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PlayStation 5 release and make Walmart site crash

Sony has finally announced the official availability of its newest game console, the PlayStation 5. As PS5 developers have hoped, it 'almost sold out at most retailers'.

Due to the global pandemic, Sony decided not to use traditional means and did not sell new consoles in stores at launch.

PlayStation 5 release and make Walmart site crash

As fans expected, the PlayStation 5 is now sale on Walmart.

But Walmart had experienced several problems that made it difficult to check. Probably because millions of people are hunting for PS5 products.

On the other hand, Walmart claims to have more PlayStation 5 stock than other retail stores. This is what makes fans flock to buy PS5 products from the Walmart site.

Even the Walmart Twitter Account was busy replying to some annoyed customers that they couldn't buy a popular holiday item - the PS5 one, when it was released for sale via retailers at 12 p.m.

Many users have complained

Saying that they have an item in their cart ready to make a payment, but are unable to process the transaction. And some buyers feel happy when they get the next generation PlayStation 5 game console product.

A similar problem occurred in September, when Sony and Microsoft first allowed customers to pre-order the next-generation gaming console - the PS5.

There are two variants of the PS5 available today: the one that has a disk drive, priced at $ 499; and the version that doesn't have a disk drive for $ 399. Both types of PlayStation 5 are poised to bring the power of next-generation gaming to the table.

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