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Are you love your self this time

First start love your self and no need to be someone else to love. Be yourself then love will follow you-must stop being happy when you are someone else.

Humans are the most perfect when compared to other living things, but among others, every human being must have advantages and disadvantages. We have to accept the weaknesses, if we learn from the shortcomings we have, the shortcomings can become our strengths.

The glamor we see from the world's top artists, on social media and on television. Yes, because they are artists at least have to follow the work instructions.

Uniquely, whatever they wear, they look comfortable. Even if they don't, they want to look attractive in front of fans.

On the other hand, the critics must have followed them from their appearance from head to toe.

It is best that they remain themselves. I think because they love themselves. Under any circumstances.

Like them, we must fall in love with ourselves. Whatever the conditions, because this is important.

Be yourself no matter what

There must be someone who praises you, but there are those who hate anything about you, but who cares? This is your life and you live it yourself.

Want it like this, want it like that, as long as you're happy enough. That's enough, there is no need to change for others or to attract attention of others. It's useless.

If we falter just to be flattered by others, are you ready for their criticism? What if after you dress up, and they don't like it afterward? Yes it will only add to another burden.

But in fact it is difficult, especially in our hedonistic society like now, where there are too many fake images to become viral and famous.

How about your self? Are you love your self this time

It is not forbidding or not to follow trends, but we must understand ourselves, can we do that, are we able to accept the onslaught of comments from netizens on social media, talk from the environment about what we do. Especially if you accumulate debt to make you look "capable" at celebrities.

With the current situation, for the sake of trend, we sometimes forget who we are. Following trends when in fact we are not comfortable doing that.

Forcing yourself to travel, but in reality you don't have enough money. Buying skincare is to be a beauty vlogger / blogger who looks beautiful, but the result is that the skin becomes problematic and gets worse and so on.

Or buy a lot of followers on social media, so you can get endorsement, is this action not deceiving yourself?

On the other hand, we already know, viral things are temporary, never for long because netizens nowadays easily forget and forgive, especially if there is new news that goes viral again, trending again.

It continues like that continuously, because in fact life is going on, spinning and every second will always change. But we can't keep changing with it, because then we will lose who we really are.

Before loving other people, it would be better if you love and make yourself happy first. If you are happy, other people who see you will be happy too, right?

There are people who like us for who we are, there must be !, those who can accept you as you are, are the people who will cover your shortcomings. It's just that we sometimes forget or ignore their existence.

People like that we need to protect, not people who are busy criticizing and commenting on our appearance with the excuse that they all say it for our own good, to be more introspective.

People who actually make us feel that our appearance is problematic will only make us insecure, and look down on ourselves as if we are not worthy enough now.

But that doesn't mean we don't need to take care of ourselves, of course we have to take care of ourselves for our own health. Eating a balanced diet and taking care of the body is one way of loving ourselves.

Often times we are so focused on loving and pleasing others that we forget ourselves. In fact, the person you should love first is yourself. There are many ways you can do, to love yourself.

Not a few people think that loving themselves is an act of selfishness and shows indifference to others. In fact, loving yourself and being selfish are different things.

But you need to remember never to do it for the sake of others, do it for your own good. In addition, it is also important to maintain the health of the minds of those who make us insecure, that is also a way to love ourselves.

Being yourself is not easy, sometimes we are easily influenced by how other people think of us. Things we do like life 'go awry' are controlled by other people's 'perfect' comments.

So that many people in the end decide to stop playing social media, or just post what they are not themselves.

We often encounter things like that, especially on the accounts of celebrities such as singers, movie stars or social media celebrities. There are many comments that should not be written or even read, because the netizens who are too demanding of this to these celebrities.

So don't be too put into the hearts and minds of people like that. Even if possible, we don't need to include such people in our inner circle, unfortunately sometimes such people come from the closest circle, such as family.

The only thing we can possibly do is to control our thoughts as much as possible so as not to disturb our mental health too much and lose self-confidence.

If you want to change for the better do it for yourself. There is no need to make adjustments just to be considered by those who justify the same standard to everyone, such as white skin, plump body, glowing face and so on.

Because we are not artists whose appearance must be maintained because they are public figures. As long as it is fun for you to be you, stay who you are no matter what other people say.

Loving yourself doesn't mean you want to win yourself, but rather respect and love yourself, so you can feel good about yourself.

Apart from all the shortcomings that are owned. In addition, this attitude will make it easier for you to achieve your dreams and have healthy relationships with other people.

In addition, the attitude of comparing oneself too often with other people can also be one of the reasons a person forgets everything that he needs to be grateful for.

Rather than being an impetus to improve, this attitude makes a person dislike himself and his life.

Not needing to be influenced by other people is to be yourself and live life as simple as possible. Just show us what we are, no need to deceive ourselves in order to be seen to exist in the eyes of others.

