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20 secret tips to make a love relationship last forever

Maintaining a love relationship is not easy, in some conditions sometimes it makes lovers rarely meet. Work, take care of business, often go out of town, family, or have urgent matters.

In the end, one of them feels ostracized, even though these things sometimes cannot be abandoned.

Indeed, in a love relationship, mutual understanding is needed. But something happened, in general this is actually a test for lovers.

Because if one day you take a commitment to be together forever, everything must be open and do various things together. This is true love.

What's wrong with love?

Yes, love is complicated. Sometimes it doesn't even make sense, even I personally can't explain it in general.

Since this is what you feel when you love, the other person can't suddenly enter and be in between.

In fact, it might make a couple's love to collapse. And indeed sometimes maintaining a relationship is not that easy. However, at least you also consider suggestions from other couples.

So that the relationship can last until the end of your life. It doesn't have to be direct, maybe looking for articles about other couples' relationships. Well, if through the internet as if the world is small.

Here are the tips I summarize for those of you who are lulled by romance and keep love to ending of the day.

Go online, enter a word, and search. Thousands of special tips have shown up.

1. Don't underestimate your partner who is just asking about how your day was

Don't be angry, sometimes this happens spontaneously. Maybe, you are feeling work pressure, or something suddenly makes you angry.

Just say "I'm having a bad day today." You don't need a high intonation, you indirectly let out your irritated heart.

Your partner will definitely understand if your explanation is clear. Conversely, if he is suddenly angry, when you ask how he is.

Be wise, don't respond with annoyed tones. Being a good listener, can make your partner melt.

This won't be too difficult to do when you make it a routine.

At least, at the end of the day when you feel like no one cares what you do, there is a partner who cares about you.

20 secret tips to make a love relationship last forever

2. Let the fights pass quickly

A fight shouldn't have any part in ruining your love relationship. You can love someone so much at the same time, you get so mad at him.

A fight doesn't mean the end of a relationship. Couples who last forever prefer their relationship to conflict.

In fact, every partner must have conflicts. Whatever it is, but because of a fight it can make a relationship even more intimate.

3. Accept a relationship as an obligation

You may often feel like you don't want to do everything together with your partner, even though that's what your partner wants. Doing all things together. Like working, or seeing a show.

But actually you also know that it can make your partner happy and it means a lot when you are always by his side.

You love, you also have to sacrifice time and various things for your partner. Whatever it is, this is an obligation.

4. Be fair

If you feel that not all "should" be done together. Remember! There are times when your partner will attend a different event at the same time as the one you have to attend.

So! You have to be fair and understand that your partner also has a life of their own. Putting ego aside can maintain your love relationship.

5. Little surprises make your relationship last

It doesn't have to be fancy, have dinner at a special place, buy jewelry, clothes that are in trend.

Does your partner really like ice cream, or chocolate? Buy it and carry it for him while you pass the ice cream shop. This will make your partner feel that you are always thinking about him whenever you are.

6. Do not force to double dates

You don't have to do this, maybe watch the latest movie in theaters together. But after that maybe you better take your partner somewhere else. Separated from the group.

Sometimes double dates can be tricky. One partner wants this, the other wants the other.

Because you don't want a friendship to be torn apart by something trivial, usually one partner relents and follows suit. And finally forced.

If you do have a double date plan, just plan the place. Regarding what you will do after the main event, it's best to separate. And it's good to talk about it first.

Of course, careful planning allows you and your partner to spend time alone.

7. Give your partner a kiss before doing anything else when you get home

Give a kiss goodbye when you will go out of the house. This will be the sweetest thing when your partner has to leave the house to do lots of activities.

Don't forget the kisses that are routinely done at the end of the day, this shows that you and your partner care for each other.

8. Sometimes you have to dare to refuse another invitation so that you can be alone with your partner

Time is running faster. Just because you have a red date on your calendar, doesn't mean that you have to agree to all the invitations that come your way.

Life gets busier as we get older. It would be very good if you use your spare time to be spent alone with your partner.

9. Treat his/she family like yours

Your partner's family will be very happy if you think of them like your own. Of course your partner will also be very happy to see you treat his family like your own.

Get in touch with the routine and take them out every now and then when your partner isn't around. Having a meal together at the end of the month is also fun.

10. Say "I love you" more

This magic word is extraordinary, these 3 words never get old, and will never disappear.

You can never feel like you are saying too much.

11. Care when your partner when get sick

This may mean you have to cancel dinner with friends and make soup for him.

Don't complain. No one expects he or she to be sick. You know that if you are sick, he/she will take care of you.

12. Do more household chores when your partner is busy at work

This is done to make life easier for your partner. By checking your daily to-do list, you will really love to do it together with your partner when the schedule is free.

Someday you will also be busy with work and this will be a draw.

13. Don't make a joke of your partner

Learn to respect your partner and know what he wants you to share with your friends.

He/she is your partner, not a joke.

14. Get used to being on time

A lot of unimportant fights occur only because of a matter of time. If needed, prepare a few hours before you go on a date, which you can use to dress up.

You will encounter many people who are time sensitive, so keep that promise when you say you will come. Don't give other people the opportunity to dislike you.

15. If someone says untrue about your partner, stand up for your partner

Maybe some things are too harsh to do, but sometimes you have to make some exceptions. You and your partner should be each other's biggest supporters.

16. Give news about each other's plans

Do you have dinner plans with your friends after work? That's a good plan.

But don't forget to tell your partner about what you are going to do, so that your partner won't feel worried and he will know that you can't, if he wants to make an event alone with you.

It's not a question of asking permission, it's a matter of politeness, because you also want to always know that your partner is alive, well and not in trouble.

17. Respond to messages and call each other

There is no reason when you are a partner. If your partner needs to hook up with you, whatever the reason for calling you, this should be a priority.

18. Avoid arguments while on vacation

Maybe your partner booked the wrong hotel room or he forgot to prepare toiletries like he said.

You can choose to be fussy and drive your partner away or realize that this can be a funny memory in the future.

19. Spontaneity

Make dinner reservations at a restaurant for the two of you, take your partner to their favorite places, have sex more often, or surprise your partner with concert tickets.

Keeping things unpredictable will make your loved ones feel happier.

20. Love each other in all conditions

Simple, unconditional love can make a relationship easier to run. In any condition, strong love becomes the initial capital to navigate all obstacles.

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  1. That's one deep understanding of love you've got there. Trust and mutual understanding binds the two souls together. The words were chosen cleverly. Nice work.


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