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Most Important SEO Part You Need to Remember

Journey SEO will never end, lot of change, search engine upgrade time to time, but never forget the most important part of SEO friendly, this tips to improve your site.

Important SEO Part on your website

Confusing apply SEO to your site? this wasn't ultimate guide tips but most important part of SEO you need consider before leave it behind.

One think about you need to remember is every change you make to your website may need more time than hours maybe a day or one week to get full results.

Make your web load faster

Reducing page loading speed improves not only the overall performance of your website but its SEO as well. This include remove anything that slows down your site. You can use Google page speed insights to keep in check.

Because there are many a variety of methods to decrease your loading times. Below list you need to keep in check:

  • Compress and optimize your images.
  • Reduce your redirects.
  • Cache your web pages.
  • Enable browser caching.
  • Use asynchronous and defer loading for your CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.
  • Leverage a content delivery network (CDN).

In the past, you could get away with a slow-loading site. When we had to wait for about 5 minutes before a popular news site fully loaded. This become bad experience for your website user.

If you’re a WordPress user, consider deactivating plugins you may have installed and activated but don’t actually need.

Another tool online you can use beside google webmaster tools is GTmetrix.

Most Important SEO Part You Need to Remember

Link to other websites with relevant content.

Linking out to other blogs is critical to growth. Websites that earn links tend to do a good job of linking out themselves.

When you link out, it creates a signal to other websites and content creators that you're a willing participant in the web's natural linking environment and not a closed-off community or purely self-referential, pompous know-it-all.

To most people, linking out to relevant and authoritative content pages is bad because it takes people off your page. But, link building remains a fundamental part of smart search engine optimization strategy.

According to Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, Linking out sends trackable traffic, it makes your site a more valuable and scalable resource.

Some posts of my blog use outlink to some high authority website. Because myself still need correct source for make article, this will become good habit if you always apply outbound link in your site.

Of course, you should only link out to content pages that offer tremendous value. It’s a good SEO practice.

More important, you can notify an influencer when you link out to them, and, if your post is valuable, they can link back to you, share the post, or even email it to their huge email subscriber list.

Link building is also all about quality, not quantity. You’ll build more trust in your niche if you have a few authoritative links rather than a dozen poor quality links.

Write for humans first, search engines second.

Many people still aren’t capitalizing on long-tail keywords, preferring instead to attempt to manipulate search engines.

The end game the reader it self will decided the content is valuable or not. In fact, some of the best articles fell into more than one category.

But along with the overall conversation these article types create, they have great potential to get your site to the top of search results.

Don’t prioritize search engines over the actual humans reading your work. Instead, write content for the user, people who have eyes to read and credit cards to purchase your product.

Forget that Google and other search engines exist when you’re writing. Instead, create content that will help someone. This is known as SEO copywriting.

When you put users first, you’ll actually write helpful content that search engines will reward because search engines follow users. It’s not the other way round. At the same time, you’ll be enhancing the user experience and building trust with your audience.

Get high authority sites to link to your site.

If we talk about authority-is-built when brands are doing great things in the real-world, making customers happy, creating and sharing great content, and earning links from reputable sources.

The best way to get link from high authority website is by become blog guest. This better ways than asking with no reply. This lot of work for sure, but with do that you SEO site will improve by the time.

I believe if you just trow your link site on social media never be enough. Other way go to quora answer member question, put your link in profile that way will improve your credibility and your site as well.

Don't to much think about dofollow or nofollow link build. Just do it, combine them both you will get a natural link profile and even Google will reward it for sure.

For guest blogging. You can search with keyword; write for us, open blog guest, or go to high quality site where you can write freely, like:

  • Medium
  • BuzzFeed
  • Quora
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • And many more

Again and again content is all about creating high-quality, engaging content and creating in people the need and urgency to link to you and share your content on social media.

When you’re at the forefront of your industry, creating useful content and linking to authoritative blogs, you’ll find that more people will link to you naturally. This is the essence of effective link building.

