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Don't let happy moment go away

Sometimes happiness is hard when we try to reach it, but not mean we can get happy moment.

Everyone wants to be happy every day, but sometimes the unexpected momen can come at any time, and happiness suddenly disappears. Yes, life's problems always plague us as long as we live in this world.

Actually, we could just face it with wisdom. But because sometimes life's problems come suddenly, it makes us forget, and feel more in our hearts. The pain, the disappointment, and all the emotions that are with us.

What often makes us freeze is the result, even though, we have tried our best to do it.

We learn before we face tomorrow's test. If something goes wrong, on the exam material, we can still accept it, what often matters is that the test scores do not match or the results are below our wishes.

Evaluation must be done, where, and what is not right. Evaluating the same as us being wise, the question is, can we accept the final result? And we know the answer isn't right either.

Sluggish, blaming ourselves, and why. We're being ridiculous for-this condition forces us to accept it and surely we also feel uncomfortable. At that moment we acknowledge it, and make us feel calmer.

It's so natural that we do, right? Emotional connected with each other, because we don't want to be trapped in it all the time. There are also those who can get caught in that circulation. If you are one of them, do this 'in the next exam I will get better grades'.

Positive though, can encourage us to be better. Negative energy always envelops us and can even possess us at any time. With the positive side we have, we can control emotional peaks.

It is undeniable that sometimes our desires do not come true. It's the same as when we work. Division head, asks you to work on a project. Of course, initially they asked for a concept, and asked for a presentation first.

Don't let happy moment go away

From this, you dive into it, explore in detail, and explore all the possibilities that you have. The end of the day, you come forward to present your concept, with all you have.

Beyond expectations, 'we want like that, but not like this' they refer more to other people's results. On the other hand, they actually also asked other employees to create concepts for the same project.

The silly thing is, we can forget that other employees are doing the same thing or we just don't care that we have competitors. Maybe because of high expectations, sure, expectations are not wrong, because that's what we expect, just like them. And hope can motivate us to do more.

The problem is, can we take it? 'why at that time they asked me, they should have just asked him/her'! 'this is just a waste of my time'. Your emotional peaks, to vent and forget about it, then you drink hard.

What that way can solve the whole thing, what there is is that you add the problem. It is only for a moment, not forever. And your happiness goes away when the effect ends.

And the next morning when you meet that person you mutter 'well, a star is walking on the red carpet'. Why don't you say it directly?  'whatups' should be like that.

And you should say congratulations, even if you don't like it. You are professional, as long as it is a fair play, competition is healthy. We must to be wise, even is hurt us.

Because we can't control everything, all we can control is ourselves. Problematic life is tricky, if we are more open, and accept the results. We can maneuver in the next competition.

You can go to Mr Or Mrs that, sharing just bit chit-chat. How decided, how to make, from the things we do through sharing, we can find out our shortcomings. By doing so you show that you are professional, because you can accept whatever the outcome is. So! They happy and you happy to.

Behind the problem there must be meaning, if we take a wise attitude, happy in all conditions is not just a concept. Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow. That possibility is definitely there.

Our emotional stability should be maintained. Our mood, changes often. This moment is feeling good, the next second it could come.

Even so, we must control our mood. It may not completely change what we were feeling before, but, by controlling when our moods change, we can at least eliminate the feeling slowly.

Deal with unhappy moment

Sometimes when we feel tired, our happy mood changes, when it's tired we tend to complain. 'duh, there is still a lot to be done' 'there's no way I can finish it right now'.

Complaints alone can reduce our motivation, make us lazy to move. Tired? Everyone feels it too, but, are we just stuck with it?

It is at this time that we take a wise attitude

First is calm down. Your mind should also be paused, don't think about anything, hold it a bit. Like daydreaming, but it's not.

If we let our minds go wild, the negative effects will flow with it. 3-5min is fine, as long as our thoughts are not going anywhere. Our mind can complain anytime, don't let it control us. The calmer we are, the better.

Take a deep breath the first time you pause. Exhale a little tight afterwards. Then enjoy the sensation of your normal breath. We can take a deep breath in between and at the end of 5min. 'Ok here we go'.

Greet it with a smile

Don't care about the amount of work you do when you greet it. Wonder why it has to be with a smile? Smiling can strengthen and restore our motivation at the same time.

The smile effect is very strong. When you greet, with colleagues or friends. Happy feeling envelops us. Smiling can also affect our surroundings, even though it's fake.

When we smile, we definitely talk even a little, and the effects can be prolonged. Becoming a laughter, we slowly forget about the negative. We don't feel it, because happiness can really get rid of negative aura.

