recommended channels about Korea that you should watch.

Apart from drama series, variety shows, and music shows, there are many other types of content about Korea that are interesting to watch on YouTube.

During this pandemic, you might have finished watching various Korean drama series titles or variety shows to kill time. So often, you feel like you're running out of watching material and start looking for other titles to watch.

Well, maybe it's time to return to YouTube, which seems to never run out of channels and exciting shows to enjoy.

Youtube Channel About Korea, Not Drama Series

Here is a compilation and recommendation of eight channels with content related to Korea from various themes that can be included in your must watch list. Don't forget to turn on the subtitle button and enjoy!

1. Showterview with Jessi

Famous for her outspoken nature and fierce rap skills, Jessi has indeed stolen the show since appearing on the survival show Unpretty Rapstar.

Jessi cool behavior with running gag Korean language skills are often wrong (Jessi is from America and only lived in Korea when she was 15 years old) making her an interesting person to watch on television so that she has often been invited to guest star on various famous variety shows such as Running Man, Happy Together, and Knowing Brothers.

Now, the rapper who is under PSY's P-Nation label has her own web show produced by Mobidic where in each episode Jessi meets public figures and interviews them in her own style.

From interviews with senior actor Kim Young Chul, doing ASMR with Solar MAMAMOO, to fitness training with hot influencer Malwang. Jessi is still herself who is full of swag but successfully shakes the audience's stomach.

2. Hi-teenager

This channel contains videos of social experiments to find out about the lives and perspectives of Korean school teenagers today. The topics are quite diverse, from Billie Eilish's video reactions, opposite sex behavior, stories about friends, ridiculous challenges such as dressing up your boyfriend, to sex education.

One of the videos that gets the most views on this channel is when young women are challenged to remain indifferent and not embarrassed when faced with a handsome man. The videos on this channel show quite a lot of student-aged couples who make us feel awkward and maybe remember our old school days.

3. Airplane Time

Almost like Hi-teenager, this channel also contains videos of social experiments involving Korean high school and college students with videos uploaded every Monday and Friday.

The most popular content from this channel is blind date in various formats, from three candidates to 32 people!

In addition, there are also topics about relationships that are quite frustrating, such as ex-partners who meet again after a year apart to talk about their relationship and why it can run aground and karaoke sessions alone when they break up.

4. Odg

For those who like to watch content with adorable little guest stars like HiHo Kids and Kids React, this channel is arguably the Korean version of these popular channels.

With more than one million subscribers, this channel features videos such as Korean kids react to Sailor Moon, innocent child-to-parent chats, awkward encounters between Korean boys and girls from America, as well as performances by famous guest stars like Zico, DPR, to Suho EXO.

The innocent and candid questions of these little children can make us smile to ourselves and reminisce about our childhood.


Ever wondered if your favorite K-pop songs were made into orchestral versions?

You can find it on this channel featuring two girls namely “GONE” who plays the violin and “ENA” who plays the flute to compose BLACKPINK, ITZY, Red Velvet, BTS songs into an orchestral arrangement that makes it unique and sounds fresh.

Apart from K-pop songs, they also often cover other popular international songs and are not stingy in distributing their musical arrangements so you can try them at home too. Listening to instrumental versions of K-pop songs can turn out to be a soothing soundtrack when we are doing assignments in front of a laptop, you know!

6. Kimbab Family

Vlogs of people traveling to Korea may be familiar, but what about Indonesians who get married and build households with Korean people in Seoul?

Well, this multicultural family consisting of Indonesian wives (Mama Gina), Korean husbands (Appa Jay), and their three cute children (Suji, Yunji, Jio) tells of their lives in a sweet and not overbearing way.

Initially, this vlog was made more as documentation for large families separated in Indonesia and Korea before finally attracting the attention of netizens and working on it more seriously.

What is unique about this family is that Mama Gina and Appa Jay both respect each other's culture and learn each other's language and culture so that their children are able to understand both Indonesian and Korean in a balanced way.

It has reached 900 thousand subscribers, watching this family vlog makes us want to have family goals like them too.

7. Runandrun

Sometimes if you are confused about what to watch light and make us happy, prank videos can be the right mood booster choice.

The channel, which is run by Bans and Sunny, contains various belly-churning pranks in public places. One of my favorite videos is the prank calling ahjumma (auntie) and ahjussi (uncle) to a young person.

From his reaction, we can find out how the greeting words for older people do have an important role in Korean society and this can actually invite various reactions ranging from laughter to resentment when used to young people.


Compared to other K-pop variety shows, this channel is unique because it is aimed at international fans and has a lot of fan service content that can entertain K-pop fans outside of Korea.

Because the idols who appear will accept language challenges such as singing their songs in three languages, answering fans' questions in foreign languages, to guessing words.

Besides being fun and adding insight into language, it feels like there is a special joy if our favorite K-pop idols can greet us in our own language.

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