Have web analytics in your site

After defining your search engine optimization goals clearly, you need software to track what’s working and what’s not.

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other private web analytics software solutions can help you track your success. For wordpress user recommended use monster insight plugin, this the easy way to setup wordpress with google analytic.

Tools like Crazy Egg also show you where your site visitors are clicking and how they navigate away from your site.

You should have these web analytics in place, even before you send the first visitor to your site or landing page.

Write unique and relevant meta descriptions for every page

Back to human first, One of the most important SEO tips and can't leave behind is the well-crafted meta description that most people neglect.

The meta description is the first section that people see when Google serves up your page to search users after the article title shown up.

Generally, the search engine giant doesn’t like duplicate content. Yes, there are times when there is a need to cite a paragraph or sentence from another site (and link back to the source), but if publishing duplicate content becomes your way of life, you will find it nearly impossible to become a long-term success.

In the same part, duplicate meta descriptions could get you into trouble. But, even if you don’t get penalized straight away, you’re still not providing a great user experience.

You can’t have the same meta description for a page that talks about email marketing and a page on making sales. There’s a big difference in those topics and your meta descriptions should communicate that fact.

Make or fix your meta descriptions as fast as possible. Always add a unique title tag and meta description in every page.

Use the URLs

This not the main url but the permalink. Always edit your permalink.


Green color : your main url (your brand)

Blue color : the permalink

Never ever let bot make automatic permalink. Because your permalink will cut off, /most-important-seo-part-you-need, example.

You ask why? If users can’t read or understand your URL, then search engines may be confused as well. This makes the URL memorable to the user, search engine-friendly, and easy to type.

if you use blogspot your url will look like this

Let be it, if you search script for remove the date from url may work may not (mostly error). You should carefully if want to snipe script to your template html this will impact your page in search engine results, and not-recommended.

If you want to get full editing the permalink you must pay for hosting and use WordPress for your end game.

Build social signals

Social media is an integral part of SEO strategy and search signals are important. I believe you ever read, if traffic from media social count as spam, really?

Other article will say don't believe with what you read, wow. Other tips will say improve traffic with share on media social. Amusing confusing right?

The fact, most of web site visitor come from media social. Other side people this day more spend their time on smartphone, but people use media social with the apps not from browser, because more easy friendly.

This already benefactor if lot website not get organic traffic. So engage your profile and brand (your site) to social media is the best way to do.

You just need jump to social grup for increase your visibility, go chat there, share experience. This good way to build social signal.

But never ever make linkbait or write fake word post to your social campaign. And that will make your name become spammer.

Rename your images

Caption, alt, image file name write same as your title or the article topic. Images are important in search engine optimization.

Google dedicated an entire section of its search results to images. This should tell you how concerned the search engine giant is with pictures.

When users are looking for a particular image, what do they search with?

A name a keyword. Caption, alt, image file name re-write same as your title or the article topic.

For this reason, you should use the right keywords in your image names and accompanying text (like the caption). Of course, this is not permission to engage in keyword stuffing.

Always remember that in search engine optimization, relevance is more important than creativity or cleverness.

Always Create & publish unique content consistently to improve your rankings

Unique content is one of the factors that affect this freshness score, and, consequently, the search engine rankings for that specific page. Whether you’re you need to be disciplined, when it comes to content creation.

Reader just want correct information from their search and they need good answer. Your content is every thing. Don't make reader more confusing with spinning your word of content.

Plus if you consistent publish your content daily, this factor may help you improve your site traffic. Not must 10 posts a day, 1 per day already enough, this become signal to search engine if your site need more attention.

Pin point

Apply SEO to your site and make become user-friendly need lot of work and time. This why expert use more than 3 years to understand what the SEO ah how to apply to their own website, yes, trial and failure.

Your site depen to your management, pay attention to this SEO part. The end game from your site it is valuable enough to the reader?

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