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Want to lose weight by fasting you need understanding before make commitment

Everything must have risks, from small things to big things, don't underestimate, absorb, and learn until you really understand.

Want to lose weight by fasting you need understanding before make commitment

Benefit of fasting

Before fasting, you should know the risks, namely that you will feel weak and dehydrated.

The positive effect is good for your health, in the past fasting was associated with religious activities. After time to time fasting is also used for medical purposes, it can even maintain health, and get the ideal body weight.

Fasting must be done regularly and with strong commitment. Because the effects of dehydration can make your body weak and even hallucinate. You need to make a list if you want to fast, how long, how many hours, what to do and what to consume before fasting.

Fasting is a unique thing, why do I say that? Actually it is not difficult to fast, and does not need special preparation. You only need strong motivation and high commitment. Have you ever heard of someone died because of fasting, have you ever heard of someone being sick because of fasting?

In fact, fasting can remove toxins from the body. Even doctors often recommend fasting before surgery, or taking blood samples.

Uniquely, fasting is beneficial for the health of your body and keeps you mentally, and even fasting can make your body fat. Huh! When a person fasts for a certain time he does not consume anything but air, the worst thing is after fasting.

After a person fasts most of the time they can consume anything or are 'greedy'. While undergoing fasting in the process he wonders, 'what will I consume after being satisfied? Steaks, fast food, whatever it is as long as it's "OK" doesn't matter '. And Enter whatever kind of food it is.

Fasting requires not only an image but a plan, otherwise you will 'get out of control'. You need to pay attention to what fasting is, this is important. Understand how to fast properly.

You wonder, why did I say fasting needs preparation? Since a person may not be able to fast, fasting is not a matter of technique but of your commitment. In the true sense fasting is restrain lust, food, drink, and lust.

If someone gets lost in a forest, then they need energy intake, the only thing they get is Water, for food they have to hunt or fish. But because they don't have the knowledge to learn to live in the wild, most of them just motivate themselves to survive and don't know what to do. "I want to live and be safe, return to everyday life"

That kind of motivation that you must have if you want to fast and if you want to have an ideal body weight, 'I want an attractive body, like a K-Pop star'. Funny but not joking, looks silly but this is what you want. Sometimes humor can make you feel strong.

Remember !!! and the outline of the jar is not on your list, and whatever your list is, get rid of it !!!.

In addition to holding back the desire to eat, you should also hold back your desires, desire and lust can affect your fasting schedule, you must include a list of nutritious foods and what nutrients need to be consumed. Not a full table but one plate 'not recommended for overeating'.

Because we are active, you must make sure you have energy intake.

Recipe for do fasting in a day

The 24 hour fast method is good (We have 24 hours), we split it in half. 12 hours fasting 12 hours non fasting which I would call 'free time'.

In the first 12 hours after waking up, you must consume enough food and drink, not and not excessive. At 6 am you consume food and stop at 7 just for one hour, then you do your daily activities, surely you will hold back the taste and desire.

Make sure that you enjoy it too, with the activities and activities that you do, can distract you. Don't think fasting will hinder your activities. Therefore I suggest not to skip breakfast.

At 6 p.m. you can have food and drink, and don't overdo it, before seven o'clock don't consume food or water excessively, you don't have to finish the meal within 5 minutes, enjoy that 1 hour with your meal. Main meal and drink a glass of water, after 15-30 minutes of eating fruit, or drinking juice, or milk, or enjoying tea. After you pass 12 hours of fasting, of course you will be free to consume anything at 12 hours of not fasting.

It is advisable not to eat more food during free hours. You can outsmart it by drinking one glass of water per hour, preferably milk, fruit or vegetable juice, or tea, or just mineral water. It is not advisable to drink coffee while doing a fasting schedule. Because coffee can have a bad effect on the stomach when you are fasting.

If you want to eat food, try to do it after 6 hours on free time. Try to eat half a plate or less can be fruit or vegetables that are blended, because it is likely that after you wake up you will want to exercise and have breakfast before 7 o'clock. Do it and note your schedule.

Formula (clock method)

  • Get up before 6 am - breakfast
  • After 7 o'clock move until 6 o'clock in the afternoon
  • Refill your stomach (1 serving) stop taking anything after 7pm
  • 10-11am or 11-12pm for juice or vegetables or milk, go to bed.
  • Getting up before 6 am, and so on,. example
Do it if you want to fasting. And this is just one serving plate when it is restocked. The clock can be adjusted according to your needs

Maybe you plan to fast for seven to one month. It is not recommended to do a schedule for 3 consecutive months, if you want to do it in three months. After one month stop fasting for a week. Then continue again, and successively for 3 months. I mean, so that you don't get tormented in fasting.

