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Survive in any Dating Scenario

Dating is never easy. The internet is increasingly expanding into the love sector. Today we come across countless dating sites.

Many statements say they have succeeded in finding a life partner through online dating. Whether it's a made-up scenario or a truth.

There are also those who are not affected by it, and rely more on the scenario of the power of love will come alone without going through online dating.

Not only through online dating, sometimes we also see life partners who often post photos on social media walls.

They said they met their partner through social media. And make a dating, then move on to the next step.

There are many scenarios that occur, some are happy, congratulate, and some are jealous of their dating goals. Though they are no one.

Maybe because they don't have a partner yet, on the other hand they are also trying to find a dating partner. It's just that they haven't found it yet. Is it something like this?

Maybe not yet a match, embarrassed, it could be too much. Take photos like models, and force a little bit of style, just to get attention and get a partner.

Some have succeeded with this technique, others have simply displayed a modest style and still have dating partners. There are also exaggerated styles.

After getting a message indicating that he likes you, what do you do? Did you ask him or her out right away?

And in a dilemma, what if he doesn't like it? what should i do after this!

After exchanging messages you might be interested in meeting him or her, and asking him or her out. Confident and proud after getting a 'Yes' answer.

The most important thing you are preparing for the dating is definitely the appearance, wanting to look perfect, choosing over amazing outfits for the date.

There is no need for it, good looking is the best and that is enough. Want to get compliments from your dating partner later with your appearance? It doesn't have to be fancy or sensual.

Better to prepare yourself, because your dating partner also wants to know what is in your heart, and what is like in you. It's not just your appearance.

Maybe because you previously met online, made introductions from friends, or found a dating partner while you were on a daily basis.

Nervousness, even though you have repeatedly sent messages, or occasionally met. Still nervousness can't go away. Anyone will feel it.

Enjoy it, because nervousness is natural. It's not your fault, it's natural.

What makes us uncomfortable are bad scenario, things that are unintentional or things we cannot predict. Don't panic if that scenario occurs.

In addition to careful preparation, you also need to act and be wise and calm, so that you can face any scenario when dating.

Survive in any Dating Scenario

What do you need to prepare and do before and on a dating:

The meeting place for dating

It doesn't have to be fancy places, trending places, favorite places, theaters, there are still lots of awesome places to dating. Consider the place that can make an impression, the place where you and your dating partner can talk a lot.

Although not everything about you or your dating partner has been revealed, at least creating a scenario of a memorable moment will make you and your dating partner remember till can't sleep.

If you are worried about your date and unwanted things happen, especially if you are a woman. There are places where you would think of the worst case scenario.

So choose a dating place close to your house or apartment. It's good to discuss with your dating partner, why and why. They will understand and that's for sure.

Money of course must be prepared

A condition if your date wants to treat you, you still have to bring money. Just in case it doesn't matter. If you had set up for a pay joint before the dating day that would have been nice, what if the joint pay was set up after the meeting had happened.

The scenario may be because the costs incurred exceed the budget that the dating partner has set or you set.

He/she or you prefer to say the truth as it is, 'my money is not enough, I don't bring more money, can you help me, just covering the shortfall is okay'.

Although embarrassment is better than having to ask and call friends or friends. Because they don't take part in your dating.

It could be that your dating partner is feeling uncomfortable, 'why don't you tell me, even though I can help you' dating partner may feel unappreciated.

There is a chance that you suddenly see cute or unique things and want to buy them for your dating partner. As a symbol as possible. We start today.

It is impossible if you ask to buy it for you, then give it back to your dating partner. Isn't that strange?

Another scenario is that your date just asks you to eat together, but on the other hand, you still want to be with him or her.

Of course, in this activity at least you need soft drinks, snacks, chocolate, or ice cream.

Money also brings advantages when it comes to dating. You should at least have money.

Depart and go home

If you can go alone, to avoid misunderstanding and things that are not desirable. Bring a private vehicle if you have one.

Public transportation may be considered, who know you get good scenario your dating partner offers to drive you home.

Because you are nervous, you ask a friend or best friend to drive. Your dating partner may be surprised, or have a few questions about it.

And worst of all, what if your dating partner suddenly becomes more interested in your friend or best friend?

Even if your dating partner only keeps that feeling in they heart. There are also people who feel uncomfortable in their presence.

If you go home alone, it's okay, with this attitude, it shows that you can be independent.

Maybe you suddenly feel uncomfortable or something you don't want happened to him or her and want to hurry home.

Sorry, we can't continue this relationship. Never hang feelings, by not leaving a message.

Surely they are still hopeful. If you are in this scenario, your dating partner is uncomfortable and leaves you.

You can ask why, and whatever the answer is, accept it gracefully. 'thanks for your time'. Making an impression is the best thing.

Who knows he calls you again, show that you are the best in any scenario.

Maybe you or your dating partner suddenly got an emergency message, or you suddenly need to leave.

Explain the situation and 'sorry about the delay, can we have a go dating again tomorrow?'

Make sure to come on time

The most unpleasant scenarios are being late or arriving early and waiting too long. On time.

At least 10 or 15 minutes early. While calming yourself down, you can order drinking water to soothe a mixed heart.

Don't be late, 5-15 might be okay. How about 30 minutes, an hour, and up to two hours? It's the same as canceling your date.

Preparing the color of clothes, going to the salon before a dating time, travel time to the location of the date, traffic jams need to be considered.

Clothes can be prepared the day before, traffic can see the map, some features already support on time. To the salon? At least make an appointment with the salon owner, so you don't have to wait for the other customers to finish.

Get there and get dressed up immediately. And you don't have to rush off to the dating location if the calculations are right.

