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The Best Wireless Headphones to Accompany Your Days

Headphones today are not just accessories

At this time, maybe you want to replace your headphones, because they are damaged or they are old. Basically this tool is just an accessory.

But nowadays it's not just the top DJs using it. The wider community has used various types of headphones.

Not only for MP3 players, for phone calls, for style, even headphones are often used to accompany sports.

Even leading vendors create custom gaming headphones for gamers. And the quality is of course the best.

Before buying headphones, of course, you have to pay attention to several things. Why?

If you choose headphones only because of design. Don't get angry when you find a bad, unsatisfying voice.

The best wireless headphones to accompany your days

There are a few things you should consider getting the best headphones for a great experience:

1. Headphone type

Over-the-ear earbuds and headphones. The fact that even though they serve the same purpose, they are actually completely different.

Earbuds, the size is easier to store and carry around. The earbuds tend to fall out of the ear often and even earaches are the reason I give up on earbuds.

Another reason is that they only produce lower quality sounds even though they are made by well-known companies.

The over-the-ear headphones are expensive, large in size and a little awkward to carry around all day long but provide the best thrill experience.

The sound quality is certainly excellent. Over-the-ear headphones are easier to wear and much less harmful than earbuds.

2. Features

Headphones today are very developed. Wireless, voice control, waterproof, there are standalone or stand alone with memory, battery, so you don't have to always pair it with a smartphone or other music player.

Choosing one that has a cable also needs consideration, does it interfere with your activities. Sports? Of course, those who can stand sweat are a reference.

3. Noise blocking

Noise blocking is essential for top quality headphones. There is nothing worse than having to turn the volume up to the maximum so you can beat the annoying music around you.

That action will injure your ears in the long run. With the noise blocking feature, you also don't have to play it that loud to cancel out outside noises.

See if the headphones have an open or closed back which probably tells you the most about the sound insulation quality.

Headphones with an open back do have a more attractive sound but are at the same time more prone to unwanted sound entering your accompaniment.

The closed-back headphones will give the bass a nice boost, eliminating any external effects giving the best quality sensation, but will also have an adverse effect when turning up the volume.

4. Frequency

When it comes to frequency, try to find the headphones with the greatest range. Roughly speaking, human hearing ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and that's basically the target area of ​​your hearing.

However, headphones differ in their sound curve. The sound curve is an indicator of what the manufacturer wants to emphasize in the sound.

The high-priced headphones are round in shape and don't differentiate between lower and higher frequencies. this means you will really feel that bass in a song.

Cheaper headphones have a U curve which means you will probably hear the lows and highs better.

To put it simply, higher priced headphones do provide better sound, choosing cheaper headphones is likely to end up with monotone sound and something you don't want when listening to music.

5. Impedance

The lower impedance of less than 25 Ω on headphones means that they require less power to transmit sound.

25 Ω is enough to play music from cellphones, iPads and similar devices but what happens when you need a more powerful sound like a DJ.

If we look at DJs, they use headphones that have an impedance of 25 to 70 Ω, so they don't “blow up” the headphones when using a sound amplifier.

6. Try Them

When buying, you better test it first, a salesperson will explain the best thing about a product.

But to get the headphones andsound sensation, you should best try it yourself, because you will be using it every day.

If you buy online you certainly can't try it, all you have to do is ask your friends, maybe they have one. Or if your friend doesn't have the product, maybe they can give you a suggestion for the best headphone product.

And here are some of the best headphone recommended:

1. Sennheiser Adidas PX 685i Sport

Sennheiser teamed up with the hugely popular sports brand Adidas to design these headphones.

By hooking up to your ear and featuring a sliding mechanism for a perfect fit, the MX 685 is a great choice for those who like to work out outdoors as well.

If it suddenly starts raining in the middle of a running session, the headphones have a moisture-proof coating that will protect them.

If you're out in the hot summer sun, the MX 685 also has a sweat-resistant coating.

2. SONY Wireless Headphones

Sony is a well-known brand that provides top level sound quality. These headphones, in particular, are wireless headphones with noise canceling technology.

Another great advantage about these wireless earphones is the use of Bluetooth technology. Apart from that, you can also connect it to Alexa for voice control.

3. Aftershokz Sportz M2

With the latest technology, these headphones do not stick in or over the ears. It fits snugly, snugly against the cheekbones and protrudes into the inner ear.

You won't miss anything your friends at the gym might say and your music will sound amazing at the same time.

The Aftershokz Sportz M2 is also the best headphones because of the long battery life of around 12 hours and the ability to control volume and music through the headset without having to reach for an mp3 player.

