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Exercise outside during winter? What clothes should wear!

Many of them will go out to exercise outside. With gyms closed all over the place, outdoor exercise will be the best option in a lockdown situation like today.

However, winter makes some of them unwilling to move. So! how to deal with the temperature that penetrates the skin and still enjoy outside exercise activities such as running or cycling.

You don't want to wear wool clothes to get through the rain, it must feel like you are drowning on land. As with exercises, choosing or buying sports clothing that suits the conditions is also important.

Clothing to wear when exercising outside

To start a session exercise outside, you must wear the right clothes. This is not only to cope with cold temperatures, although choosing thick clothes can warm the body, but, sweat will also cause problems such as hypothermia.

At least you have to consider what clothes and materials should be worn when exercising outside, a few additional accessories to complement. Outfits that are trendy are not necessarily right, the fact is that sports wear is very popular nowadays.

Here are six tips to help you get dressed like a pro for outdoor workouts.

The base layer is very important

The long-sleeved top is loved by runners for a reason. They provide a thin layer of warmth but also when you start your warm-up session, the sweat that comes out of your body is absorbed quickly, and when you do your cooling session you won't feel cold either, the base layer makes you more comfortable in the winter.

Cold sweat on the skin quickly reduces body temperature and, in extreme cases, can cause hypothermia. If you're tempted to move on to a sweat-free exercise like yoga or pilates outside, while getting some fresh air, a base coat will work with hoodies and leggings.

Exercise outside during winter? What clothes should wear!

Don't put on too many layers

If it's cold outside, you must wrap yourself up to be warm, right? Not if you plan on exercising outside today - your body will warm up even in colder temperatures. This is where layers of clothing come into play - billets, fur suits and the like.

A down gilet may be sufficient to wear with just a base coat for a run or HIIT session, while a fleece or hooded jacket can work well for yoga or as an extra layer when cycling.

Fur is also quite fashionable these days, so it's a bonus to look fashionable while exercising outside, there are lots to choose from. Remember to remove layers of clothing when you feel too hot and to avoid the risk of hypothermia from wearing cold and wet clothes.

Avoid use cotton cloth

If cotton is a fabric that is more pleasant to wear on a day to day basis, but not the right thing to wear when you are working out outside, especially as the layer closest to your skin.

It dries slowly, making it unsuitable for you to sweat. Instead, experts recommend Polyester, Nylon and Polypropylene, which can dry 50% faster than cotton. More natural and sustainable alternatives made from bamboo and merino wool, or with used items are options.

Prepare for wet and cold

A waterproof jacket is the best investment in winter or the one you will use for cycling to work can be used for various activities here. As for the other layers, some recommend wearing a small plastic bag on the leg inside your sock to keep it dry if for example you are doing a pilates bridge over grass.

If you get wet, change to dry clothes as soon as possible. Some people suggest bringing a set of dry clothes when doing outdoor sports sessions to avoid getting caught in the cold.

Accessories are also important

Grippy sole yoga socks. It's important to avoid cold tootsies and potentially slipping on mats in outdoor settings. Meanwhile, Runners World says that gloves should be the first thing you have to achieve when exercising outside, even when you are still pairing them with shorts and a t-shirt.

Some experts even suggest wearing latex gloves under the outer gloves, to keep them warm and dry. Light-weight beanies or headbands are recommended for mat-based workouts and, for all cyclists ready for any weather, overshoes - worn as an added layer over cycling shoes, this is the winter favorite accessory choice.

Clothing that has a reflective function

Blink-like flash flash when hit by light, you will be seen when wearing it. When the sun is getting low in winter, the dark sometimes seems to come sooner. A jacket that has a reflective function is highly recommended for those of you who are committed to exercising outside without knowing the time, or doing sports after dark.

Reflective beanie jackets, for one, can keep you warm and visible, and some sport-specific jackets are made quite subtle. Cycling gloves and sweatpants these days tend to have flashes of reflective fabric.

Conditions and weather need to be considered in choosing what clothes you should wear, this action, so that you can enjoy your session exercises outside more.

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