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Zero in investment can mean zero returns

A business cannot run without investment. Apart from money, time and dedication are an investment. Time of The process is worth of money

There are risk lies on there

Free? Is tricky, we often find promotions without capital, just posting and we get income. If that's true, then everyone will.

If you browse the promotion, you will be surprised. The promotion may come from the owner of the product, or second hand, and it could be that the first party hired a marketing provider to market their products.

The method they use is the same, first, to create network marketing. The more who participate and market, the bigger their network, the more profit they will get.

Second, without realizing it, each other competes to market the same product. Third, Good, if the product owner has set a price and the results cannot be contested.

What if the first party (the product owner) just set the price, and said to the second party, 'You can set the price according to your wishes'. The third party and so on will be disadvantaged, because they get the price from the second party and the price can go up from the first price.

Zero in investment can mean zero returns

Because the price of the first party is cheaper, of course buyers are picky about cheap prices. Risk lies on there, if you use the profit sharing system, or you have determined the profits for the sellers. The money may be less, but the product will continue to sell, slowly but surely.

If the product owner only fixes the price, and lets the members set the price themselves, there is a possibility that the product sales will slow down. However, if the owner owns the shop and is also constantly marketing the product, yes, their profits will be even greater.

If we as a third party choose the owner of a product like this, 'don't ask about the result!' we will be tiring with fruitless promotions. Product owners who make a profit, because the products we sell are more expensive.

Unfair! This is the big line, Just be tempted by profits, without learning about the profit structure. And this is what we will get. Competition in the marketing world is truly unique, because of the many methods that can be used. Don't get caught, learn before you start.

Zero Investment? Just on paper

In fact, when we post on the social media wall, it's not just for sharing, on the other hand we also think about how the post can be used as an attraction to get followers.

Indirectly we invest by interacting through social media walls. The more you make, the more followers you attract, the wider your network.

No matter how small it is, the risk is still a risk. I once read a quote 'It takes money to make money'. And it makes sense.

For example, when we want to sell but don't have a product, and can't make a product. The only way is to find the appropriate product, whatever the product, and definitely the cheapest. As a result, our list is filled with sales names, for price comparison.

Yes, we need samples for display, or for promotional tools. See (buy need money)? buying it in advance is a must. So, we also know the authenticity, and the quality.

Maybe you will only sell it through online, or online market (we need pay for internet use). Without buying it, and just taking the picture. What if a prospective buyer asks for details of the product you are going to sell? Carelessly do you answer it?

On the other hand, we don't know the owner of the item, surely anxiety will come. Is it true that item? Real goods and sales? 'I don't want to have fake suppliers'. After that dilemma, we must think. 'What if it's fake? My money will just disappear! '

Are you going to sell the item without making sure the product is authentic? Without having a product sample how do you promote it?

Worried because online sellers can cheat, we can go to conventional shops or markets (bring own car, or motorcycle need gasoline, use public transportation need a money). On the other hand, we must have difficulty buying at the store, we have to buy more than one item, because if we get orders at different times, we may not go back and forth to that place.

In this condition, we actually made an offer of cooperation. Yes, as a salesman, you have to negotiate the price beforehand. Apart from promoting yourself, talk about the benefits for them as much as possible. And if you can, make a written agreement.

As an anticipation, if you go online, you should meet the product owner or come directly to the store or their place of business. On the other hand, you can make an offer directly.

They will definitely offer their product catalog too, I don't think they will mind, when you ask for a catalog, or just take a picture of the product. Who knows you can get it for free.

In the process there must be a cost

No matter how small it is. Don't be too quick to believe, before you do a survey.

We also often see the promotion of 'Want to sell online but don't have a website, we will build a free online shop for you'. This is just a promotional program to attract interest.

If we trace it, we will be presented with a registration form and costs to be incurred. The costs that we pay are for making websites and product catalogs. Some of these providers are not actually product owners, but they are service sellers.

It's just that they have collaborated with several product suppliers, you could say, they already have an extensive network. The product catalog they have comes from the vendors they work with.

Suspicious? It is recommended to check about the provider. Indeed, we will be in trouble if their existence is only on the internet 'is it true their promotion?'

Since they have their own website, read it carefully first. About their marketing, the clients they have, out there must be talk of them, real or fake.

In our search for zero investment alone, it is time consuming, just because it is free. This alone makes us spin and spin. This can also be called a risk.

It is wrong? The internet world can be more violent than the real world, this is what we often call freedom. It is from this freedom that makes a barrier fall.

Basically we are looking for information about interesting things, from the word free, this also attracts our attention. Who doesn't want to get something for free? If we search the internet for the word free stuff, we will find many things related to it.

When we click, the contents are different, and there are various discussions in it. From this factor alone can cause extraordinary things, from here it can be developed, buy one get one free, Zero investment, free for forever, for example. Whatever it is as long as it grabs the user's attention.

In marketing it can be called innovation, so pay close attention and carefully before buying. A promotion has no frills.

The fact is, money can really speak, even on the business side, without money a business will not work. Without money the product creation will not be finished.

Money can be said to be the main support in business activities. The bigger you invest and the more you get. There are risks, the benefits are small, the causative factors can vary. Sluggish sales, low quality, higher expenses, etc.

Using money can get us trapped. Facing competition by relying solely on money as strength, can ruin everything.

We know how to use money, we know what to buy, we know how to spend it. But do you know how to double the money? (I don't mean occult practices).

By saving money, we know that it can increase, that if we are consistently saving it, even once a month. As with investing, the more consistent we are, the more we know where the money is being invested the more we can control and process it.

Knowledge about investment will make us more able to compete. Everything starts with learning, then plans, commitments, is consistent, cultivates, then controls. Time of the process is worth of money. From this you create your qualities as an investor.

Simple? Yes, and we often take it for granted. We tend to look for strong factors. From a process, of course we explore various kinds of things, bad things, good things, things we don't like, things we like.

Sometimes we are reluctant to learn about something, this can cause our steps to go forward, become obstructed. Because we think of looking for the easy, and when we face difficulties, we feel reluctant.

If Zero Investment is real, remember this. Making goods can use materials around you, but you need energy, food is source, where do you get food, you raise or grow it yourself, water can be obtained from rivers, how do you process it into food. Is with cooking, cooking must use fire, where we get the fire? Are you still using rubbed stone or wood?

The simple thing can make all kinds of things, and profits.

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