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The Way an Introvert Conquers The Work Environment

For Introverts Who Often Shut Down In The World

The Way an Introvert Conquers The Work Environment

Entering the workforce with an introverted personality is never easy. The work environment requires a person to socialize well even from the selection process.

This effort is made so that every worker is easy to adapt and comfortable doing every job. Everyone is required to be confident and always enthusiastic about the day.

While introverts actually prefer to be alone. Being an introvert is easy, especially when you want to work.

People with introverted personalities are often labeled "antisocial" and are considered unable to work together in a team in a work environment.

This will certainly reduce their self-confidence. The thought of being in a work environment filled with extroverts may be a fear of its own for an introvert.

You who are introverted, don't have to worry and give up your personality until you decide not to apply for a particular job.

There are tips that you can apply so that you can go about your days at work without having to be tortured even though you are an introvert. So keep trying to the limit as you can!

1. Introverts are also a gift

Realize first that being an introvert is a gift, so be yourself and don't change. Being introverted sometimes makes you embarrassed to admit some things so you have to lie.

For example, things related to hobbies or even little things that make you laugh.

When your friend is joking, for example, you actually don't think it's funny, but because everyone besides you is laughing you laugh too.

Actually, you don't need to be like that, just be yourself. As you are today. You are a unique person. You are full of uniqueness that makes many people admire you.

2. No need to feel inferior

Being an introvert is not a mistake. Introverts are normal. Being quiet and aloof is not wrong while not harming others.

When you're a new person at work, it's normal to feel like you just have to follow in the footsteps of those around you.

However, it's important to remember that you were hired for a reason and your skills were valued by the team.

Even if you are not the most talkative person, your voice and participation are still as important as anyone else's.

It's okay to take some time and think about what you want to say before you speak.

So don't feel intimidated if the other person talks first or has a clue about the conversation.

The most important thing to remember, never compare yourself with someone who can be open and have lots of friends.

3. Work place survey

For those of you with an introverted personality who just got a job, try to do a survey about the ins and outs of where you work.

Starting from the office atmosphere to the background of your boss. How to find out?

It's easy, it can be through the official website or company social media with various information that is important to pay attention to when you enter a new office.

The goal is that the first day you work is not too awkward or confused.

4. Increase knowledge

Introverted personalities prefer to be alone, so you can use it to increase knowledge.

This is so that when you start communicating with other people, you know what topics of conversation can be discussed so that this will reduce the impression of pleasantries.

Don't be lazy to read the news and find out about new things or watch the latest television shows.

So that you have conversation material that will definitely make communication with other people smoother and more interesting.

5. Try to arrive early

Introverts take a long time to adapt. You can work around this by arriving early.

By arriving early, it will be easier for you to recognize your surroundings and be better prepared to start the day with people you think are new.

There is nothing wrong, knowing the environment first will make it easier for you to conquer it.

Your adaptability doubles when you arrive early, so it will be easier for you to get through the day.

If you are not a morning person, this may seem like a very difficult thing to do.

Getting to the office early, especially when you're starting in a new position, can help you feel more comfortable


Allowing yourself some quiet time for yourself before others arrive is probably what you need.

This can help you get through the day and not feel stressed and overwhelmed when it's time to work together on a work project.

6. No need to push yourself.

In the early days of work, you don't need to force yourself to be open, you just have to be an observer and observe them

You are indeed a closed person and you don't need to force yourself to open up your personality, just be an observer first.

Observe how people work, chat, do chores and other activities that take place at work. Sometimes it seems like our culture favors extroverts, but there is nothing wrong with being introverted.

If going out for drinks with coworkers after work isn't something you like, it's okay to admit it and not get involved with them.

It's important to know your own wants and needs and set boundaries when it's appropriate. This can help you prevent fatigue in the long run.

7. Dare to get out of your comfort zone

For some introverts, if they are in their comfort zone. He will feel at home for long there. Without intending to get out of the new zone.

In this work environment, it can be a challenge for introverts to get out of their comfort zone. Because after all in this world you need a friend.

Big line, when we are at work we are obliged to get to know the work environment and our colleagues. So that we can get the best quality work.

An introvert's comfort zone is "home", not necessarily in the physical sense of home. The meaning of home can be a place where the people who make you comfortable live. For example boarding house, college class, a place to eat, or whatever.

Try to get out of your comfort zone and discover the world outside your home, invite your close friends so that it is easier for you to enter that world.

8. Start simple talk

Full name, home location, former school where. Yep, just like the introduction. You can find out where their interest is or about what, to find conversation material that you can use every day.

Try to find out what their hobbies are, what television shows they watch, who their idol is, and any other interesting things to talk about.

Even if you are an introvert or if you are just nervous about new social interactions, it is still important to have conversations with coworkers.

These days, that doesn't mean you have to have long, epic talks with the people you share the booth with.

It's not a bad thing to greet people, make sure you know their names and positions and know a little about each other.

Getting used to being comfortable with small talk can make everyday interactions at work a little less stressful.

You will get to know someone more easily when you have the same hobbies or connect the conversation.

You don't have to talk much if you don't want to, just being a listener is enough for you.

9. Socialize with people who make you comfortable.

One of the characteristics of introverts is that it is difficult to get close to other people. Tend to wait to get acquainted.

All you have to do is keep talking, starting with the person who makes you comfortable first.

Introverts are usually only comfortable talking to those closest to them or when they come across people who are similarly introverted.

This can be a bridge for you to start socializing with your environment and co-workers.

