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Home Interior Design Find Your Personal Style

Home interior design is one element of the house that you can design yourself. Actually, there are so many things that can be used as a source of inspiration for designing.

There are many styles in home interior design and it can be overwhelming to try and work on your own interior style.

Sometimes we tend to think more about how other people see the interior design of your home.

Home Interior Design Find Your Personal Style

This is what makes us confused, even though everyone has their own taste in terms of home interior design.

What is important in designing a home interior is a sense of comfort, a luxurious or sparkling design does not necessarily make others comfortable.

Instead of getting confused with an extraordinary home interior design, it is better to follow your own taste. Because the one who lives in that house is you, not someone else.

If you think about it, what if other people don't like my home interior design taste?

Clean and Tidy. These two important points are enough to make an impression on the people who come to your house.

Where do you start? What is the design that represents your personality? Every designer needs a source of inspiration, and so do you.

Here are some inspirations that you can use as a source of interior renovation ideas for your dream home.

Budget also plays an important role in the interior design of the house

On any side, the budget is the most important, don't be too fixated on the interior design of the house. Because you still need money for other needs.

Because currently there are various kinds of furniture, the price needs to be considered, choose the right one. It doesn't have to be all bought at this time.

Maybe you have minimal income, to outsmart it. Buy one item this month, and another item the following month. One by one.

If the whole year buys one item every month. At the end of the year the items you have bought will pile up.

On the other hand, the gradual purchase method has its own advantages that are flexible. Besides having a spare fund when an emergency comes.

You can reprocess the interior design of your home, there are times when suddenly a furniture industry releases its newest product, the price is more affordable and there is a discount for purchasing this new product.

If you buy all the interior furniture that you have assigned at one time, there is a chance that you will be disappointed with the design.

You buy it in vain, even the price has decreased for sale. Because today's products change frequently in the near future.

Not only smartphone products, household products also experience changes every 3-4 months. So you need to set a budget, there's no need to rush.

If you are unsure, maybe because you don't need it yet, you can make savings for purchasing interior furniture apart from savings on buying a house, apartment or other savings.

Who knows, once you have enough savings, you can buy a house or apartment and its furniture. Even though the furniture is not according to taste, later it can be polished back to your liking.

The space you have

Have you ever thought of putting a mattress, cupboard, table, refrigerator, long sofa, and television in a 5x5 meter room? This does not include the knick-knacks you have. Books, bags, shoes, electronic equipment.

Like at a discount at the mall, jostling for goods. You need to consider if you want a sofa, placing it in front of a mattress or window is not necessarily right.

Don't design the interior of your house or apartment and buy furniture that can create conflicts. It takes up too much space, thinking the condition is being overcome already makes the impression of being crowded.

What if you move in it? Tripping, yes it will happen a lot. Thinking about the width and length of the room needs to be considered.

What are you going to do in the room to be designed? Who are the users? How much space can the furniture fill without disturbing the flow of circulation? Your habits and family, privacy, and goals all determine needs.

Ask these questions up front, and find that these considerations can also be a source of inspiration.

For example, a small room with a lot of needs might inspire you to use a simple, minimalist style.

Meanwhile, a family room with a large wall surface can encourage you to try an interior such as an art gallery.

Look at Books and Magazines

Look and read as many interior design books and magazines as you can. You can find them at your local library or bookstore.

This is research exploring rather than buying to check what kind of established style you prefer. And you may not be happy after applying it.

Retro 60s look, Art Deco, or contemporary minimalism? Is Scandinavian, Mediterranean or Oriental decor more to your taste? You can find out by going through the many images one by one.

What kind of room conditions do you have now? How wide is it? Do you want to expand? Where is the window? The existing condition of the room can also be a source of inspiration for you.

The size of the room, the color and existing materials, then the position and size of the window or door, can all be used as a point of reference to start designing.

Large windows with beautiful views may inspire you to adapt a natural or natural style, terrazzo floor materials that you think are outdated can actually be a source of inspiration for eclectic, vintage or retro styles.

Browse Online

Actually, the pictures in books and magazines look better because they are taken by a professional and with a high resolution camera.

Unlike the interior design pictures of a house or apartment on the internet. Blurred or unclear details. Yes, the price of books or magazines is also expensive.

But doing research online is a good idea. In addition to offline research, look at interior design websites online.

Or looking for videos about interior design of a house or apartment, because there are so many videos in circulation. There are also those who record the interior design of their homes and move them to the internet.

Some artists do too. You don't have to follow expensive items or furniture, this is only as reference material. It's okay to find out information about the brand used, as a price comparison.

This has the added advantage of allowing you to print out examples of the type of style you like so that by doing your research you can gather your ideas into your own interior design style.

Theme and style

Of course you are familiar with terms such as modern minimalist, simple modern, art deco, classic, neo-classic, eclectic and so on.

You can adapt the styles or design flow. Remember, each style has its own history and philosophy, adjust it to the theme or philosophy you want to achieve.

