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Top 10 simple ways to get pleasure on your busy days

What are you doing to please yourself? Do you think it's impossible because you are too busy with world affairs!

In fact and from your deep heart, you must be looking for ways how to get instant pleasure. Yes, free, easy or cheap, you looking for, if can to.

You must think that nothing is instant and not cheap is not wrong but also not right. Sometimes the people around you, the environment, and even the objects around you can bring pleasure.

Things that can give pleasure and it's simple.

By doing this simple method, it can help you to have fun. You can even do it anytime. Without having to pay fees such as when doing self care.

So you don't have to wait for the weekend to have fun or look for a vacation spot, look for discounts, look for self-care places, even buy equipment.

Are you saving money? And want instant pleasure? Here are the top 10 simple ways to get pleasure, you can do this when your busy life is roaring.

1. Laugh out loud

When was the last time you burst out laughing? More than giggles and definitely more than chuckles. A very loud voice so that people around your house can hear your frequent laughter.

Laughing while watching comedy, someone's strange behavior on YouTube, Tiktok, while reading a comic.

It's not strange if you see something funny and laugh at it. Laughter can not only please you.

Laughter is also healthy, can reduce the negative effects of yourself, and laughter can also tighten facial skin, so you look younger.

Top 10 simple ways to get pleasure on your busy days

2. Play with pets

Who doesn't like to see animals doing cute things, there's just the behavior of the pets. Especially when playing with kittens or puppies. So cute.

Actually having a pet can also be a part of self-therapy. When you don't have anyone to accompany your day. Pets can be loyal companions.

Maybe you have an allergy to pet hair. Just watch videos or see photos of kittens or puppies dressed up. It can provide pleasure.

Have you read the latest technology? Several vendors are building cute robots to make pets. This can be a consideration for those of you who have problems raising animals.

3. Dance

Let the notes flow naturally, enjoy the sensation with fun movements.

Dancing can also make your body healthier. Maybe this week you haven't exercised, dancing can be the main alternative.

Search for music that is trending right now, or while watching videos, K-Pop dance. Who doesn't like him? They are so energetic, dance.

4. Hold someone's hand

In general holding someone's hand is a way to show your concern for others or to remind them that they are not alone.

Indeed this is not something we normally ask for, it just happens. It connects us without saying anything. It expresses love, comfort, and an inexplicable sense of belonging.

Even if you don't really know the person, you may accidentally bump into it. it connects our human souls and in that moment, we become one.

5. Hugs

One of the simplest things in life is free and fun. Not because they asked for it, but because it meant a lot to us.

Meeting with distant relatives or with friends or friends. Besides shaking hands, you can give a hug. It will be fun for you and them.

6. Watch the sun-rise or sun-set

Taking a moment to watch the sun rise, it can calm the heart, the sun that shines and touches our skin feels good.

Watching the sunset is also fun, considering us to take a short break after a hard day.

The orange light that shines through the clouds really makes the heart melt.

7. Share memories or stories

Too often we get stuck moving forward that we forget to look back on where we came from, share experiences, or relive something funny.

Sharing is a simple act of fun, apart from sharing stories with others. We also remember the days that have passed.

Indirectly, by sharing, we let out our tired hearts. On the other hand, someone who responds to your memory or story, you can make as a suggestion.

8. Listening to the voice of life

Just listen to water gurgling, raindrops, birds singing, children playing, footsteps, stirring coffee or tea, engine sound or vehicle exhaust.

Don't miss, don't respond, don't ignore, just enjoy. Let yourself be immersed in the sounds. Like a chameleon changing skin on a brown branch.

On the other hand, this can be used as a reference for practicing meditation and mindfulness. Focus and let everything flow naturally.

9. Smile

Who doesn't feel good when someone is smiling?

Smiles are contagious, just look at photos of beautiful women or handsome men smiling on online media.

As if seeing you, he/she feels happy when they sees you and smiles because of you.

Smiling can also be a special and simple means of communication. They love to see you smile and give you feedback that makes you feel good.

10. The extraordinarily powerful magic word "I love you"

This magic word can make you happy and it can make you nervous. When someone says "I love you," it sounds silly but fun.

Even though this magic word is not from someone you love. Still "I love you" is fun.

In general, we rarely hear this magic word, sometimes only at certain times. But the effect can be devastating for both the person receiving it and the person speaking it.

Here are the top 10 simple ways to have fun that you can do and of course can make you feel better.

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