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From Modeling to Business, Here's Laura Basuki Career Journey

Being one of the country's top actresses, Laura Basuki name has been around for a long time in the film industry. Starting her career from 2008, Laura special acting has successfully catapulted her name.

From Modeling to Business, Here's Laura Basuki Career Journey

This model and actress also starred in the biographical motion picture (biopic) film of the Indonesian badminton athlete, Susi Susanti. Born in Berlin on January 9, 1988, Laura's reliable acting has earned her a number of prestigious awards.

Starting from the Citra Cup for Best Female Actor 2010 thanks to her acting in 3 Hati Dua Dunia, Satu Cinta, to Best Supporting Female Actor from the 2015 Indonesian Movie Actors Award for the film Haji Backpacker.


Most recently, she won Best Female Actor from the Indonesian Movie Actors Award for her dazzling acting in Susi Susanti: Love All (2020).

Stepping into the world of modeling

Before becoming a famous actress, Laura started her career as a model. Although she is considered quiet and shy, Laura has fallen in love with the modeling world since she was still in school.

Until recently, this woman who likes traveling received an offer to demonstrate clothing from a famous designer, Biyan Wanaatmadja. Unexpectedly, this moment paved the way for Laura to be involved in the Indonesian entertainment industry.

Laura also climbed her career in acting by playing in a feature film titled Gara-Gara Bola (2008). This comedy film, which also stars Aming, Herjunot Ali and Winky Wiryawan, practically catapulted the name of this woman whose height reaches 174 cm.

Since then, various other film offers have increasingly come to the daughter of Wibowo Basuki and Thi Kieu Tien. Her persistence in modeling and acting has attracted attention and received appreciation.

Her beautiful oriental face has graced various music videos of Indonesian musicians. One of them is like Nidji (Delete Me), The Titans (If), Lyla (Last Second), and not to mention T-Five (You).

Fluent Acting in Movies

Year after year Laura lived by starring in a row of feature films. Over time, she has starred in more and more film titles with various genres.

Not only playing in 3 Hati Dua Dunia, Satu Cinta in 2010. Entering 2012, Laura again showed her acting skills by playing Republik Twitter and Di Timur Matahari.

Because of her penchant for reading novels, Laura also had the opportunity to play the character Meilan Tanuwidjaja in the film adaptation of the novel Dewi Lestari-Madre (2013). In the film, Laura Basuki collided acting with Vino G. Bastian.

Meanwhile in 2014, Laura returned to play in Haji Backpacker, followed by Love and Faith (2015) to The Returning, Flying Through Dreams, and D.O.A .: Cari Jodoh (2018). In 2019, Laura successfully played the character Susi Susanti in Susi Susanti: Love All (2019).

The totality of acting was also shown in one of the horror genres that she starred in, namely the Story of the Land of Java which aired on Iflix. Laura deliberately did not have much contact with the genderuwo actor in the film.

SHe admitted that she did this trick in order to keep his fear awake in a real way. With totality, Laura manipulates her own emotions so that the acting that comes out looks more natural and straightforward.

Her expertise and totality in acting made her win two trophies from the Indonesia Movie Actor Awards in 2009. Not only did she bring home the award for the Best Female Newcomer category. The wife of Leo Sandjaja also won the Favorite Female Newcomer award.

Then in the following year, the woman who was also successful with the web drama entitled Temporary, Forever, won the Best Female Actor award from the 2010 Indonesian Film Festival.

In addition, the name Laura Basuki is also often included in various other nominations. One of them is the nominations for Commendable Actress, Best and Favorite Actress from various prestigious events. Until 2014, Owen Sandjaja's mother won another award from the Indonesian Movie Awards, in the category of Best Supporting Female Actor Winner.

Happy as a Housewife

Apart from her popular artistic progress, Laura Basuki is also happy to carry out her role as a housewife. In her personal life, she ended her single life in 2011 by marrying Leo Satrya Sandjaja.

Although the age difference between her husband is 11 years older than her, Laura is determined to marry young when she is 23 years old. About five years later, Laura gave birth to her son, Owen Sandjaja.

Have Many Sources of Funds of Money

Apart from being an actress and model with high flying hours and experience, Laura is also treading the world of business. Together with chefs Renatta Moeloek and Rachel Nathani, Laura manages her culinary business, Fedwell.

Fedwell, a healthy food outlet located in Senopati, South Jakarta, was created thanks to Laura's lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Providing a variety of healthy and delicious menus, there are various choices of protein, veggie and carbohydrates that visitors can enjoy.

In addition to a healthy culinary business, the woman who graduated from the Atma Jaya Unika Management Study Program also recognized business opportunities from the selfie phenomenon that has been on the rise recently. Laura also provides Haluu World, a recreational arena that provides various unique installations in it.

Haluu World was built for selfie fans so they can freely take pictures with various backgrounds. Not only unique and absurd, Haluu World deliberately conceptualizes a world of imagination that contains elements of eccentric hallucinations.

In addition to a number of businesses she is involved in, Laura is also still an active model for advertising for various products. Not only covering fashion products, but also beauty to various other endorsements. As for Wonjin Clinic Indonesia; Laura is known to be the brand ambassador of the South Korean beauty clinic.

Maximize Digital Money for Health

In the midst of the Corona outbreak that is threatening the entire world globally, Laura has prioritized her family's health by choosing to shop for household necessities online.

To be more secure, Laura also maximizes the presence of digital money in various financial transactions. According to her, this option is considered more hygienic, practical and very useful. Mainly as self protection so as not to be exposed to and contracting the deadly Covid-19.

Not to forget, Laura in one of her interviews also reminded her fans. Always follow government recommended health protocols. All of that is solely for the sake of maintaining the safety of the entire community at large.

Dare to Try and Try

When asked about her success in a career as an actress, model and businessman, Laura Basuki shared her tips. According to her, she could be successful because he had the courage to try and try.

Without the courage to accept the challenge, we will never come forward and will probably just walk in place. Like Laura who dares to try and take calculated risks, maximize the opportunities that exist by doing your best. Thus, the realization of dreams can be accomplished more quickly.

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