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Facial Expressions That Signify Women Want to Approach

The expressions on one's face shown to others can imply a variety of meanings. One of them is the expression "flirt", which people generally do to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Facial Expressions That Signify Women Want to Approach

Unfortunately, most people have a hard time knowing when the opposite sex is really flirting with us or just being friendly.

A study shows, there are certain expressions made by women when they flirt with men. The study appears in the Journal of Sex Research.

From the study results, revealed certain facial expressions that indicate women's interest in "targets," as reported by Southwest News Service (SWNS).

It is said, if we can take a woman's expression as a sign that she is attracted to us.

The seductive facial expressions of women that are considered the most effective for melting men, namely turning their head to one side and tilting it down with a slight smile. Then, the woman's eyes look towards the potential partner.

"From the six studies we conducted, we found that most men were able to recognize certain female facial expressions as signals of flirting."

That's what Omri Gillath, professor of psychology at the University of Kansas, told the Southwest News Service.

"Women's expressions like this are unique, and differ from expressions that have similar meanings such as smiling but are not identified by men as seductive expressions."

Gillath added, if the findings can be useful for establishing communication and dating requests.

The researchers say their study sheds light on how the male brain reacts to certain expressions.

"The first time we have not only identified an expression that represents seduction, but also revealed its function, which is to find relationships related to dating and sex," said Gillath.

What Is the Sexiest Emotion for Women to Display?

Full Article here

Female Happiness is Very Attractive

Happiness was consistently rated as the most sexually attractive female emotion expression; findings documenting the attractiveness of female happiness have also been noted in previous peer-reviewed, published research (Mueser, Grau, Sussman, & Rosen, 1984; Penton-Voak & Chang, 2008; Schulman & Hoskins, 1986).

This robust finding appears to be consistent with both evolutionary and gender-normative explanations for heterosexual attraction.

Past evolutionary psychology research has shown that men are typically attracted to female indicators of apparent youth and sexual receptivity—both of which may be communicated through a smile.

Socio-cultural explanations for this finding suggest that individuals whose behavior and appearance is consistent with local gender norms tend to be considered more attractive (Brown, Cash, & Noles, 1986; O’Doherty et al., 2003); from this perspective, happiness may be particularly attractive in women because smiling invokes perceptions of femininity.

Indeed, past research suggests that women smile more frequently than men (LaFrance, Hecht, & Paluck, 2003) and that happy displays are typically associated with femininity.

For example, when participants in one study were instructed to clear their minds and imagine a happy face, 76% of men visualized that the sex of their imagined face was female (Becker, Kenrick Blackwell, Neuberg, & Smith, 2007).

Female Pride Is Somewhat Less Attractive

In investigation, found that pride was consistently rated as less attractive than certain other female emotion expressions.

Displaying pride is an automatic cue of high status (e.g., Shariff & Tracy, 2009) but previous research suggests that this quality is more valuable to the sexual attractiveness of men than it is women (e.g., Buss, 2008).

Further, emerging work in the stereotype and prejudice literature suggests that women who appear competent (e.g., smart, powerful, independent women) may be more likely to be automatically perceived as particularly cold and unfriendly (see Fiske, 2012).

Perhaps these unconscious perceptions are what lead some men to regard pride displaying women as less approachable and therefore less attractive than women displaying other expressions.

Female Shame Is Pretty Attractive

In general, female shame displays fell between female happy and female pride "and above neutral" on attractiveness ratings across studies and samples in our investigation.

The generally positive impact of shame displays on female attractiveness may be due to shame’s signaling that the expresser has a respect for social norms and an awareness that she has violated them (Gilbert, 2007). This appeasement message may indicate trustworthiness, a trait previously found to increase attractiveness when conveyed by facial expressions (Todorov, Said, Engell, & Oosterhof, 2008).

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