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Japan Also Has Alpine Snow Mountains "Tateyama Kurobe Alpine"

Japan's Tateyama Kurobe Alpine is called the Asian Alpine Mountain. This Tateyama Kurobe Alpine can be accessed via Nagano or Toyama.

Actually it could be possible to depart from the Nagano line and end up in Toyama, but because while in Tateyama it is not allowed to bring luggage and also the luggage delivery service from Nagano to Toyama is no longer available.

From the city of Tokyo to go to Toyama you can use the fast train. From Toyama to Tateyama you can book round-trip tickets via the ticketing machine.

On this machine, you just have to choose your travel destination, and Tateyama Station is the last stop. The journey from Toyama Station to Tateyama Station takes about 1.5 hours.

Japan Also Has Alpine Snow Mountains "Tateyama Kurobe Alpine"

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine

Most of the visitors are mountain climbers who are already equipped with thick jackets and skis. Along the way from Toyama Station to Tateyama Station, you are treated to very beautiful views.

The snow-covered mountain range combines Japanese villages and the colorful leaves of autumn.

Upon arrival at Tateyama Station, you buy a pass for the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. Remember the last train back to Toyama was around 4pm.

The complete Tateyama Kurobe Alpine routes is Tateyama Station - Bijodaira - Murodo - Daikanbo - Kurobedaira - Kurobeko - Kurobe Dam - Ogozawa - Shinano Omachi - Nagano.

While on the Tateyama Station - Kurobe Dam line and return to Tateyama Station. To get to each of these places, you can experience various types of transportation and of course it is an amazing sight.

From Tateyama Station to Bijodaira, you will use an electric train with a slope of more than 45 degrees. And keep in mind, to take this electric train there is a schedule according to what is on the ticket. So don't get left behind.

Arriving at Bijodaira, change transportation to use the bus to Murodo. Actually there are several stops to Murodo, but because when it starts to enter winter, the bus goes straight to Murodo.

In addition, at certain times you can enjoy the ice cliffs on either side of the road. Along the way, you are treated to a truly amazing view apart from the piles of snow on either side of the road and also a sea of ​​clouds.

Murodo is the highest point that can be reached by means of transportation. So, in Murodo, you can play with the snow as much as you like. Stay out of the main building and be immediately greeted with snow as far as the eye can see.

From Murodo continue the journey to Daikanbo. Getting to Daikanbo is using a trolley bus through a tunnel made inside Mount Tateyama.

This trolley bus is a type of electric bus. Arriving at Daikanbo, you can also play around in the snow outside the main building, even though the place is not as big as in Murodo. From Daikanbo to Kurobeko, by cable car.

The view from this cable car is really beautiful. Apart from seeing a vast lake over the mountain, you can also see a mountain range that is starting to be covered with snow.

Arriving at Kurobeko, you pass a large water dam.

In Murodo, you have to go up to the top floor to get out and enjoy playing in the snow. As the afternoon the air gets colder and fog starts to fall.

It should be noted that when visiting Tateyama Kurobe Alpine, we must first check whether this path has been opened or not because it is not open all year round. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine is usually open from April to late November.

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