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Viral just temporary better make content about your self

The best of you is yourself, clothes can cover your body, is your behavior a cover from yourself? of what? truth? what a fake, stay away from hoaxes.

Viral just temporary better make content about your self

Remember Viral just temporary

Becoming a viral star can be said to be an impromptu artist, maybe just uploading a video of something unique or strange and indirectly your name as a reference, where it comes from !. After suddenly the news that you exploded your account branch went up, after that what do you do?

In fact, viral on paper seems like an extraordinary thing, but the reality is that it doesn't necessarily last long in the long–run. The quality of content can determine the long–term price.

Not necessarily when uploading new things will explode like before, I'm sure you are obsessed with going viral again and because hearing this can be used as an–extraordinary opinion, recording some events but normal, trying to surf the web but someone has.

This is where the difficulty of a content creator you need to know, it's not that easy. It's true, something unique can go–viral, in the process it's not as easy as we imagine. Even every detail can affect the content.

On the other hand, viewers have their own views, which can make you feel proud, even down when you know the harsh–criticism.

The worst thing, when knowing an event, and solely for a content we ignore the incident, only make a video or take a selfie and then up–load it. OK if the animals are cute, how about a tragedy? Are we there just for content without doing anything !!!

Finally you have to learn and explore yourself. How? Is this possible! Currently, maybe you are learning about editing with various tools provided by well–known developers at the G–store, A–store. Tried various applications and looked for the easy one.

Attractive, and easy opss !!! An interesting work is created, you may publish it as soon as possible. But yeah, this is where you get a dilemma. Today's audience is more–critical in thinking and that's where various comments emerge.

Actually, just focus on the projects that you create. You have to remember that after publishing your work, you can definitely comment on it, negative, positive, maybe not at all. You don't have to worry about these things, and it's natural. On the other hand, you can make this a lesson, or measure it in the future so that you are even–better.

Do not because of negative things and your emotions overflow, then respond immediately. It can make yourself bad in the eyes of followers. This is the world of the internet where freedom of speech becomes unlimited expression. The good thing is that you still have to stick to the concept that you are going to create.

Reminder, Freedom of expression doesn't mean that you create content that hurts other people. And this is forbidden.

Hopefully, not about violence, racism, pornographic content. This is actually what makes the creator worse than the content he creates.

If you are currently creating a project, video content for example. Stay focused, the camera stays ON, who knows if you get a unique incident inside, maybe you fell, or mispronounced a sentence and it's funny. Besides you get content projects, you get funny content or you are !!! Can be put in 'Behind the scenes'.

Currently, there are many good applications on YouTube, Facebook page, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Likee and many more. You can use it as a support facility for your name, or your brand.

If you've learned some of the techniques your content might be unattractive, don't be discouraged. You can use it as product marketing, so !!! You can sell online without a conventional store or online store.

Display multiple products, indulge the viewers with original products with little effect. Add yourself as a model in the promotion, don't be surprised if a company contacts you to market their product. Learning isn't a waste, right?

Being an influencer doesn't have to be going to fancy places, editing the photos you get from the internet as backgrounds or going on a trip abroad. Sitting on a chair with a variety of knick-knacks can be an attractive quality, maybe a few dolls, bringing friends, or teaching your pet in content. Aw that's cute.

Did you know that looking at photos or the behavior of your pet can reduce stress? Today's photographer's technique can just use leaves, water splashes as a sweetener. Don't forget to shoot a video while shooting.

You can use these points as quality selling content. As we said before, learning is not a waste.

Things you need to remember in creating content

Learn techniques, one of which is SEO techniques. I think in the future you will need marketing techniques too.

Concept, just a photo with a water splash effect, a one minute video. Right concept.

Don't rush, a reduced content requires a process.

Original, as much as possible do not take someone else's photo and edit it. If the product ordered in advance, this is a reference for the quality of the product that you will offer.

Editing, even if it is professional, using other people's work is tantamount to showing you are 'unprofessional'.

In content, don't make hoaxes and the content is different from the product.

Criticize, understand your shortcomings

Contest, in a world that counts 99 trillion you are one of many competitors.

Commitment, the foundation of everything you want to do is commitment.

Building a brand is not easy, we must be able to survive in the competition. It takes patience and time if you are to persist in the long-term.

We are required to be more creative, and from ourselves want more, more, and be more creative. Load? Do you know how you work as an employee? Active and creative, fatigue is no excuse. This is what a company wants, and the same is true for connoisseurs of your content.

Make the burden as motivation is an important factor, changing negative things to positive things you need to do. Even though it's not as easy as I say, but do you want to just be trapped in that world?

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