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If want to start investment just don't put money

There is true need money for make money, but not just money if want make more money, a learning, strategy, dig more experience and explore. But just don't put money if want to start investing you must learn and understand about investment.

If want to start investment just don't put money

Income from investing not come in one night

Failure is the thing that we will often call and even think about if we want to start a business or a store, everyone doesn't want this to happen. Someone must have their own tips to deal with it, no different–from investing, there must be risks.

Various kinds of marketing offer techniques are presented, this can make us suppose and suddenly our money becomes–double, and you are ready to spoil yourself with various facilities with that money.

Starting from investing in gold, mutual funds, to the current blue–chip trend. The advantages and even the facilities offered are very attractive.

One of the most important things you must remember in investing is that investment takes time, profits are not obtained in one hour. You have to be patient.

Investments can be called long-term savings, the benefits obtained can be enjoyed for at least 3–5 years.

I'm not saying investing is a bad thing, because it's true that the benefits can be more than just saving-money in the bank.


We recommend that you do a simulation if you want to invest. Simulation is not just an illustration, but simulation will be able to help you protect the assets you have.

What if you walk barefoot on asphalt, it's hot? What did you do to reduce the heat? You need to wear shoes or sandals, maybe you are looking for some shade to take cover because it's not just your feet that feel hot, your body and head must feel overflowing from the heat.

In choosing a place to invest, you must really pay attention to its advantages, profits, stability, creadiability, permits, licenses and most investment companies are supervised by the government, at least you have to ascertain whether the company has ever had a problem or not.

There are many websites with lots of information about where and how to invest, I think you are overwhelmed by this. Even if you can't get into the big investment companies, at least you choose a competent company.

Legit company

Same as with investing, you definitely need protection, because you want to start or restart investing because it has failed before or was delayed. You definitely don't know who to trust.

With the right simulation, you will be sure of the benefits that will be obtained. When to buy, when to hold, or when to sell your assets. A definite advantage is your loss, the costs involved should also be included in the simulation.

Don't take a profit assumption and just put your money away. You have to know where the money is going. Did you know that nobody guarantees your money if it runs out? Even large companies will avoid it and Will just let it go.

The cost

Another thing to remember is that investments are not merchandise on display and you can sell them at any time. It's better if you open a shop if you want to sell every day. Even though you are interested in forex trading, of course you also have to understand the right time.

The right way to invest is that you must continue to contribute to adding investment funds regularly, at least once a month for five years. Of course the amount is smaller than the initial investment, at least 10%–20% of your income every month.

Don't increase that value. Because you still need costs for daily necessities, taxes, emergency–funds, education costs, you still have to save other than and don't depend only on investments. Be patient.

It doesn't matter if you have more money this month you may get a bonus, or work part-time and this is your life goal for investment. Just don't rush until you sacrifice everything. You have to really mature if you want to invest.

Keep learning

Many things can affect the world of investment, mostly because of political and economic problems in a country that affect the rate of inflation, and like today a pandemic that has hit the world also affects the pace of the world–economy.

You must also learn about the inflation rate, current economic information, of course taxes, and what investors often forget are the administrative costs that must be met when an investor has an investment. It may seem small, however, if you don't put it on your list the administration fees can become a burden.

I believe right now you are thinking that investing is like playing a shooting–game, you can shoot anytime when you see your opponent. On the other hand, other players are targeting you from a distance.

The 'Take it or Leave it' method does not apply either. Like I said you are not opening a shop, even an online merchant needs learn about SEO techniques. Don't make your investment in vain even though you are studying, make investing an achievement that you must achieve.

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