Just do your best, be creative according to the capacity we can do. Express your freedom by doing positive things that don't bother other people.

Love must also be grown from the heart to love yourself.

Treat yourself just like anyone else, simple. 

but many people don't do this because they think their own needs are not their main thing. Try to learn to treat yourself the way you treat other people.

If you always speak softly and praise others, do the same with yourself. In addition, if you often reward other people's achievements, also reward yourself when you do something successfully.

Understand yourself.

If necessary, make a list of the things that make you feel happy and sad. This will make you understand yourself better, so you can focus on finding happiness and avoiding the things that make you sad.

If someone is upsetting you, don't just shut up and let it be. Better tell him that what he is doing is not pleasing to your heart. That way, other people will understand how to treat you.

Do what you love.

Don't just write down the things that make you happy on the list, make them a checklist of the activities you need to do to love yourself.

Make time on the weekends to do whatever you enjoy, such as having a good meal, going to an art fair, relaxing at a coffee shop, or taking a vacation to the beach.

Setting aside time for yourself or my quality time and doing things you love can be a form of appreciation or gifts that can lift your mood and make you feel happier.

Train yourself to forgive every mistake you make.

The shame of doing something wrong can make you feel guilty and resentful with yourself.

Instead of solving problems, blaming yourself can actually make you feel insecure and prevented from developing.

If you make a mistake, try to forgive yourself and continue to think positively. Remember, it is normal to make mistakes. The most important thing is that you learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them again.

Don't overthink things.

Anything excess is bound to produce something that is not good. Especially if you over-think about a situation or other person to forget yourself. Besides being able to interfere with activities, you will also unconsciously hurt yourself. Don't overthinking, just let it flow.

Think about yourself first.

you often unconsciously act and act according to the wishes of others and your environment, not according to your own heart and desires. However, if you allow this to continue, then you will grow into a person who has no principles with your own life.

Maybe when you change and move the way you want, other people and your environment will stay away or even get angry with you. But what you need to remember is that your principles and your life are more important than other people's talk and anger.

Make peace with yourself.

The love crisis in yourself is not only caused by environmental factors or other people, but also from within yourself. To start loving yourself, try to appreciate yourself first.

It's a good thing to be self-introspective, but not by blaming yourself. Create peace within yourself, stay away from people and environments that can make you fall and fall.

Don't hesitate to give your best.

No one trusts you more than yourself. You have to believe that you deserve to give and receive the best.

Before giving up your time for other people, make sure that you are not short on time. Before giving your love to someone else, make sure that you love yourself. Remember.

When people look down on you, you have to believe in yourself. In the process of struggling, it is common to be belittled.

It is time to prove who you really are.

Like a wild garden flower, you have to accustom yourself to be able to grow and be great wherever you are - even though it is underestimated.

Don't think about other people, especially those you don't like. Stop trying to get the attention of other people, especially other people who hate you or vice versa people you hate.

Because you don't need to show anything to people who love you sincerely. Be yourself!

You are the most important.

No, it doesn't mean you have to be selfish but before you do anything in life, what you need to do is know yourself, appear honest as you are and love yourself.

Forgive Yourself.

Some people begin to think or feel negative because they are sorry for mistakes or past events, such as a breakup or failure to achieve something. This feeling of regret keeps them blaming themselves.

Stop punishing yourself.

Are you not happy because you failed to achieve something? Do you deserve to be alone because you broke up with someone? Forgive yourself for what happened in the past.

Accept the fact that has passed.

The more you blame yourself, the smaller the chance to be happy and try new things. Forgive and let go.

Learn from the Past for the Future.

For past events or mistakes, make them a lesson. You may not be able to get over the sad past. But, don't make the past a barrier to your future.

Reflect on what you missed.

What you need to change, what you should have done in the past. Then, make the results of your reflections as provisions for the future so that you don't fall into the same hole again. You can make a better future.

Be Kind to Yourself.

If you want to be happy, love yourself first. When you want to love yourself, be nice to yourself.

For example, by keeping your body healthy and fit, or smiling for yourself. If you can be nice to yourself, other people will be the same for you. Being nice to yourself can make you feel happier and happier.

Indulge Yourself.

Not having a partner doesn't mean you can't be spoiled. You can go to fun places to refresh the mood.

Maybe you want to go to a spa and salon? Do activities that make you calm and relaxed. You will feel happier and be able to enjoy your life. Do this self-indulgence at least once every two to three weeks.

The point

Regardless of your current situation, be a confident person. Don't be insecure about your appearance or abilities. Don't feel inferior because it was decided by your lover.

Don't look down embarrassed because you haven't succeeded. You are great and special, so you have to be confident. When you succeed in building self-confidence, other people will see you as a fun person.

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