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WhatsApp apps must add these 8 best features to their messaging platform

Who doesn't use WhatsApp apps at this day? There are already some of the best features embedded in this messaging application. And it continues to offer improvements and additions to powerful features since the launch of the WhatsApp application in the late 2000s.

VoIP and video calling, enhanced privacy controls, biometric authentication, and integration are built in. If we take a quick look at the appearance of the WhatsApp apps, it is simple. But, when we use this application-very easy and very helpful. Starting from the low-high circle use it, and they like it.

The WhatsApp apps is currently not only used for instant telecommunications, but it is very helpful for those who have their own businesses. It's as if they have an online store without having to create or buy a website.

Just simply take a product image and paste it on the WhatsApp status, even sending pictures or files is very easy and fun. Automatically form trumbnail without us having to set it.

Even the WhatsApp apps which belongs to Facebook is recorded to send 100 billion messages between continents every day.

However, WhatsApp application competitors also have these best features. The WhatsApp developer team should have considered adding more interesting features to its users.

Some of these features will add an even better impression, because they are suitable for the WhatsApp application. Although fairly simple, but. These 8 best features are very important.

Who knows the WhatsApp developer team will read this article, and add the following 8 best features to satisfy user desires.

1. Multiple Number Support - Telegram Apps Feature

You know the dual Apps feature of devices by Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and several other brands, they allow you to run two accounts on one cellphone, it's better than having to buy or own two cellphones.

If you are a telegram apps user - having native support for multiple number support, this feature allows you to have up to three accounts on one application. We'd definitely like to see this feature implemented in an official capacity on WhatsApp as well.

This desire is not intended to fake identity, but at least we can have one personal account and one business account. So! Not too annoying, message friends and messages from separate customers independently.

2. Note to Self - Signal Apps Feature

This feature is one of the few mobile messaging apps that gives you your own space to take notes, save URLs, and much more, such as bookmarks. Nicknamed "Note to Self," this looks like any other contact on your account list. However, reserved for your own records.

In a reasonable touch, notes sync with the linked device as well. What is it and why is everyone talking about it? You can technically replicate the feature by creating groups with other people and then kicking off contacts, leaving you as the only member. Nevertheless, it would be much better to see this feature option on WhatsApp.

3. Polls - Telegram and Threema Apps Feature

Another neat telegram apps feature and one found in the Threema iM App is also the ability to run polls for groups and channels. Telegram then built on this foundation with poll 2.0, activated quizzes, some answers, and a few more additions.

What is Telegram Messenger and why should you use a poll feature like this in the WhatsApp application? This feature can allow you to quickly decide something. Like deciding where to have lunch with friends, determining dinner dishes when you are confused about the menu, for example.

It doesn't waste much time figuring out anything, and hopefully, the WhatsApp apps company implements this particular feature. Of course it would be nice to share a poll in a group, what are we going to do this weekend.

4. Blur Faces Before Sending Images - Signal Apps Feature

Signal Has many features that focus on privacy. The ability to blur faces in a picture before sending them to a contact is one thoughtful addition. This can be activated by tapping the square blur icon next to the pen icon, then turning off the 'face blur' option or changing the image to blur, without having to enter the photo settings app.

We would like to see something similar come to WhatsApp-apps, allowing you to share pictures without compromising the privacy of other people who happen to be on the scene. This can be especially useful for demonstrations, where the authorities are using facial recognition systems to identify people.

5. Message reactions - Signal and Telegram Apps feature

Message reactions are available on several high-profile applications today, including Discord and Slack. Signal and Telegram offer it on the mobile IM platform as well, but the principle is the same.

This feature allows you to quickly react to messages with emojis, with the desired emoji and then attach to a message that means "I'm angry" with an emoji signature to the left or right of the message.

This way, you don't have to send a message containing emojis in response in the chat, it's like sending a big sticker without a word. Add this function to the list-of-WhatsApp-features that we would like to see in future updates!

6. Send without sound - Telegram Apps Feature

Not every message requires an immediate response, because people may be preoccupied with more pressing matters. It's for that reason I'm glad that telegram has a "send silently" feature. Just hold down on the "Send" button and select this option to send a message that won't buzz your contact's phone.

Instant messaging app users also want to see more messaging apps adopt this feature, including the WhatsApp app, as it can help recipients deal with incoming messages without using their contacts or phone.

7. Scheduled messages - Telegram Apps Feature

This is probably one of the most requested features on WhatsApp apps, but it's been available on telegram for over a year. This allows us to choose a date and time to ship.

Unfortunately, message scheduling on WhatsApp requires a third party app now. We'd love to see this feature, as it can come in handy for birthdays, reminders you need to send to people, and more.

8. Camera verification - Kik Apps Feature

The long running KIK Messenger app has a pretty neat idea with a camera verification feature. It adds a "camera" tag to images captured via the app's camera, as opposed to older images added as attachments from your existing gallery.

We've seen hacks to try and avoid this tag, and we typically recommend people take pictures with their phone's camera app instead for best results.

However, a solid implementation on WhatsApp can be another way to fight misinformation and hoaxes in general.

That's it for our list of order application features for WhatsApp application users. Because we think these 8 best features can help the WhatsApp application to compete with other messaging applications.

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