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The big line about have websites you need to know | part 1

It's not easy, if you just create it without learning about using a website. You will just leave it dormant. It doesn't matter if it's free, what if you used the money to make it?

Even free website have a risk

You should understand, and learn, if you really want a website. Maybe in the future you hire people to manage your website, it would be better if you understand the ins and outs of the website.

Before paying for it, you should use the free version, first. Indeed the free version has limited facilities because it is "free", you don't need to worry, because this is for learning media before you really dive into this world.

I also studied before making and am still studying today.

Before moving on, it's a good idea to understand how to use domain and subdomain TLDs.

Free web or blog version comes with 1 package. Sub domains are not TLD (Top Long Domain), such as it should be (TLD).

Buying your own TLD or domain just shows that you really are serious about the competition, and that you do look professional. yes, you have to buy to have a TLD. Some are cheap, some are expensive, usually some providers offer affordable prices at the beginning of the year, and in the second year the costs will likely feel expensive.

Webmasters recommend using a TLD with the, on the other hand .com looks more professional. But getting a .com is sometimes difficult, most of it has been bought by other people, looking for it through auctions can be expensive, because it's not just you who want to own a .com.

Actually .net .club .xyz and others are also good, also unique. I finally decided to use .club, because at that time the name .com was not available. The webmasters also suggest not to use a free domain name. Obviously some of the well-known providers said it was unattractive. You shouldn't use a free domain name. Reconsider if you want to use a free domain name.

If you use a subdomain, the risk is your website will look strange, the name is too long and not unique. Most likely searches are looking more at subdomains, if you see an offer with 'want to sell, but don't have an online shop ?

Register and we will create a free site. 'What you will get is that in addition to being a member, you get a subdomain with their, for example,

What buyers see is the name Your brand name is ignored, and you actually sell shoes from their product. But with your brand name closed, buyers will definitely switch to looking for instead of enjoying your website.

The big line about have websites you need to know | part 1

The name of the web is really crucial, from this the suspicion of the customer begins. By subconsciously you are dropping your own brand name, you are indirectly selling their brand name, not just their product. It might be different if the website that you create is only writing, tips, or a journal that is not too problematic. For online shops or you have to think twice.

Just to learn, and know how to manage the web, of course, it's okay to use a subdomain. The benefit if you have a current TLD, and you use it at a free service provider as a training tool is that your domain name is already listed on google, plus your fans will find it easier to find your site, even if you are currently switching hosting.

They just need to type in your TLD name, and Nah! there you are. Make sure you extend your TLD.

Tools for maintaining your website

You also have to understand, the appearance when we create a website with a smartphone is different, by opening a website with a PC or laptop.

Using our smartphone we will be presented with a minimalist look, some features may be covered, not lost, if you tick the desktop display you will get a wide view but it is still limited. This is because the data consumed by smartphones is compressed so that the display will be different from a PC or laptop.

No matter how high and modern a smartphone cannot completely replace a PC or laptop. Still limited.

You don't need to worry about this, the web display on the smartphone will give you an idea, how your website will look like. Humans want to have convenience not difficulty, if we learn from this difficulty, I am sure your website will be extraordinary.

Because there are so many providers, of course we will be confused by that. Webmasters recommend using paid hosting, this is to streamline your website and make it easier if you have trouble, paid providers provide 24/7 support.

And if you try a free provider, chances are your website cannot be accessed, for being deleted by the provider indiscriminately. And the speed when opening the website and when editing the website is slow.

Provider for make website

Unlimited doesn't mean you can use it freely but it's still limited. Strange? This is the reality. Because it is still in the learning stage, so free its ok. Don't worry about your existing domain name, your TLD will not be lost even if your website is deleted, because they are different providers.

Some of the services for learning to create a website that you can use,, other names that are often called content creators are blogspot,,, besides that there are also types of website builders, such as

They have their own uniqueness. Using is easy because just register and click, little customization, and it's ready to go. There may be a limited selection of built-in templates, but you can search for other templates on the web.

Some developers have prepared it with various features, we only need to learn about the layout of the widget. About Html Templates, it is better not to change them, if you want, you should first look for them on the web, not carelessly. is the same, click so, only for really limited customization because it's free. Just to try, or write can be used as a means. On the other hand, they set a price if you want customization, and it is fairly expensive. If we open the web address, there are only web questions and answers and some treats from the hosting provider. Because, only provides scripts to install, and also a community, many webmasters are there, so you don't have to bother looking for solutions about creating websites with wordpress.

To be able to use, we are required to use hosting.

Basically, hosting can actually be installed and supports various types of web design, apart from script, we can also choose b2b, to create a community like quora, and there is also a website builder there.

Website builder is actually easy to use, but tends to consume large data, you only need to add a few features, can lay out the image above or below without coding. The difficulty comes if we use a smartphone, it is recommended to use a PC or laptop, if you want to use a website builder, you need a mouse, and it will be faster. With a smartphone? Most errors.

Web design needs to be considered, the convenience interface on your website can be decisive. You know the Youtube site, various kinds of videos in a row. With the search engine above, type the video title and you will find various types of videos, according to what you are looking for and some related videos.

Amazon, with a menu interface is provided to make search easier, grouping your product types, just click and click without typing, product names appear.

There are various kinds of templates that are served by the service provider. Magazine, which is with a slideshow, one main view and an array. If you are not satisfied with the theme, you can search for it on google. Download and upload files to your website.

Whatever template you choose, it must already support AMP, because web usage via smartphone is greater than use on a computer or laptop. Use AMP on your website as compression so that the web display on your smartphone can be displayed faster, if you don't use AMP, your site will load more slowly. The risk is that visitors are impatient and choose another web.

It's not over yet, all you have to do besides is learn to layout templates. Not changing the template, but positioning additional views. If you don't know about HTML, never change anything in the Html Template, the web display will be misleading. Studying doesn't mean you have to fiddle with your template. Unless you really want to learn and develop web developer techniques.

You have to learn the use of widgets as well, ordinary beginners are confused about what the use of widgets (like me) is. Additional display templates, can be via widgets without having to change through coding, click add, if you don't like it can be deleted.

Some of the widgets have already been set by service providers and template creators, if you want to add your own, can you simply add an empty widget? You just have to fill in the empty boxes using HTML. It's not that hard.

Encoding can be said to be tricky. You can search for it on The big G (Google), you can customize it to your liking, embed a banner, embed video, or embed your social media on your website.

Confusion comes when the codes that we enter do not appear on the screen. Is it true? Anything left?

Some conditions you need to know, it takes time to display the image, after the script or code has been entered. Some can immediately, some wait 1 hour, some have to wait after the review, the review I mean, if you register as a publisher in a brand. If approved, then the display will appear.

There is also because some countries do not support, not ban, but the service does not support the global web, only a few countries. Another possibility is that the image may not appear because there are two codes that must be added. You can study at w3schools, one of the top HTML learning venues, and practice hands-on.

In general, you should really learn about templates and HTML. No need to be an expert, until you understand.

So, there are many choices as a learning tool. You can try one by one. The big line You have to understand the use of HTML, the use of widgets, plugins. So that your web appearance is more attractive.

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