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When You Feel Worthless You Need to Remember Simple Things

Nothing seems working, you lost motivation, and you are daydreaming about quitting. Your belief begins to empty and you feel worthless.

Breathe, because we've all felt it. The fact must accepted, however, that a thriving lifestyle accompanied by fragile emotions.

With that in mind, remember that you are not alone and worthless is part from growth.

The longer you are in a state of feeling worthless, the clearer it will be and your momentum will begin to lose.

Even though it is normal to feel yourself worthless. But you can choose to stay with that feeling or take steps to throw it.

Simple Things You Need to Remember When You Feel Worthless

In this article, you'll learn simple things to remember and practical steps to help you step out from the other side with more determination and clarity.

1. Your Growth

You are someone who committed to personal and professional development. And let's be clear here, high growth life requires dealing with chaotic emotions.

For example, you leave your comfort zone. You are working on yourself. You are no longer a "talker" but someone who actually does.

It is important to remember that what you are experiencing right now is a natural part of growing up.

2. Your reaction to emotions

Nothing could be further from the truth. Negative emotions are just as healthy as positive emotions.

Indeed, our reactions to negative emotions can cause harm. But negative emotions are a normal, healthy part of life.

This means that feeling worthless a part of your growth and development, not a barrier to your steps.

Negative effects can make someone better in the future and understand that you always need to learn from every situation.

When You Feel Worthless You Need to Remember Simple Things

3. These Feelings are Temporary

Feeling worthless usually comes with a storm of emotions that can leave us confused, lacking confidence, and unwilling to do much.

You have to remember emotions like the weather scattered, random, unpredictable.

Sure, the weather could be intense, random thunderstorms with strong winds, but the next day, the sun reappeared and everything was peaceful and normal again.

These are emotions as the weather lasts much shorter than we believe.

You will feel better. You will feel valued, motivated, and excited about life again. Accepting the present, not resistance, leads to a sense of peace.

4. The World's Most Successful Peaks Also Feel This Way

Role models, mentors, and people you really respect and also feel how you feel right now.

We only see them only in terms of what they have achieved. But, do you know the twist and turn of their lives?

Everyone in this world, especially those who are growing up, feels this. Despite their social media spotlight and online personas, they struggle just like you.

Sometimes they enjoy the pressure of the world and they don't want to get caught up in it.

Think about it and these are people who are doing well on the world stage who have hundreds of millions of fans. And they also struggle with feelings of worthlessness.

5. Acknowledge What You Have Achieved

Often times we just pile up ways of living that don't work, as if we are manipulating the realization that we've succeeded at some point.

We think of people who have betrayed our trust. We rethink getting fired after giving the time and energy to an organization.

We over-analyze-comments on social media and become obsessed with how our goals are not being achieved fast enough.

Remember, you woke up today, 50,000 can no longer move his body. Your heart is still beating.

Now you have access to shelter, clean water, careers, online shops, cars, and changing smartphones.

Isn't that an achievement? Having things that other people don't necessarily have.

Even though it is a small risk, it is still a risk, and the results are still results even though it is small.

6. Practice Positive Self-talk.

People with low self-esteem find it difficult to speak well to themselves.

Collect inspirational quotes online or inspirational quotes, save them to your phone, and then read them throughout the day.

It teaches you how to generate positive self-talk, so that over time, you may start telling yourself similar kind statements.

This statement anything that helps calm and reassure you, such as "It will be okay," and "I'm doing my best".

7. This Is Why You Should Take Positive Action

This means you have a simple toolkit. Routines and actions designed exactly for what you are experiencing right now.

These tools will not only help you get through difficult times, and serve as a reminder that you are growing from the past.

Such as meditation, walking, keeping a journal, exercising. This positive toolkit has tremendous power.

Be aware that most people don't take this action. They prefer to give their time, energy, and attention to distractions or entertainment.

8. Emotional Agility Is a Super Power

Because negative emotions don't feel as good as feeling worthless and lost it's easy to distract and avoid them.

It's easy to over-watch Netflix, spend hours on social media, or even drink and eat to get out-of-the-way.

Talking about the need for emotional agility, that is a trainable skill, which defined as:

"The ability of individuals to experience thoughts, emotions, and events in a way that doesn't lead them in negative ways, but instead encourages them to express their best in themselves." Harvard psychologist Susan David.

Consider what you feel right now as an opportunity to practice this skill.

9. Breathe

When you experience emotional contractions, you also tend to get tense physically. Body language tends to less open, shoulders leaning forward. It's easy to tighten up and even get into a fight or run.

We often forget that we have the number one tool for letting go of the overwhelming and returning to our center of breath.

By doing breathing exercises, deep breathing or box breathing, you can create a clear and peaceful state.

10. Help others

Another thing when you feel worthless is helping others. Indeed, we must focus on ourselves. We have to fix that problem and do it now.

By shifting the focus from ourselves, we find healing. A sense of empathy can strengthen your heart, you are valuable to them.

On the other hand, by helping others, showing yourself is still valuable. Look at their smiles, you feel the pleasure of gratitude, small and very meaningful.

Simple Point

Besides working on yourself, you also have to make the best use of your time. Simple things can make a person feel more valuable.

Feeling unpleasant and unwanted things from time to time is a process of a person's growth and development. It's a real experience.

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