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How to Keep Your Mind Stay Active?

It is very important to have an active mind, daily activities can help and keep you positive all the time. It is important for each individual to remain engaged in some activity (physical and mental) in addition to their regular work / profession.

Daily routine can sometimes be boring, but routine can also help maintain your health because you have a busy life. Getting into a routine is better than doing nothing at all.

Ways to keep your mind stay active and positive, here are some suggestions:

How to Keep Your Mind Stay Active?

Try a few different things, find your passion. You may never know what you start out with as a hobby keeping you busier than your regular job.

The best part - if you do it regularly you'll love it. All you need is the will to do it, it's for you. Make your mind stay active need real action.

Make a Journal

This is especially good if you don't want to feel like 'burdening' other person with your worries. As well as making a list of life goals and telling 'how you got there', it can help your mind stay active and stay on track with your life goals.

Moreover, various types of online sharing media can be used, through a simple website or blog, for example. Readers from your articles will definitely enjoy it, the feedback you get from readers can be used as a suggestion, so! you can move forward with enthusiasm.

Stay away from negative feedback

A plus if you can take a wise attitude when responding to negative feedback, you know responding emotionally will only make you trapped and tend to spin around it.

negative feedback is also known to generate negative emotions such as frustration and anxiety that may lead to a decline in intrinsic motivation.

When you take a wise attitude, your mind becomes more positive about the situation, the more active your mind is to consider a solution and you get the best results.

Keep learning

There are many courses that can be done by giving in just a few hours a week, for example. Photography, gardening, practicing other languages, creative courses, learning yoga and meditation, etc.

Pursuing a hobby, learning a new skill, volunteering, or coaching are additional ways to keep your mind stay active.

Choose what interests you. If you are a busy person or you cannot travel for courses, there are online courses that provide live lessons in the form of webinars, so you don't miss a session and you stay committed.

It will keep you busy and you'll be doing interesting things in your life instead of watching idiot boxes, or wasting your time nagging and finding fault with everything else.

Our brains have the capacity to learn at every age and stage in our lives. sometimes we feel that as we get older, learning becomes slower than before, but that's because you stopped studying for a long time then continued again.

Once continued slowly and steadily you will definitely become a learner and believe me, this is a great booster of feelings and confidence.

Take time to read

We often hear this 'to keep the mind active and busy is to keep reading', of course anything you like-latest things, novels, fiction, tech magazines, spiritualism, nature magazines, or even comics can do.

The idea is you need to have a few topics to think about. Even if you are used to reading the things that please you-also read some thought provoking articles.

If you want to develop and discover something new, goodreads are an excellent source of inspiration. You can also download Kindle to your phone or computer if you don't have the option to purchase paper copy books.

You have to be in touch with this fast-paced world, and the things that are happening around you. That's a huge moral booster.

Play online games

Yes! The easiest and most entertaining way to exercise your brain, keep your mind active and your focus is to play online / computer brain teasers.

Challenge your wits playing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, puzzles, word searches and many more which are available free on your smartphone.

So now if you are waiting, or on the go-keep yourself busy with this motivating brain game.

Try exercises or stretches

This may not sound like easy to do if you are stuck at home, but it is not an excuse to take action. There are actually many resources, online routines can be used.

Something as gentle as yoga can be of great help to you. If you're having trouble getting into any of the moves in yoga, you can look on YouTube or visit mobile app store to find the workout that suits you best.

Meditation is also great for keeping your mind active, practicing focus and breathing. Meditation practice as you train the senses you have, through the skin. Feeling the things around you without touching them, focusing on your surroundings, showing your mind is still active and diverting negative things from the mind.

Stretching can relax tired muscles, moving the body as a whole requires the work of the brain. Right-left, pull, release, breathe, tired and spirited again. It is physically and mentally connected, and it manages health. Aerobics, push-ups, sit-ups, squat-jumps, up and down stairs can be done at home.

Bottom line

This activity is part of our daily routine, sometimes we forget it. So! It's easy to keep your mind stay active and positive. Your commitment is needed to maintain physical and spiritual health and you are ready to face any situation.

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