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Topics to Talk About With Your Crush: Get To Know You

Topics to Talk About With Your Crush: Get To Know You

Having fun chatting with your crush so that the 'Get to know you' period runs smoothly, is indeed tricky. It will seem easy, when your crush is also open and has a lot of topics.

But what happens if you and him/her are both nervous until finally confused about what to talk about, even though you actually want to know each other.

Sometimes, someone will feel running out of chat material when they have discussed all topics with their partner or crush.

In fact, you don't have to bother looking for topics of conversation. You can make small talk to those involving the perspective of life can be the topic of conversation.

There is nothing wrong, if you start the conversation first. Check out some chat topic ideas that you can explore with your partner, crush or even your friends, which are guaranteed to make your conversation more enjoyable.

Conversation topics to talk with your crush

Actually, how to find a topic of conversation does not have to be painstakingly searched, both small talk to the perspective of life can be a topic of conversation.

You can use debate, ask for news, talk about the future, and even use truth or dare to open a conversation.

Some fun topics for conversation with your crush 'get to know you':

1. Talking about the latest things on social media

Topics material can be found anywhere, including from around you. Talk about up to date things that are currently being discussed can get you and your partner involved in a pleasant discussion atmosphere.

You can easily find the latest chat topics from social media. For example, Talk about what's trending and exploring each other's viewpoints will help you and your partner understand each other.

2. Hobbies

This one conversation is never wrong to discuss with a crush. You can start by asking about what things he usually does in his spare time.

Usually, the activity that is most often done and feels good for someone is hobby. Yes, who knows you and partner have the same passion.

Even if it turns out that your hobbies are different, you can still show your interest in the hobbies he has. Your crush will appreciate your interest especially if you also want to try the same hobby. More fit!

3. Asking 'how your day was?'

The advantage of this topic of conversation is that it can be brought up every day, because no day is exactly the same.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, must have gone differently. Asking how he/she day was is also a sign of care and concern for your partner.

According to family therapists and marriage counselors, simple conversation topics like these allow a person to talk about what worked and what didn't work throughout the day. This can strengthen your connection and comfort each other if the day doesn't go your way.

4. Goals and hopes

Yep, also raise the conversation about Their goals and hopes from the start. Typically, this topic can expand into a variety of things. It could be that he will be more open to telling you more personal things, including about partner childhood.

5. Truth or dare, without dare

If you want to get to know your crush better, try doing a game of truth or dare, but without the dare in it. Only truth, namely by asking each other questions that must be answered honestly. That way, you can get to know each other better.

6. Start an Debate

Debate does not always mean a fight with a partner. If you feel the conversation is all about the same thing or all the topics are already in the chat, try starting a healthy debate.

Start by coming up with a fairly provocative expression, then discuss the different interpretations with your partner.

But before starting the debate, agree that this is only one way of bringing up the topic of conversation with a different twist. Thus, the debate will not become a fight.

7. Work

So, if in this conversation you can exchange more information about each other from a professional side. You can also discuss and share problems at work to find solutions together. Wow, that would be a really interesting topic, right?

8. Talk about past experiences

Sometimes, the mind to always talk about things that are up to date can be a burden. As a result, the conversation becomes less exciting and you end up depressed.

In fact, talking about past experiences can also be a way to get to know you.

Not just background before meeting you, but childhood or stories about extended family. These kinds of topics can again help strengthen connections with one another.

9. Talents and strengths

There's nothing wrong with talking about your strengths in front of your crush. But, always remember to be humble, Ok!. During the 'Get to know each other' period, usually the opposite sex will be more sensitive about how people behave and speak. Don't forget to ask about the strengths or talents of the crush too.

10. Music

Of course, talking about music when you are with your crush is also something you shouldn't miss. If you have the same taste in music as him/her it will be a plus for you in partner eyes. In addition, you can get to know Crush better through their favorite songs.

11. Movies

With this topic, your conversation with your crush will be even more exciting, you know. Moreover, when you have a taste for movies that are similar to them. The conversation about this film can be a way for you and crush makes a date to watch a movie together. Exciting, right?

12. Talk about a new hobby

There is nothing more fun than to pursue a new hobby that is carried out with great enthusiasm. With topics like this, life will no longer feel monotonous or boring. Can find hobbies that you both like or hobbies respectively. Whatever it is, it can be a fun topic of conversation.

13. Favorite vacation experience

Swapping stories about the most memorable vacation experiences can also be a fun conversation. It won't be wrong, if you bring up this topic during the get to know each other - period.

You and the crush can give each other recommendations to visit somewhere interesting! In the end, you can make a vacation together, interested right!.

14. Current issues

It is very important for you to be aware of current issues. Apart from being knowledge for yourself, this can make you a more insightful person.

Moreover, when you are with your crush! 'Connecting' with various things that are currently being discussed can be an added value.

So don't forget to enrich yourself with up-to-date information. Intelligent women have a plus in the eyes of men.

15. Express feelings to one another

If the simple topic of conversation no longer feels exciting, try to share your feelings about the relationship at hand.

Before doing so, agree on being honest and open with each other. Say what you want to improve or hope from this relationship, or say anything that is still stuck in the feeling.

16. Ask what you want to change

The wishing question of what you would like to change from the past if there was one chance to do so can become one of the hot topics of conversation with your crush. In this way, you can know each other what the most regrettable moment is and what partner wants to achieve.

Not only that, this discussion can also help both parties to make better decisions in the future. Knowing the history and regret for each other can be a turning point for not repeating the same mistakes.

17. Plan for the future

Actually, this one talk is really tricky to discuss. If you are a person who is good at reading opportunities, then you can use this topic to signal your crush how serious you are.

For couples who are already planning to enter a more serious level, how to find conversation topics can also be about the future.

What will be done in the short to long term together. What dreams or dreams do each of you want to pursue, what will be done when you enter a more serious level, and so on.

It's great to be able to share dreams, hopes, and dreams with your partner. Not only that, this kind of talking material keeps you and your partner from dwelling on your daily routine.

Bottom line

There are many topics of conversation that can bring a relationship with a partner closer. Making each other laugh can also make communicating moments more memorable.

That is the topic of conversation during pdkt that you need to remember so that you are no longer confused about starting a conversation.

The key is only one, calm down. Good luck love warriors!

Even when you have to keep quiet, it doesn't matter. Body language such as holding hands, caressing, or simply staring at each other can sometimes mean much more than any sophisticated topic of conversation.

Photo by StockSnap Pixabay

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