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Beside improve our skill must learn extra skill for support your life

The ways Improvisation our-self is learn other skills, with this you can improve your basic skill.

Skills can become obstacles if there is no change or deadlock. Improving the skills we have is a must. Learning other skills can solidify our steps towards the future.

Why must learn another or extra skill

Apart from improving the skills we have, it's better if we also learn other skills. This not only adds insight, it can also be an indicator of the main skills we have.

For example, if you work as a financial employee, is it possible that you will do that continuously. Maybe if calculating the form of money will be fun, but what is counted mostly only a number, not an item, you must be bored and often confused by these numbers.

Yes, because the work has to be done, 'if not, where else will I get my income, that's my job'.

Like that is often the case, even though your little heart, wants to do something else and more than that. It's just that, since it's the main thing, we can't avoid it.

Actually, when we take education, we also acquire other knowledge, such as management material. Because jobs in accordance with the knowledge you have are more in the financial sector, so we depend and focus on that.

It's different if you are offered a promotion as department head, then your management techniques will be applied.

Surely you are surprised if you get an offer like this, on the other hand, you feel a dilemma. 'What should I do, the management techniques that I get are not as much as my financial science'.

And there's no way you can say 'OK I'll take it, if it looks bad, I have no problem being relegated just as a staff'. That if you were defended what if you were expelled afterwards?

Many possibilities will happen, no matter how small there must be. So! While you stay focused on the skills we have, we should also learn various kinds of skills as a support in the future, if we have entered retirement or early retirement.

Most of us are confused or worried, it takes a long time and is not as easy as imagined. Actually it's only our thoughts that depend on the heart.

In fact, everything requires a process, including the world in the future. Technology, and various kinds of more demands, we will face. Will you only stick with your current skills?

Actually learning some skills can eliminate our worries. I warn you, it is possible, we make money off the track from skills we have learned over the years through education.

Beside improve our skill must learn extra skill for support your life

Lot of skill you can learn

'Get out of your comfort zone'. Actually this is a cycle, when we have got the position we want, we will be comfortable. Bored, you choose to create your own company, the success you get and you feel good again. Work hard and be comfortable again and again. What are you doing?

Boredom in comfort that sometimes makes us depressed. This may be different, with some people who cannot find jobs that match their skills.

What to do? Of course, learning new skills. The reality that happened is something we have to accept.

You don't need to worry if it goes too far, another possibility, is that we will also get the opportunity, to practice the basic skills we had before. It's just that sometimes we are not aware.

You are an accountant, and learn about cooking techniques. Look at the reality! How many channels did you find about cooking? They can make money from those additional skills.

I believe, that you want to have a variety of skills, it's just that we do not have the motivation to act. You can, and I'm sure of that.

You can choose a skill that suits you, or one that is comfortable, or one that can make you a lot of money. That either really depends on application, earnest, or just trial and error.

Editing skill

Judging from technological advances, the most fun is the entertainment world. Record, edit and post it on our social media walls. Easy? Yes, because we are also presented with the ease of editing, several features have been embedded in social media at this time.

Beautification, some accessories, and other special effects. It is recommended to learn editing with different applications, so that we get unique results. There's nothing wrong with learning with Photoshop, Corel Draw, or some computer-specific software.

Because currently marketing techniques require personnel capable of using these applications. Don't be discouraged if you don't have a PC, or a laptop. While studying editing from a smartphone application, or online, we can save first before buying.

Editing results from smartphones or online media can be used as a reference for your products. Easy? If we are not consistent then the result will be no better than a shadow.

Photography technique

At first glance anyone can do it. You can search the internet for results from top photographers, or videos of how they take amazing pictures. Only with a camera and manual panoramic effects can produce beautiful works.

It may be because of the high resolution of the camera, but if it's just good, then the camera is useless. It is the same as shooting with a smartphone, if the shooting is right, the results will not be less competitive with the camera.

Taking a video also requires precision, just a clear picture is not enough. Editing techniques are also very necessary, a director must think about how to make the scene less time-consuming editing. Even a YouTuber has a concept before it air.

Marketing skill

Overall, we only need to promote the goods or services we have. Promoting door-to-door will certainly be tiring, maybe linking product links on social media will be easier.

But door-to-door is time consuming. Pasting on the wall of social media, of course, is not easy to get customers. It is likely that the customer is in a different zone from us, it doesn't matter if we can afford to. However, in this zone of course it has other sellers and the goods are the same as ours.

Competition is certainly not to be avoided, it must be faced. The ways we make product promotions, will have an effect on sales results. The authenticity of the product and your feedback as a seller can increase sales.

