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The Effective Way in Communication with Customers for Best Result

Communicating is the foundation of success. Communication skills determine how you progress in your personal and professional life

You could have a great idea for a new business but if you can't communicate it to your partners or investors, you will be rejected.

The same is true for your customers. If you can't convince them of your product or service, they will move on to other available options.

If you work online and never meet a client you are working on the project. You may tend to get into trouble when things go wrong, or you may even be disrespectful.

But it is important to always be professional both when dealing with and not dealing with clients. Your online reputation will be increasingly broad and relevant for the days ahead.

Communication can occur at various levels from advertising to hoarding, email to messaging, and now-a-days, on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

Communication is at the heart of human interaction, and can make or break a business. Being able to communicate effectively with customers can lead to increased sales, repeat business, and referrals.

Therefore, a good marketing communication method should naturally be known by almost everyone who wants to do business, whether small, medium or large.

On the other hand, inability to quickly lead to decreased sales, frustrated customers and negative word of mouth. So one big question facing business in our increasingly connected society is.

How can businesses improve their communication with customers to grow and develop?

Now, the place to start is to enhance the experience people have when they call your business.

Because, whether you realize it or not, even though the telephone may feel like an outdated way of communicating.

Meanwhile, effective communication skills must be embedded in all employees of an organization.

Service representatives who deal directly with customers face greater challenges than their counterparts who handle customers online or over the phone.

Lack of key service skills can risk putting the business in an embarrassing situation or worse.

Businesses can lose customers due to poor customer service.

The Effective Way in Communication with Customers for Best Result

Below are some communication concepts that all organizations can use to communicate effectively with customers

Pleasing customers, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

1. Empathy

One way of good marketing communication is through empathy. Empathy can make it easier for us to formulate messages in accordance with customer characteristics.

So that prospective customers can easily accept the products we make and can easily understand the benefits for themselves.

In addition, empathy will also allow us to know when is the right time to communicate and when is the wrong time, so that customers can be more comfortable with us.

In order for you to be able to empathize well, it takes practice and a lot of experience.

It's just that we shouldn't give up and stop so that we can have the ability to carry out marketing communications with good results.

2. Make thorough preparations

Good preparation needs to be done for maximum results. In order for communication to be effective, you should prepare mentally.

Without mental preparation, you may become nervous when you speak and remain silent more. This can be tricked by paying attention to how the people around you communicate.

Focus attention on communicative people, usually they have a flexible speaking style that can be imitated.

You can learn to communicate in everyday life. Every conversation with another person is learning.

What if you are nervous not because of internal factors, but because of external factors?

For example, you should talk to people you have never met. When they met, it turned out that he was someone from another country.

Of course it is not easy to adjust to the customs and ethics of the country in a short time.

Especially if you find that you are not fluent in the language, and vice versa. Communication will be dominated by sign language.

This is certainly ineffective because it consumes time, effort, and there is the possibility of drawing wrong conclusions.

This condition can be tricked by looking for information in advance about the person you are going to talk to.

3. Mastering the product or service

Apart from having good empathy, marketers in marketing communication must also master the products they sell so that they can carry out marketing communications well.

Find out what your product or service is offered, inside or out. Customer requests can be anything, but they mostly relate to the products or services your brand offers.

This is of course because it is their product that will be sold, so like it or not, they certainly have to master the ins and outs of the products they have.

If the product is not mastered properly, it could be that a marketer cannot convey the advantages of the product to the customer and cannot answer customer questions about the product.

so of course this will hinder their process of communicating. That's why marketers can also apply communication strategies in building brand image.

So there is no reason for you or your employees not to be aware of or not understand the products or services offered by the organization.

You must also ensure that all employees are trained effectively for the same.

4. Convey product excellence

Apart from some of the things above, the next way to do good marketing communication is that marketers must be able to convey product advantages.

Product advantages are the main thing that needs to be conveyed because customers want to buy the product because they want to get the benefits of the product.

So that if the advantages are not conveyed, it is feared that customers will not buy the product because they really need the product.

Moreover, now we can carry out online marketing strategies that make it easier to deliver product excellence.