If you have trouble being late, make sure to contact your dating partner and why.

That's better than not giving the news and just commenting on your own tardiness. Dating partners will certainly find that you can't be on time.

Maybe you and your dating partner set out to meet up after work. Well! Make sure your work is done, there is a possibility that your boss will ask you for work more or discuss about work.

As soon as possible contact your dating partner, do not let him or her wait. You also don't like it if you have to wait so long.

If it has to be canceled just say so, don't say it suddenly or cancel when it's time for the date.

It's not certain that your dating partner wants to meet again after this condition occurs. Maybe they prefer another else.

There's nothing wrong with saying it plainly, 'how about we date on holidays? we can spend a whole day together '.

You decided to pick him or her up, on time and this is important. If your dating partner is waiting at his or her house, it is certainly not too problematic if you are a few minutes late.

What if you pick him or her up at work, and you're late. On the other hand, his coworkers have come home, do you have the heart to leave him or her alone.

Call him or her, tell what happened, stuck? While driving a vehicle, you chat over the phone, definitely using earphones.

Because you also have to focus when drive. If it takes a long time, say to the destination first.

So that you don't get too tired of waiting or say to wait at the nearest cafe. You can also do this if you are in a waiting position.

'What if I went to the dating location first, I was waiting for you there'.

Maybe you worry about with they assuming. 'I'm waiting at the cafe near my office, you want something? I'll bring it for you '.

About the topic of conversation

Look for an easy one, if the first date can choose a hobby or a movie. Yep, like when we meet someone.

There are people who may not like what you like, don't argue about it - it might just happen.

Calm yourself, give a support. For example, when talking about a film. You prefer action, while your dating partner likes romantic movies.

'Oh, in action films there are also romantic stories.' Tell the romantic story and don't tell too much about the action in the film.

This is a plus point for you, because they can get a romantic side to you. So don't argue about something that could ruin your date.

There are also those who like reading books rather than watching movies and you like movies. 'Oh, a movie I have watched, has no book, what if I make a book out of a movie I love just for you?'

Do not force

And never force yourself to like what your date likes, and vice versa. Because it could be fatal to your date the next day.

'I don't like it, I hope you understand' saying no better than forcing yourself to do things you don't like.

Relationships will last a long time if they are open to each other.  Even if you really like your date and want to know more.  The likes and dislikes, won't make this a problem.

'oh, I don't like it, what if we did it together, I thought it would be different'

A good partner, will give understanding and try to explain about why they like it.

'I feel bored when I only read books, especially long ones. What if you read the book for me, and I imagine the screen with your language, it seems fun '

The big line no matter what they like and don't, it will not deter someone from loving.  Because what is loved by partner is the strengths and weaknesses.

It's good if you explain why you don't like it. Understanding each other is absolutely necessary.

The eyes can speak more

Blank space, don't know what to talk about. Besides talking about hobbies, colors, likes and dislikes.

Talk through the eyes. The moment of embarrassment but willing, will happen, the wrong will happen.

Most importantly, make sure your eyes are on the dating partner, if you are shy and on the other side.

They will assume that you are focused on other goals, at worst 'he or her attracted to other people, and not to me'.

Make sure to keep your dating partner eyes. They will definitely feel very appreciated.

And don't pay attention to the rest of your dating partner body, they can be uncomfortable in this condition.

Scenarios that occur frequently

Food or drink spills over, maybe because you are nervous about the glass being touched, your hands are shaking because you are shocked to see what you meet is more than you imagine.

It could be due to being touched by other people who were passing by, or the service being careless. If you get it.

Relax, it's just clothes don't need to get angry. Your dating partner is sure to comfort you too, so how much attention do you get?

If this scenario happens and your dating partner reacts angrily, then you should win this 'just a clothes, is okay'.

Never say 'what are you doing, these clothes are expensive'. If I get a date like that. Maybe this is the first and last meeting.

Are his clothes more expensive than him or her? Is something expensive a quality of they life!

Maybe you are dating in a cafe or a place to eat, because it is crowded, your order must be late. There's no need to be upset.

While waiting, 'they were too long, could it be that they were too overwhelmed back there'. This can be used as a topic of conversation.

Just don't exaggerate, just talk about the special dishes that are in the place, after the opening sentence.

If you meet an ex-lover

There are situations where unpleasant situations sometimes occur such as meeting an ex-lover. There might be someone who ignored their existence.

And don't try to suddenly be romantic, if you do it in other words you still want your ex-lover back.

Surely your date will feel strange, why suddenly ?. Just do as planned before leaving on a dating partner without having to think about other people.

It's possible that your ex-lover suddenly walked up to you and said hello. You need to calm your dating partner, it's okay to explain who it is.

'our relationship has ended, I have nothing to talk about and feel about it again'.

Your dating partner jealousy can be a good thing, if he or she wants you more, or vice versa. After an unpleasant encounter with your ex-lover.

If you or your dating partner suddenly leave the relationship, why are you dating!

Things like this will not be a problem if you really prepare to face unpleasant situations.

Focus on your dating partner at that time. Because that's what they want with you, not about other people.


No is no, yes is yes. Don't say yes if your heart says no. There's no need to lie to yourself.

You fake it, are you someone else to make a fake? Why fake your face?

Honesty is very much needed in a relationship, you don't need to lie to get a partner.

Because once, it will be sustainable. A love relationship requires honesty with a partner.

Even to friends, best friends, or dating partner. Your weaknesses that will cover it are your partner, and your strengths that will cover your partner's flaws.

If you lie, you will not find a partner who will accompany you until the end of time.

No need to follow lifestyle standards, what they are, create a lifestyle with your partner.

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