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Women Need to Know, this Gladys 4 Tips on Balancing Business and Lifestyle

A success in business is a dream of many women, as well as Resti Hajar Septiana. The woman who is familiarly called Gladys is one of a handful of women's business people who are successful in the country.

Women Need to Know, this Gladys 4 Tips on Balancing Business and Lifestyle

Running its business successfully in the city of Surabaya, Gladys is able to answer the challenges of severe people who are often faced by female businessmen in pursuing their career in the business world.

These various challenges will not be easy and of course need hard work. On his career journey, Gladys can achieve success in business without ruling out various important things in his life. This founder of KLT can even reach MNC Kartini today award in 2019.

This became one of the evidence of its achievements for the success of the business she had done for the past few years. However, the hard work of building a business of beauty products that she runs is certainly through a long travel process, until finally it can be successful as it is today.

However, how can she run her business and lifestyle with a balanced? Check out the following reviews!

Successful building a cosmetic business

Starting her career in the cosmetics business sector a few years ago, Gladys could bring her brand to be one of the best known in the cosmetics world of the country.

Gladys founded its company called KLT and focused on raising the business until it could be successful as it is now. Women who always appear stylish are able to prove their existence in the world of beauty which is basically fairly rapidly changing trends every year.

In Gladys's hands, KLT business is growing and becoming one of the well-known companies. This company is a cosmetic distributor that quickly reaches many customers, even in a fairly short time.

This is certainly inseparable from the totality of Gladys which gives a lot of time and his mind to build KLT to be successful and is known wider than before. While running a business, Gladys emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between personal life with the work itself.

"Even though women have a lot of routines and busyness, they still have to take the time to stay loving yourself. Life must be lived with balance, where we are able to grow and always get better than before, "Gladys said at a press conference held virtually some time ago.

Active in social activities in Surabaya

Not only concern to take care of business, Gladys is also active in several social activities. Last year, Klt Charity held a World Cancer Day at One East Residences apartment involving a number of socialite in the city of Surabaya.

This activity is capable of raising considerable funds, which is up to $7.782. These funds are channeled as Helpakk to patients with cervical cancer and breast cancer. Through this event, Gladys hopes there will be more people who care for cancer patients who need help.

Tips for Balancing Business and Lifestyle by Gladys

Busyness taking care of the business does not necessarily make Gladys forget she responsibility as a woman. It is very realized and always concerned in dividing time. Maintaining a balance between business and family is also a very important point for her. The following tips that Gladys applies in their lives, among others:

1. Set the time

Since Gladys is married, for her the harmony of households has become one of the priorities that cannot be ignored. Setting time smartly is the first thing that is important. Because, if time is a mess, it can be ascertained business and family affairs will fall apart.

For this reason, Gladys divides the time appropriately to work running its business. When it works, Gladys tries to focus until the work is finished on time. While if it's been with my family, Gladys enjoys gathering with family with quality.

2. Care for yourself and maintaining health

Women must be able to take care of themselves and always maintain health well. This is very important, so that all activities can work properly and the quality of life as a whole can also be maintained well.

For gladys, well maintaining ourselves is also one form of gratitude and love for all the achievements that can be obtained. Not only for women, Gladys also argues that the same thing needs to be done by men.

Gladys argues that everyone will have different skin characteristics and skin types, that's why it is very important to choose a really right type of cosmetics. Self-care is certainly not only for today, but also for the future.

In addition, it is also important to consume healthy and nutritious foods also become important things that need to be considered. Try not to eat carelessly, especially when you are outside the house.

3. Avoid stress

Stress is one of the causes of life can be messy, especially if stress is prolonged. If you have experienced stress, all jobs and families can fall apart, self-employed and family and others.

So that all lives can run balanced, then Gladys tries as much as possible to avoid stress. If there is a problem at work, social relations, or family, Gladys still completes it with a calm mind.

4. Get closer to God

Everyone needs to realize that all this life cannot be separated from God, as well as Gladys' life. The success that she had achieved had time to thank God.

Therefore, all the good people who are working, struggling to be successful in their business, or those who have succeeded, they must get closer to God. This is certainly so that God still keeps life running well.

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