The interior design style of the house or apartment that is presented does not have to be fully adapted, a mixture or combination is possible as long as it is based on the same philosophy.

For example, you want to use a classic decorative accent touch in a minimalist style room, as long as the accent does not make the philosophy of simplicity that is carried by the minimalist style disappear.

Here are the themes and styles that you can adopt into interior design

Nature as a source of home interior design

Nature around us is a source of endless inspiration. The atmosphere of a villa in the mountains, or a beachside cottage can all be inspiring.

Or immediately bring nature into the room of your home in the form of decorative accents or live plants. Green themes with recycled or recycled materials are also your respect for nature.

If you have a little outdoor space, you can create a minimalist garden. Flowers, or hydroponic plants in front of the window.

Or make a fish pond and put some ornamental plants, on the one hand, on the other hand a small path is made. And put small rocks around it.

Apartments are different from houses, because only the inside can be used. But this will not stop the steps to create a natural interior design.

Place the plant in the corner of the room, not necessarily a large pot and leafy. Lucky bamboo plant can be an option.

Urban environment

If you are not a fan of nature, maybe the atmosphere of urban life is the source of your inspiration.

Industrial style, city lights at night, cars, metropolitan lifestyle, are all ready to be explored as sources of inspiration.

Tradition and culture design

The inspiration that may be close to your daily life is tradition and culture. Interior designs today have adopted many traditions and cultures from other countries.

Just traditional motifs and colors, weaving products, batik motifs, crafts from other countries. All can be adapted into interior design.


Architecture, painting, sculpture and sculpture, graphic design, calligraphy, all kinds of visual arts can be your sources of inspiration.

Make a dominant sculpture or painting the center of your room orientation, or turn your home into a collection of art galleries.

Colors and patterns

Do you like a certain color or pattern? Make the color the theme of your home interior design. Or if you are a person who likes diversity, make your interior theme colorful.


Your hobby or hobby is also a source of inspiration that can be explored. Are you crazy about football or basketball? Why not make your house look like a soccer field, or a parquet floor like a basketball court?

Hobby in music or movies? Hot wheel fan! Much more that you can make a source of inspiration for home interior design.

Material of choice

In terms of material quality, of course what is looking for is durable. Thick but rough or hard, good but paint peels quickly, thin but smooth and soft.

Home interior design materials can adopt types of materials that can be recycled, of course it can be an option for those of you who love nature.

Out of the box

Whatever it is, don't be afraid to experiment, your personality must appear in your own interior design. The source of inspiration is limitless, it can come from anything.

Music, poetry and poetry, religion, or even childhood memories. Open magazines, explore the virtual world, open your horizons to find sources of inspiration for the interior of your dream home.

Each interior style expresses its appearance and puts forward different functions.

The characterization of each interior style can be tailored to the personality of the home owner.

By choosing an interior style that defines your personality, of course you will get more comfort when you are on the move at home.

Want to show more personality through interior design? want to pour out your personal taste in the interior design of your home. Or as additional reference material.

You can get a suitable and comfortable interior design from the following interior designs:

Minimalism provides comfort for pragmatists, introverts, and perfectionists

Minimalist interior style is very effective in maintaining the use of furniture. The principle of "less is more" is applied to get rid of items that are not completely needed, even if they can enhance the appearance of a residence.

Pragmatists who are accustomed to completing their work practically will be greatly helped by the principles of this minimalist home interior. Those of you who are quite calculating in spending money also certainly agree with the minimalist principle.

The simple and calm impression that emanates from the minimalist interior style can build a conducive atmosphere for introverts. In addition, the minimalist interior style is also attached to a neat and sleek appearance.

Perfectionists who are anti-pile of goods and obsessed with a clean house can apply a minimalist interior design.

Scandinavia is suitable for the highly social, extrovert and environmentalist

Scandinavian design features a warmth that is not to be missed. You who often invite friends and relatives to gather at home can make this interior style an option.

Apart from comfort, Scandinavian design principles also promote the use of natural materials and elements that are environmentally friendly.

You who like to be in direct contact with nature and want to protect the environment can also try this interior style.

Industrial represents an honest and firm character

The unfinished impression that is displayed from the use of exposed cement or brick in an industrial interior style can reflect the character of the residential owner who is honest and what it is.

Meanwhile, masculine colors and metallic elements that become accents in industrial interior styles symbolize firmness.

Those of you who are not too concerned with aesthetic aspects and are more concerned with function are also suitable to apply this design style.

Eclectic for the dare-devil and creative art lovers

If you dare to break the rules and don't like to decorate a house based on the principles of a certain interior style, an eclectic design can accommodate your creativity.

Although without limitation, various forms and accents can be combined freely, this interior style requires a high artistic acumen. The origin of placing items can actually spoil the appearance of an eclectic interior style.

It's possible that later you will pick up all the themes and styles that you like. No need to feel trapped in it, because you can redecorate the elements that you think are lacking.

Like any home interior design and your taste. As long as it is clean and tidy it will have a valuable impression on you and the people who will come to your house.

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