We unconsciously refocus, on work after pause. Because we control our complaints, fatigue tries to affect our bodies and our emotions.

Slowly but good, don't be in a hurry, the most important thing first. If we enjoy the rhythm, then slowly our movements will increase. It's good to control the movement, 'look the time'.

In one condition. When looking at the clock, don't worry about the ticking time. But for think, which one must be resolved first in line with time. So! This way we move more effectively, than when we think of worries.

Sit down

When you feel emotional changes, sitting can lower the tightening of the nerves. Due to fatigue our muscles overwork, even the body can become hot. Yes, like a cellphone when used without stopping. Reduce the hot, by stopping its use, right?

More we feel tired, the more we can't control our self. Fatigue can put pressure on our bodies. The more stressed we are the worse it will be on our emotions.

If you're afraid of your boss getting caught, go to the bathroom for a bit. This can be done for those of you who work sitting all day at the computer. Yes, the demands of work mean you can't leave your computer.

When we walk to the bathroom, our feet move, this is aimed at stretching the leg muscles after a few hours while sitting at the computer. By cooing your feet while working, it slows down blood flow. Tingling, sore feet are often felt in that position and feel uncomfortable.

By walking

We improve blood circulation right away. Don't think about anything when walking to the bathroom. A pause, our brains are about work. The pressure on the head needs to be lowered.

Wash your face so that it feels fresh, the pressure of work sometimes makes us unfocused. Feel the breath, keep clear our mind. For a woman don't worry with u makeup, after washing your face you can improve your makeup. When you want to look beautiful or charming while dressing up can reduce negative energy. Don't forget to smile after that.

Drink a glass of mineral water

Water can get us in the mood again. Sometimes when we work all day we forget to drink, and the effects of mild dehydration can throw us off control. With a glass of water can relieve feelings.

Is ok if you drink coffee, or tea. Only, not too much. It is true that coffee can bring you a happy mood, but if you feel too much it is the opposite. Your feelings will rage, passionate, sometimes exaggerated feelings come. And we may become out of focus.

The big line, if you drink coffee, do it before work, or during breaks, or while relaxing. Most importantly while it's a little hot. When we consume cold coffee, we feel that the sugar dominates the coffee. Even the taste of sugar is still stuck in the oral cavity. This can make us uncomfortable, if it happens to drink mineral water.

It may seem far-fetched, however, in a condition where we are required to work more and can't just leave it, this is the best step, and wise thing we can do.

Do happy activity

Getting stuck in work circles every day, and happening over and over again. We need to take action to maintain a happy mood. Don't let it go.

So that we are not pressured by our work, which can make happiness leave us. We need to do a variety of activities after work.

One of them is and what women love the most is go shopping.

This the fact i am, and all men need and must to accept. When we se a woman go shopping they feel very happy, we can see from their teary eyes, can't look away.

I once read a meme 'woman feel orgasm when they go shopping'. Another fact, man and woman can feel happy when they can get or buy things they like.

On the other hand we get a dilemma, too much shopping also creates problems, uncontrolled finances. So, we must also be wise in shopping, otherwise financial conditions can affect our mood and emotional. And specifically like the current conditions, we have to save money.

We need to regulate how much we spend, expenses for everyday life, shopping, if investment is more attractive then do it. Investments such as shopping, which were more profitable, which were better, which were more competitive, wasn't bad at all. If you are too worried because of the current pademic condition, you can turn to saving.

We can choose to search online, just, don't be too hasty and buy right away. Stick to expense calculations, lots of choices. Most importantly first, it was felt that money was not enough. Look for discounts, or add them to your grocery list next month.

Comparisons need to be considered, maybe you are a 'price does not matter, because the price is not deceiving', Consider investing. Is it too much to look at the prices of goods online? It's better than having a whole day watching your social media screens. Be wisely please.

Yoga and meditation can be added to the list after work. If you are a woman who often wears high heels, this could be considered. Yoga and meditation are not just for reducing stress levels, they can make your body more attractive.

Spending time after working with friends can be done to improve your happy mood. When we talk, sometimes indirectly, we release the emotional feelings we feel. And it's best when they calm your heart.

Are you an introvert or do you prefer to spend time alone? Playing games, make sure to set a time limit don't overdo it. Reading books, or any inspiration that can keep and even raise happy feelings.

Family, you have to make time for family. Because they can be the main support in our life.

Meet you lover. Yes, making time for our loved ones not only makes us feel happier, by spending time with them you value their existence. If you do that, they smile can reduce all the bad things you are feeling.

No matter what, don't panic. Because if we panic when faced with a situation, we can't see the way out. So calm down, and think wisely.

And considering doing sports, light is also okay. More health your are, more benefits you can get.

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