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Self-care is powerful tool for combat stress

We may feel it, the symptoms of stress are almost the same as ordinary illness. Such as headaches, insomnia, muscle tension, or body aches and pains.

And often times we ignore it, if we ignore it it will also have a negative impact on health. When our physical bodies fall victim to stress, this has a domino effect on the way we process our thoughts and feelings.

Regardless of how stress appears in life. When it occurs, it is as if stress takes our lives. Affects body, thoughts and feelings, and behavior. Feels like life is a mess.

How to Combat Stress

Self-care finally comes to our minds. And indeed the experts recommend pampering yourself, regardless of the busyness of everyday life.

Doing self-care is like doing a distraction from the flow of stress. After you commit to do a long list of your life goals.

Only once a week doing self-care will not interfere with daily activities. This is done so that you are not tired of planning your life goals.

You need to include self-care in your list of life goals and daily routines, this is like giving a reward or reward after a hard week's work.

Why self-care so important

Not every situation is so bad, you might think this is like risking your survival. However, because the agency does not know how to distinguish such a scenario.

Conversely, if you take care of yourself and make it a routine. You will become accustomed to each stressful situation, and basically lock into an automatic counter response.

Below are five self-care ideas to combat stress in life.

Self-care is powerful tool for combat stress

Consider incorporating it into your daily routine for best results.

1. Start a Writing-Brain-Dump Exercise

When you are overwhelmed with thoughts, it can be very difficult to stay present and focused. This can affect you at work, at school, or in relationships.

It's as if your mind is filled with thoughts that are constantly competing for your attention. If left unattended, this can affect your performance or circumstances. The stress was just emerging

One exercise to control it is called a Brain Dump, and that's what it sounds like. Start getting comfortable with pen and paper or your favorite journal. Or choose to write an online journal on a blog, or a simple website.

Why choose an online journal, is feedback. Because other people may feel the same way. After question and answer through online journals, even though you don't find a solution, at least you find someone to share with.

With no specific format or introduction, start writing down any and all thoughts that come up.

Think of your paper or screen as a blank canvas on which to spill every thought, no matter how small or insignificant.

This could look like a laundry list, jumbled words, or paragraphs. Don't think too much about how it looks.

The idea is to give your mind a way out. Once they are on paper, they are no longer swimming in your head asking to be noticed.

After you write it down, leave it as is. True or false. Consider returning to this practice every day or any time you feel you have a lot of thoughts.

2. Sweating

Sweating is a natural therapy that you can do when stress appears and feels heavy.

With great passion, we live our day in our bodies. If we have a really hard day, that energy will feel tense and unsettling. This is why it's so important to move around and get really sweaty!

Experts often recommend that we do sports 2-4 times a week. Even if you can do aerobics.

Because aerobic exercise has been shown to lower overall tension levels, improve and stabilize moods, improve sleep quality, and improve self-esteem.

You can also find out what exercise program is right for you and commit to it a few days a week.

Just 10-15 minutes a day can have a tremendous effect on your body.

Morning jogging, yoga class, or dancing to relieve stress. Doing whatever makes your heart rate go up and sweating is one of the perfect self-care ideas for stress relief.

3. Interrupting Your Day

Interrupting your day means introducing something completely new or random into a very monotonous routine.

If your work or school days have the same set of events every day, creating interruptions can be very conducive to your productivity and creativity.

This can seem like stopping in the middle of the day for a yoga stretch at the desk or at the office. This could be playing a playlist of your favorite music or taking a walk outside for lunch.

This not only generates new energy for your day, but can also relieve the stress of the day.

When we get too close to situations or conflicts, it will be difficult for us to escape. We are naturally invested emotionally and mentally so we don't see how that closeness affects health.

So, interrupt yourself when you feel stress coming on, and do something fun, random, and refreshing.

4. Energy Therapy

Energy therapy is anything that is done to increase the circulation and energy flow of the body. This could be a massage, Reiki sessions, chiropractic adjustments, or acupuncture.

As I said in the previous tip, moving the body helps move blocked or stuck energy. This is why exercise is so important.

However, sometimes we need a session where the work is done by a licensed professional.

In such treatment, we have the luxury of relaxing and receiving the benefits of the treatment. That's a great way to take care of yourself.

5. Seek Therapist Care

Sometimes the things we do are not enough. After all, we are complex humans who want to understand and process our emotions on a deeper level.

This is why regular therapy sessions can be so beneficial.

In the presence of a professional, we can be open about the stressful situation we are experiencing. We don't have to hold back our emotions, and we know that our honesty will be protected and guarded.

Besides, when we feel stressed, we often just want to vent and get a lot out of our chests.

Having someone on the receiving end who will only listen and hold the space is a truly healing gift. Afterward we can often leave the session feeling more empowered, visible, and the stress we carried off.

Bottom line

One thing for sure is that stress has a tremendous effect on our physical, mental and emotional state. This is why self-care is so important, as are mental stimulation and emotional release.

These self-care ideas will not necessarily protect you from feeling stressed, but will help you manage them better.

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