5. Convey the advantages of buying a product or service

As mentioned above, a business marketer must convey product advantages.

Appropriately so that potential customers know the advantages of the product they are going to buy. Of course this requires that in every good marketing communication.

Marketers must convey the benefits of buying the products they sell to customers so that they can make the right decision.

Such as packages, types, discounts, cashback, guarantees, or customer support, for example.

6. Accuracy of information is key

Turnaround times for any service communicated to the customer must be concise as well as precise.

Speaking effectively in principle is speaking as necessary in a language that is understood.

One of the most important steps in speaking effectively is knowing what not to say. Perhaps in one discussion you have many examples to make your point.

In fact, other people might understand by providing an example or two of explanations.

Often times when we are nervous, our way of speaking is rushed. Take a breath when you feel nervous, speak slowly.

Give your opponent the opportunity to hear the message you want to convey. Don't speak too slowly like a robot either.

When you're talking to a friend, make your conversation straightforward and get to the point of the conversation.

Moreover, if you speak in a public forum, such as giving a speech, your time speaking will be calculated and limited.

So, make your conversation concise, concise, but still clear.

7. Make customer service calls a priority.

Customer service is one of the main forms of communication between customers and businesses, so your business can't afford to let it go.

A recent survey found that 78 percent of consumers have made up for transactions or did not make the intended purchase because of a bad service experience.

In other words, when communication goes down over the phone, people take offense, and they are less likely to give you their business.

8. Keep waiting times to a minimum

Consider two research findings cited by Help Scout: "75 percent of customers believe it took too long to reach a live agent."


"In the past year, 67 percent of customers have hung up in frustration because they couldn't speak to a real person."

This is something many businesses still struggle with. The point is, people don't like holding back more than a few minutes.

So take steps to ensure all calls are routed to the right person or voicemail in less time than that.

Again, a good automatic answering system will help limit the hold time when tuned properly.

Another step to take is to use a sounding telephone to signal when someone has been on hold for a certain period of time.

This may seem more annoying than a helpful business practice, but it will help ensure that no caller is left on the line too long.

9. Patience is a must

Customers contact you when they are unsure, confused, or have a complaint.

Sometimes, he/she gets angry because of the miscommunication or because he feels he is being treated unfairly. Often times, a lot of patience is needed just to understand the problem, let alone offer a solution.

But, in the end, being patient will make you a winner. Be patient and take note of the finer details. Keep in mind that good service is better than fast service.

10. Avoid disturbing things

When a customer complains or tells you about an event that caused their disappointment, don't interrupt.

When dealing with customer complaints, if you miss important details, it will only make the situation worse.

So block out the noise and focus entirely on the existing query, have a pen and paper ready to help you take notes.

You've probably heard the same phrase before and you probably thought that offering a quick solution would lead to great customer service.

However, annoying customers during communication actually upsets them and makes them feel underappreciated.

11. Honesty works every time

If you are unsure of any of the detail aspects your business has to offer, let your customers know that you will have the right information for them.

Don't deviate by saying 'I thought ...' or 'Could be ...'. This kind of communication will raise doubts about your organization and your brand.

Also, if solving the problem will take longer than usual, communicate it to your customers in a transparent manner.

Most often, customers get angry because their expectations were not set properly. Also, it's a good idea to communicate the process you will follow to solve the problem.

This awareness will make the customer more confident and less angry.

12. Don't cheat

Cheating is one thing that must be avoided in everyday life, it is also the case in the world of marketing.

Good marketing communication should not deceive potential customers by saying various things that are not in the product being sold.

If fraud occurs, not only will the customer buy the wrong product, the company's image will be directly affected.

13. A proactive approach always pleases the customer

When a customer contacts you to resolve a problem, it may take longer than necessary to resolve it.

In such situations, when you have customers waiting for your response. Be proactive and let the customer know the progress rather than having the customer call you multiple times for updates.

Also, wouldn't it be a good idea to set up some FAQs on your site rather than getting customers to contact you with questions?

14. Don't make assumptions

If you have questions, are unsure about a particular aspect of the project you are working on or have an idea that suddenly spills over into your head.