4. Pioneer SE-E721

These headphones are quite affordable and available in four different colors. Its "Active Fit" design ensures that the earbud nozzles fit snugly in the ear to make them fully secure.

The sound output may be bassy, ​​but treble it is satisfying. Probably the best headphones you can buy in terms of economy as well as performance.

5. Klipsch Image A5i Sport

What makes the Klipsch model one of the best headphones is how they fit and are comfortable for a very long time.

These headphones are designed to fit in and around your ears to ensure they never slip out. Klipsch Image A5i Sport has a rich and full sound too.

6. Philips ActionFit Sports

Philips headphones do not provide as high quality as the other products on this list.

For those on a budget, the Philips ActionFit Sports headphones definitely complete the perfect fit.

Despite their low price, they sound great, look cute and are durable in all conditions.

7. Bose QuietComfort 35

Another alternative to Bose noise canceling headphones. Bose has been around for a long time and is known for its quality and affordability when it comes to headphones.

The QuietComfort headphones they offer are amazing at reducing noise.

These headphones let you access three levels of noise cancellation.

You also have audio pairing and balance capabilities at every level. In addition, there is also a voice control feature.

8. Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition

These headphones are also sturdy when used for constant ups and downs while running.

These Headphones use Twistlock technology, which means they bond tightly, although it may take a while to position at first.

The sturdy Kevlar cable makes it easy to adjust the volume, change songs, or take calls.

On top of that, these headphones are durable and perfect for running, even on the most uneven trails.

9. Yurbuds Inspire Duro

The Yurbuds Inspire Duro, made by a 24-time marathon and triathlon runner, may not pack as much bass as the high-end models.

But their shortcomings in quality are comfort and durability.

The Yurbuds Inspire Duro headphones come with "Twist Lock" technology which means they match your ears and don't fall out but never get too uncomfortable.

These headphones are also resistant to sweat, water and germs. At a modest $ 50 price tag, it's pretty impressive.

10. Philips X2HR

Philips is another brand with some of the best wireless headphones to go with as well. And offer headphones that are cheaper without compromising on quality.

One of the features of these headphones is their ability to customize them, making them the ideal wireless headphones for those of you on the move.

They also provide double layered earmuffs for added comfort and durability.

11. Jaybird Bluebuds X

It comes with waterproof ear-buds that connect by one cable to the remote control that sits behind the neck.

Finding the right pair of earbuds can be an exercise in patience, and securing the cord can be frustrating.

As for sound, on the other hand, it provides the right balance between bass-wise and treble-wise.

And up to 8 hours of battery life for Bluetooth use

12. Audio Technica

These headphones are similar to their very well known ATH M50x except they are wireless and can be used on the go.

Key features are ease of use with voice activation and mic button controls and direct headphones.

Makes it easy to control on headphones. These headphones have 40 hours of battery life and you get a charger.

13. Motorola MOTOACTV SF200 Sports

You can exercise without interruption using Motorola MOTOACTV SF200 gym headphones.

With a built-in microphone, it allows you to manage songs without having to constantly dig into your pocket and browse your mp3 device.

They're also one of the best headphones for exercise when it comes to endurance. They can withstand the toughest gym routines with a sweat-resistant and resistant design.

14. Monster iSport Victory

The price is quite expensive. These headphones are perfect to run. The earbuds are waterproof, secure, and sound great.

Noise isolation works like a jewel and doesn't let outside noise through.

The sound may be bassy, ​​but detail and clarity abound. ControlTalk's in-line mic has iOS support and provides great sound for hands-free calls.

15. Apple AirPods Pro

Excellent product from Apple. These are the only headphones designed for iPhone.

Airpods may not look like much on the market, but these iPhone headphones have a lot of features in one small package.

They provide noise cancellation and are water resistant, can be easily set to multiple apple devices, and more. These are the ideal wireless headphone earbuds that iPhone users can use.

16. Polk Audio UltraFit 2000

These headphones have surface moisture protection technology that is resistant to sweat and a little rain.

Meanwhile, they fit snugly against your ear making sure they don't pop out when you make sudden movements.

The only problem some people may have is that the people around you can listen to your music in a small, quiet environment.

17. Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

The headphone and earbud design makes it possible to fit perfectly in the ear. One charge cycle from the micro-USB port provides four hours of battery life.

Plus, the coolest thing is heart rate monitoring. The data is quite accurate and can be transferred to the Pulse Sport app.

The sound is perfect, and will please any audiophile. This is indeed one of the best Bluetooth running headphones out there.

18. Philips Wireless Headphones

An alternative to Beats headphones and other Bluetooth headphones are the Philips Wireless Headphones.

