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Creativity is not only about action but also need courage

Like water in a river, although there are many rocks blocking it, it still flows to the ocean. Hud Pangastoto

Without courage, creativity is just a picture

When we see the works of content creators, we are bound to be amazed. How do they do it? their self-esteem was really high.

At first glance, self-confidence is the main thing in making works. However, without courage, works of art only exist in the mind.

'made like this will be interesting, add a little customization. mmm, it looks like something is missing. Impossible, they like it, um, maybe I'll undo it first. Because the conditions are not possible '. Examples like this are what people say 'give up before fighting'.

Thinking too much 'how other people like it', will make your works cut off and not channeled.

Conflict that is created by yourself, can repulse a person. Let the creativity flow, enjoy the sensation, focus ourselves on it.

The big line of creativity requires

  •  Bravery
  •  Application
  •  Confidence
  •  Flexibility
  •  Maneuver
  •  Sacrifice

Creativity is not only about action but also need courage

Your courage in applying creativity in a work must really exist

Creativity is not just a written discourse. In fact, the planning that we make must not only be mature.

You often see presenters who frequently interact in an event. Yes, they are presented with a long list, but when they speak, they don't rely on a piece of writing paper. They can explore the discourse of the event, and express it more.

Their confidence is truly extraordinary, the courage of expression can be thumbs up. The hosts also didn't look confused when speaking, because they didn't think about 'how the audience felt at that time'.

What they do is 'I have to make this event lively, no matter what'.

A radio presenter, also provides material for their listeners, everything that needs to be discussed has been prepared. But if they only read the text, it will appear less expressive.

By expressing their courage, adding words, supposing, and uttering in a distinctive voice. Make the event interesting, which is more interesting when they open the question and answer session.

The callers also ventured into expressing their feelings. Funny, sad, angry, weird, made the event livelier.

Even the news anchor maneuvered so that the news did not appear monotonous. Their courage in stating facts can backfire, mispronunciation can make them fall, I think they also often get harsh criticism, still they face it.

An artist is not only good at memorizing long text, the way they express it, it's not easy. At the same time they face pressure, busy schedules, deadlines, repetitive shooting. On the other hand, they have to explore with other personalities. To live up to what role requires courage in expression.

Directors must be in a dilemma, once filming is over, they face pressure about the 'failed product' being less desirable, there must be criticism even if the film is good. However, if they don't dare to face it, a film will not be created.

Yep, they're used to it. But they must be changing programs, and changing audiences too. I think it's not as easy as we imagine.

Unlike creator content, they are required to create different works every time, for fans and to attract new fans.

The flexibility of the creator's content is also needed, so that their credibility is getting better.

Maybe some of them follow a trend, such as a dance challenge, and they are also thinking about creating trending content.

It's not easy, because millions of creators are competing in it. Whether it's following the trend or the results themselves, the question, 'do you dare to express it?'

From here we will move forward. Maybe this time we are looking for a solution how best to express creativity. Maybe on the internet, and surely there will be many tips that we find.

STOP there, it is not wrong if we look for a solution, but if we are too circling the search. It will get us trapped.

Facts, there are no definite tips, to success. Tips, created so that we can motivate ourselves, and do not lose direction.

However, if we don't want to learn, we won't be able to, if we don't dare, we won't go forward.

Thinking too much about it and questioning it, will only make us spin, like when you read this post. It seems that that's all, it is the same as in our lives, questioning a thing today, two days later, it is possible that we will repeat it in the next week. lol

Stick to the concept

Let these things blend into our work. Like a painter who feels his worries mixed into the canvas.

There are many applications that we can use, what we need to do is study their use. Maybe, using a smartphone, it seems minimalist. However, that does not mean our creativity is stunted.

Flexible with today's technology, can help us to maneuver. We just need to be brave enough to apply it.

Creativity at work may be different from content creation. Still it also takes courage.

Learning it first before creating a concept is the right solution. A mature concept can bring more results. Not only thoroughness and assertiveness, the creativity of a leader is needed by a team to maneuver.

At first glance, only the development and marketing divisions are required to be more creative. However, the problem comes when the company experiences a decline in turnover. Of course, a good company must carry out an audit, the confrontation of accusations is bound to occur. And from this situation, it must be determined how to improve product quality.

Starting from the public relations division, which conducts surveys of consumer desires, the finance division selects basic ingredients at affordable prices but does not reduce product quality, the development division determines whether to reduce ingredients or make product variations, but not reduce quality.

The production division determines whether to reduce personnel, and could the reduced personnel be able to meet the target number. Or outsmart with 3 shif work.

And of course it will spread to the HRD division, if it is determined to reduce the number of employees. Finally, the productivity of the employees is the point, who should be maintained, and who is on the reduction list.

It is possible that a change of leader will occur, will be replaced by his subordinates, or will be eliminated due to maneuvers. The credibility of a leader will be bad if he cannot do something in the face of change.

There is also a leader who dares to maneuver, he doesn't care after facing it and then gets rid of it. In the context of 'it's okay to get rid of it, as long as my subordinates are still working, and this company continues to run'.

Is a sacrifice, the risk in making a decision, there must be.

A person's creativity can lead to competitiveness, self-confidence can generate confidence, the courage to face challenges and obstacles provide better opportunities.

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