No problem, the important point is that you have to continue to learn and talk, this will be great as a training ground for you to open up to others more later.

Slowly but surely. Developing also requires process.

10. Get opinions or advice from colleagues

This can make them feel valued and more receptive to you. It doesn't matter if the conversation is about your current job.

Because you are a new worker, you definitely need guidance. Use it as a means of communication and interaction.

Asking for advice or input from your coworkers or superiors can be a good bridge to starting a friendship or other close relationship.

At least you have something to talk about while you are working.

In addition, your coworkers or superiors will appreciate your desire to be able to carry out tasks responsibly because you ask.

11. Involved in office activities

A brilliant career does not always mean arriving at work on time and leaving on time.

However, you also need to socialize with coworkers outside of work hours. Like gathering at a coffee shop, or holding an outing out of town.

Even though introverts don't really like mingling or working with a lot of people, you can think of this as part of the job.

Do not let this become an obstacle to your career development, try to allocate a little time to socialize in the work environment.

11. Confident

Believe it or not. Actually, an introvert has many amazing things. They may seem quiet and aloof, but introverts tend to have many productive abilities.

Introverts cannot carry out activities spontaneously, an introvert is used to doing things on a schedule.

Introverts are also painstaking and calm so they are more focused and able to think more mature. These qualities are very much needed in the world of work.

12. Take advantage of online communication

Online communication is very helpful, especially for an intrivert, such as email or WhatsApp groups.

Because nowadays people don't want to be left behind and are said to be outdated. They take advantage of technology to build communication instances by creating groups.

As well as in the work environment, each division must have an online group to make it more practical. You will also be a member, this online group tool can be used.

If there are things that need to be discussed with coworkers, but you are still not confidence, it doesn't matter if you choose the online communication line.

However, you have to make sure beforehand whether the method of communication you choose is suitable for the person you are talking to or not.

13. Don't hesitate to interact

For an introvert, starting an interaction is not easy. However, adapting is very important in the workplace, so you can get to know everyone.

It feels difficult indeed to interact freely and freely like most people. But, practice in order to achieve career success, you also need to mingle and interact with all your colleagues.

If you really don't enjoy time with them, at least have the courage to interact with important people at work.

Look for things that can be learned from them through chats to meetings that have been attended by company officials.

14. Avoid sending long emails

As someone with an introverted personality, it may be much easier to get all your thoughts and feelings out via email than to have to say them in person.

Unfortunately, it's possible that many people prefer to discuss issues in person, not just reading long emails.

Write down everything you want to say then turn it into short points. Or better if you take notes with you, then discuss them in person.

15. Connect with other introverts

So that you don't feel alone in the world where you are currently working. Connecting with other introverts is a necessity for an introvert.

This is important to reduce the stress caused by more extroverted people in your circle of friends.

Not only in career matters, it seems this also applies outside the office. Usually, introverts will be more comfortable if they are friends with fellow introverts.

If you feel this way, there is nothing wrong if you also do it at work. If it is comfortable, then expand your network to a circle of extroverts.

When you deal with introverts, you will feel less embarrassed. You also won't feel much guilt.

16. No need to apologize

Never apologize for your personality, being an introvert is not a mistake that should make you doubt. Being an introvert is not a mistake that makes you have to apologize to other people.

It's your personality and it's amazing, you have a side that other people don't have.

When you try to match the frequency with other, more extroverted people, you will realize that you are actually the one who is judging yourself.

17. Practice at home

Who says people who are good at public speaking are extroverts? Not necessarily.

Because you who are introverted can also speak in public, including presentations at meetings. If you're still shy, try practicing in front of the mirror.

Speaking in public is not just about conquering the audience, but also how to convey your ideas so that the message is well received.

If you are successful, your career affairs will be smoother in the future. Even everyone with a different personality keeps practicing.

18. Simple words

Actually it is not difficult to be involved in the world of work, it is enough with simple words like thank you for example

After asking for any help or when there is a moment that requires you to say thank you, then say it.

Even if it's only two words and it's very simple, thank you has a tremendous power to come closer because it can make someone feel valued.

And everyone needs that appreciation, especially in a work relationship.

19. Find a quiet place to recharge yourself

More than 70% of office areas are reported to have open space. Unfortunately, for introverts, working with a large number of people can be very distracting.

This is how important it is to find a quiet place, whether it's an infrequently used conference room, aisle corner, or an outdoor bench.

Yes, it's okay to stay there alone at times, especially for the introvert.

20. Make sure your accomplishments are visible

Maybe you have some coworkers who are good at "selling themselves" and they're always the first to get a chance at the office.

One of the negative sides of being an introverted employee is that your accomplishments become harder to see in the eyes of management.

Although "selling yourself" will make you awkward or even sick, it is still necessary if you work in a competitive work environment.

You may feel less suited to 'selling yourself' big talk, but you can use statistics and facts.

21. Be yourself

This is important. You don't need to be someone else to be accepted into the work environment. You are obliged to remain yourself.

You just need to approach other coworkers in a subtle way and avoid being too polite.

Because other people know whether you are sincere or just lip service. It's best to be relaxed and calm when starting a conversation.

In addition, introverts have advantages over extroverts, so you don't need to feel insecure. An introvert is someone who is diligent and active at work, usually they don't get bored easily and give up on work.

An introvert prefers to listen and observe work environment.

Therefore, they are easier to adjust to their surroundings regardless of the lack of interaction they do.

Remarkably, this makes them more receptive to absorbing information and working than extroverts.

So, you don't need to change your character, the most important thing is knowing the time to place this character.

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