You can schedule when you should fast according to your needs, make sure you really enjoy it. Fasting is good for health, you don't need to worry. Because the side effects are not big, only you will often be tempted and fasting is Natural medicine, I do not recommend using supplements for weight loss.

Maybe you feel sluggish when fasting, this is normal. You have to include regular exercise in it, light is okay too. Just jog, cross the complex, push-ups, sit-ups, or squat-jumps, 50 or 100 times. Exercise helps improve blood circulation, and burn fat.

Are you uncomfortable with fasting for one or three months in a row?

The following recipe you can do, can be for the long term.

By fasting only two days a week, Monday and Thursday, for example. The Hour method follows a 24 hour program, 12 hours fasting, and 12 hours free. Back again with food and drinks, do not underestimate this, too much can make your body become more and more bad for health.

If you can and I suggest starting on Monday, because on Sundays you will definitely go have fun enjoying quality time with your family or friends, of course you will enjoy a variety of dishes whether you cook it yourself or order.

By doing it on Monday, you can remove and destroy the fat and toxic that is folded in the body after consuming several foods on Sunday.

It is the same as on Thursday, after consuming various kinds of dishes on Tuesday and Wednesday, you need to clean your body from the toxins in the body.

The 2 day fast technique (the 2 day technique) can be done for one year, lol. But you also have to rest. Suppose you do the technique two days a month, before continuing a short break one week, continue the next week.

In fact, this recipe is often used by people who want to lose weight quickly but are not ideal

Namely a half plate recipe, if you want to do this recipe expect the 24 hour method.

The first variation, one plate at 6 am and in the evening, I hope that in the evening after 4 or 6 hours you eat fruit, bread, or processed vegetables and drink mineral water.

The second variation, half plate at 6 am and evening.

Actually I don't want to include the third recipe because it's too heavy. But the reality is that some people are doing it today. What I recommend using the first variation of a plate, you need energy.

Don't over-torture your body.

Actually there is one more recipe, but this one is quite extreme. Before doing this recipe you must be familiar with the first two recipes. This could be bad for you.

Namely the fist mold recipe. The time used is one week or seven days.
  • On the first day, you have to make a dish with a fist mold, as many as 7 pieces on the first day. Drink 7 glasses of water, this can be processed with 1 glass of milk and 6 glasses of mineral water, you can use fruit juice is not recommended with supplements and not. The clock method is 12 hours (without free time, only consumes seven prints), 6 in the morning consumes a seven-mold prescription, consumes again at 6 pm.
  • On the second day, reduce one food mold making, so what you consume is 6 molds and 6 glasses of water. Increasingly, 1 print is reduced until the seventh day.
  • On the third day, only 5 molds, 5 cups
  • On the fourth day, only 4 molds, 4 cups
  • On the fifth day, only 3 molds, 3 cups
  • On the sixth day, only 2 molds, 2 cups
  • On the seventh day, only 1 mold, 1 cup
Maybe you are confused about what to make in a mold, in Asia we use 7 balls of rice and 7 mineral water, you can process it with meat, vegetables, or wheat to make bread.

The variations, 1-2 processed meats (fist prints), 2-2 processed vegetables, 1-2 processed wheat, 1 fruit, can be processed as desired. You think it's one plate, huh. But it must be reduced according to the day.

Do not reduce processed meat and wheat first, it can be vegetables or fruit. Please adjust it with your nutritious and nutritious diet list. If it feels heavy, just use the third day to day five. Three days is enough, continue next week

About water consumed, it is ridiculous to have 7 glasses of water. We count in 200-300 milliliters or small glasses. If you feel heavy enough to drink one glass of water, milk or juice, do not eliminate mineral water

Reminder !!! Reconsider if you want to do a seven-mold recipe. Chances are you will be drastically deprived of energy. Don't push it before you have the recipe for a good one day fast, or the two day fast recipe.

If you want a half plate recipe and a fist recipe. There must be someone who accompanies, family or friends. They're a reminder if you're overdoing it.

Warning!!! Don't cut back on the portions I recommend for best results.

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