These headphones provide additional cushioning for comfort in the ear as well as a headband and provide great sound quality thanks to its 50mm neodymium drivers.

19. Bose SoundSport Wireless

Bose has always been a leading name in the audio world. SoundSport Wireless might fall into the expensive category, but what you get won't disappoint at all.

The audio performance is brilliant, with great bass and clarity. It fits perfectly, securely and the earbuds are very comfortable.

It can be charged using a micro USB cable, which takes two hours and the battery life is roughly six hours. Bluetooth connection can be made easily and is quite stable.

20. Enacfire Wireless Headphone

If Apple earbuds aren't for you, try Enacfire in-ear headphones. Of the many earbuds available, these are Amazon earbuds that last a long time on a single charge.

After fully charging these earbuds, they lasted eight hours of continuous use.

These headphones also come with a touch control sensor, are waterproof, and are guaranteed. All of this makes them Bluetooth compatible wireless headphones and a great buy.

21. Meelectronics Sport Fi S6

Meelectronics has created special headphones for people who like to run.

Each purchase comes with an armband which is the perfect size to carry most mp3 players.

Once inserted, the cord is very short so you can plug the headphones into the device and they never get in the way.

You can get an extension cord if you want to listen to it elsewhere.

These headphones also come with a "memory cable" that fits your ears and offers a noise-proof design for great audio quality.

22. Samsung Gear IconX

The Gear IconX by Samsung consists of just two earbuds packed in a very portable, cylindrical charging case.

It can act as a standalone mp3 player. Other features include having a waterproof coating and very smart touch controls.

There are no buttons on this headphone design. All you have to do is tap and swipe the touch sensitive areas of your buds to turn on music, answer calls, or change songs.

23. MPOW Wireless Headphones

This one in particular promises great noise cancellation and sound quality.

These headphones live up to their name with technology that can reduce 90% of ambient noise.

MPOW also has bluetooth microphone technology and you only need to charge for 10 minutes and enough to listen to music for two hours.

24. MPOW Wireless Earbuds

MPOW wireless headphones, on the other hand, also have their earbud version. It's small, cheap, waterproof, and designed to fit easily in the ear.

25. Jaybird Freedom F5

The Jaybird Freedom F5 wireless earbuds are small so they're super easy to handle. Metal construction makes it extremely tough and durable.

Solid sound quality is supported by a smartphone app with easy-to-use equalizer controls.

There is a battery clip that attaches to the charging connector. There is a large selection of colors to choose from, which only adds to its charm.

26. JayBird BlueBuds X

What makes JayBird BlueBuds X one of the best headphones for sports is its wireless design.

There's a short strap connecting the earbuds, but apart from that it's a completely cordless device.

Just plug it into bluetooth on your smartphone or mp3 player and you are ready to go.

Plus these headphones can last for 8 hours before needing to be recharged too.

27. JBL Under Armor Wireless Headphones

This product is a collaboration between Under Armor and JBL, one of the leading companies in the audio industry. Hence, the sound quality is undoubtedly good.

The earbuds use TwistLock technology and stay attached even on the most challenging tracks.

Eight hours of battery life, sweat-resistant body, handy microphone handling volume buttons, music / calls and access to the MapMyFitness app.

28. Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats

Beats has become one of the most popular headphone brands in the world.

The reason is that these headphones are one of the best choices on the market when it comes to sound quality.

However, Beats is not ideal for taking on sports.

Big ear plugs are hard to carry, and can weigh you down and you might look a little weird wearing them on a treadmill.

The powerbeats deliver the excellent quality of Beats in a form that fits perfectly in the ear.

Tailor-made for athletes and co-made by LeBron James, they are one of the best headphones for training.

29. Tribit Wireless Headphones

Its main feature is that it provides Bluetooth technology, good sound and comfort. These headphones can also last up to 40 hours of charging, which is impressively affordable.

30. B&O Play H5

The best thing about this is its design, beautiful aluminum alloy, fabric and rubber.

Weighing just 18 grams, the earbuds won't move once they're placed in the ear.

The earbuds are connected by a braided cable, beautiful and aesthetically strong, and the magnets are well placed inside.

Allows them to be connected to form a necklace around your neck when not in use.

When sticking together, the music pauses automatically, increasing the cool factor even more. The weakness of this earphone seems to be the durability of the battery.

You can get about 5 hours of audio playback. The sound output is satisfactory, although it has more success on the bass than the treble.

Whatever your choice, make sure it's comfortable to use, and it's not in vain that you buy the best headphone products

And remember not to wear headphones while driving especially when playing music loudly. Avoid things that are not desirable.

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