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Practice simple exercise without tools, push-ups, sit-ups, squat-jumps

The fact do exercises can be done without tool, the best workout need is the commitment, the power of will. Simple exercises like push-ups sit-ups and squat-jumps can make healthy our body-is the best tool for our life.

Simple exercise without tools

The ideal body is what everyone wants, it's just that if we have to go to the gym all the time it is certainly not possible. Besides being busy with our daily activities, the costs incurred can also make us think twice.

Instead of spending money and not necessarily using our time efficiently to the gym, it's better to buy a bicycle or jogging shoes.

Exercising muscles can not only be done in the gym. In general, sportsmen do not look very muscular, but they do look fitter and ideal. Except for bodybuilders, they train muscles so that their muscles look beautiful during demonstrations.

And it is based on a strong commitment. Want to have an ideal body and fit can be done in a simple way. Push-ups, sit-ups, squad-jumps, this light exercise can be done anytime and anywhere. You just need to spend at least 15-20 minutes.

We often forget this sport, because we see working out at the gym as a current trend and lifestyle. It is not a waste to use it efficiently, we must also remember to maintain health as well as lifestyle trends.

Push-ups, sit-ups, squad-jumps look trivial, but if you do them regularly, it's not just the ideal body, this simple exercise can keep your body in balance.

Practice simple exercise without tools, push-ups, sit-ups, squat-jumps


In addition to training the biceps, push-ups also train your grip, lift, and the chest muscles will look fuller.

You can do it 100 times, how about we increase it 200 times 'aw, what a pain, lol'. So that it doesn't feel too much, do it morning 100 and evening 100 times.

Recipe for those of you who are not used to doing it. Do it 25 times in the morning after waking up, in the afternoon or before you take a shower do it again 25 times.

Why? For those of you who are just starting over, it will be hard if you jump 50 times, your muscles also need time to adapt. If you force too much, your hand muscles will hurt, and it will be uncomfortable.

Process. Do it for one week, the next week increase the capacity by 35 times in the morning and evening. In the following week 45 times hold up 10 points per week, until you commit to doing it 100k times. Take steps and enjoy.

Time. When after waking up we feel the body feels weak, if you do this it can make and maintain body stability when you are tired in daily activities. Doing it in the afternoon or before showering can help relieve fatigue, and help you sleep well. These two times are good times.

It would be nice if we warm up the muscles first, exercise can also make the body more flexible.


Sit-ups work your abs and thighs, and you may get a six pack abs if you do. Also train your body flexibility.

Easy in the two of you, how about on your own. It is recommended that you lie down on a mat or carpet (this is to protect the spine!), Then cross your right leg over your left leg, place your palms behind your head (this is to protect your head!) Or place your hands on your chest crossedly.

Pull your body until your nose almost kisses your knees. The stomach muscles will feel hot, the possibility of stomach cramps do not forget and are advised. To stretch the muscles first.

If you are not used to following the process steps, gradually, and enjoy, above. The ideal time after doing push-ups.


in addition to training the thigh and calf muscles, this can train the body's balance, and strengthen the steps in standing. Note: Stretch is required.

Spread your legs, don't need to be wide. Approximately, which is convenient for you. Your palms behind your head (this is to maintain balance), you can stretch your hands in front of you, or like a boxing position, position your feet with half tiptoes, OK? Lower your body almost in half squat and then climb again. You don't have to jump around. Keep your feet on.

If you do it fast, you will definitely feel an extraordinary sensation in your thighs breathing as if you were running fast. Not fast and not too slow, just moderate.

What is recommended when it has reached 30 times and you feel heavy stop there. Do it in the afternoon, and do it again in the following days gradually.

It may seem trivial, but if you overdo it it's not good for your muscles either. Use count as a delimiter.

Things you need to remember from the recipe and method above. Don't let this light exercise hurt you, pay close attention to the steps from me. Process can be painful enjoy the process.

Sit-ups and squat-jumps can be done at different times. As per your need, but don't miss to train it.

You can feel the benefits after 1 full month. Maybe when the weekend you have scheduled biking or jogging, take the time to do it.

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