Never hesitate to reveal it to clients. Never assume the client wants this or that. You may end up doing a lot of unnecessary or excessive work.

That of course can cause problems for you and the customer. Asking and asking clients will not undermine self-esteem or appear stupid.

Instead, it shows that you are trying hard to fit in with the project you are developing.

15. Active Listening

Your body language speaks louder than words. When customers communicate with you, they shouldn't feel unnoticed.

The person you're talking to will feel more comfortable because you are focused and willing to listen to the conversation.

when we want to be heard by others, we should also listen to other people. Then this method will also make communication more effective. Challenges will always come in every communication opportunity.

However, you don't need to be afraid because with focus and attention you will advance to a higher level of business communication.

Make sure you listen actively, making sure that the customer doesn't have to repeat it himself.

In addition, make sure you understand the customer's message using positive words.

Give them the confidence that you are there to help them and that you will find the best solution for them.

16. Do not use offensive language

Offensive language is one of the things that should be avoided in communicating.

Even though the message to be conveyed is good, if it is conveyed in the wrong way, the message will be difficult to receive.

In fact, it can cause a long dispute. Therefore, when communicating with anyone, don't use harsh words.

Even if you are angry, be careful. Because harsh words will only add to the problem.

Good business communication or not, especially if the marketer you are facing is a person who has a culture that really appreciates politeness, and so on.

If rude things are said, this can hinder product sales, and can even make the company's image worse.

17. Using language that is easily understood by customers

Don't forget to pay attention to the language style used.

In general, people in business settings often use formal language and are easy for everyone to understand.

Unless, you are dealing with a different environment or talking to familiar people, maybe a slang or informal style will work.

Language that is easily understood by customers will make it easy for customers or clients to understand the advantages, benefits, prices.

And various other important information they should know before deciding to buy a product.

Thus, business marketers must master how to communicate in a language that is easily understood by potential customers or customers themselves.

18. Deliver in a friendly manner

Friendliness is one of the main supporting factors that can make it easier for us to communicate.

Not only marketing communication, other types of communication are also very supported if the marketer can convey it in a friendly manner and does not appear defensive.

Therefore, marketers should apply this in marketing communications.

19. Pay attention to intonation

In order for the other person to be comfortable, you must use an appropriate intonation. Do not suddenly go up or down, because it will be confusing.

Then also pay attention to the volume. When talking to someone, the volume doesn't need to be large.

However, if it is in front of many people and in a large room, then of course the volume must be turned up so that everyone can hear clearly.

In one conversation, of course there will be various types of sentences.

There may be a question sentence or one sentence that is more important for you to emphasize.

By choosing the right intonation, your meaning will be easier for the other person to understand. For example, when asking, use a higher tone at the end of the question.

20. Create an impression

Remember that the customer is probably the fiftieth person you worked with that day. but you are the FIRST service representative.

In fact, creating an impression is even more important for a business because prospects can easily send their business to your competitors. If they decide they don't like their interaction with your company.

One of the easiest ways to spoil the impression of your business is not to properly answer your calls.

More specifically, if you get a decent number of calls every day and you don't have an automated system that communicates with the callers effectively, it can damage your business more than you know possible.

If the customer establishes a relationship via email, please respond as soon as possible.

You at least understand, when submitting a complaint or an offer the answer is an automatic email.

"This is an automated email service, please wait 1x24 to receive a reply from our company"

Is this what you are presenting? As a result, your clients or customers will find out more from the internet about your company.

What if they find negative things about your company's services on a website?

The disappointment they get because of slow customer service, makes them choose other places to do business or shop.

The big Point

Most of the great customer service stories out there are about employees doing more than expected! Quality service will answer your customer's calls quickly, in a friendly and professional voice.

And direct them to the appropriate extension so they connect with the right people the first time. This takes a large burden off the shoulders of the office personnel, making for a much smoother and more effective communication experience.

Make first-time callers happy with their initial interaction with your business.

Give whatever you have promised, slightly break promises to customers, fatal consequences for your business. And whatever type of communication line you or your business is using.

Of course, the key to achieving the benefits of a line of communication system is to ensure that it is developed with the customer experience in mind.

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