Not enough? Currently you may be reading, articles on how to increase your sales. If you go online, several well-known providers are ready to market your products. It's just that if we go through them, we are required to pay a fee. Maybe some bear fruit.

As you can remember, many and many are using their services. Using the services of a marketing provider is the same as hiring personnel to sell your product.

It's a broad range, if you think about how marketing providers work. Yes, your product is seen by various groups, but, do they buy it after seeing your product?

We can apply their method, of course, you are required to have many followers, Instagram, Twitter, or FB. It takes time to have a lot of followers, the costs that must be incurred can be minimized. Patience, this is what you have to emphasize to yourself.

While waiting for followers and buyers, we also consider using the online marketplace. Like Amazon, eBay, not necessarily there, in your city, it must also have a trusted online marketplace. We simply put all the products, grab the link and link to your social media.

Yep compete, this is the world of marketing that you need to know, and it is from marketing that the company is created. This should lift your spirits.

We think to increase competitiveness, by creating a website. If you have it and don't learn how to use the website, it's worth it. Can you use services to manage a website, but you are sure to leave it to someone else, without knowing the ins and outs of a website?

Broadly speaking, social media is a microweb, it's just limited, it can only post without fussing with Html. Hosting, and domains also affect a website.

Having a website, at least you have to learn to understand Html, you don't have to be a master, layout templates, widgets, plugins, and the usefulness of all the features the website owner must know. About SEO, it cannot be abandoned, even if it is not fully implemented.

A website can actually be modified, as a company profile, online shop, promotional media, personal blog. If you are good at website building, it can be sold. This is the reason why there are many promotions for making online stores.

Website including digital products, can be traded. Yes, the manufacture is not as easy as we imagine. But it's really worth it, it's a shame if we don't learn the technique, it can produce a skill.

Public speaker

Yes, a show reader isn't just adept at words. They can also dig a concept deeper, into an interesting conversation. The growing public speaker is not only on television. YouTubers, influencers, even podcasts.

Uniquely, they have their own channel. It looks easy, if you are not used to talking in front of a camera or a crowd, you must be stammering, nervous. Even if it is only in front of a camera or microphone, this still happens.

We can try it while digging deeper into the public speaker. Before recording and publishing it, prepare materials, anything that needs to be discussed, if possible there is an opinion session, or questions and answers.

Maybe because we are not confident, we just wonder to ourselves' is that good? Enough? ' Instead of worrying, take advantage of your social media. Taunt the link, and 'I have a video, what do you think?' 'I need an improvisation of my recordings'.

This is done not only to find out your short-comings, and this can be a promotion from your channel later. Responding to comments must be done wisely, not emotionally.

Because your response will also affect your channel, no matter how bad it is, 'just say thank you, this will be a reference for me, so my content will be even better'. If you say badly when responding it is better to cancel your intention to create a channel.

In fact, no matter how good the content is, there will definitely be criticism in it. A public speaker is not only smart with words, to improvise, they also have to be wise. Thousands, even millions of people will see your content on the internet. So! Cool down, be one to the earth. If you are good at it, influencers will be pinned in your name.

Next is the writer

Actually, many are interested in becoming content writers. The dilemma is if our ideas are the same as others, if you type in a search engine, you will find a lot of the same ideas but different contents.

It can repel a writer. What a writer must do besides having to explore a material is to be consistent in writing, following current trends to be used as material, the most crucial thing is writing sentences. Contains, easy to read, and precise writing. Not messy like mine.

Really, not as easy as you might think, if there is no reader the dilemma will only grow. I recommend it to you, you have to pay attention to your writing style if you want to become a writer.

There are many benefits of being a writer. If you read a professional writer. They can convince readers to follow the tips they publish. And the results of writing can be sold like selling a book. An article can reach 10 $ -20 $ that's only about 1000-2000 words, many even promote their work on the internet.

You still think a writer doesn't make a profit? Writing also requires skill. Maybe this is the easiest. Try writing a 1000-2000 word discussion and publish it. Make sure it's not copy and paste.

And creator content, in general creator content, can be just a photo, or a short video, it can also be an article.

Of all that is scattered on the internet, the existence of a creator content creator is really needed, without them the internet is not alive, and is monotonous.

A content creator doesn't really need a lot of tools. Because, smartphones nowadays already support various features, smartphones can be used as the main tool, before you really jump into this world. Use whit-what you have.

Besides they can produce unique work that attracts visitors, they can earn extra money. Yes, influencers are not about selling products. Creators of creative content, also called influencers.

There are still many skills that can be learned, the skills I mentioned can be categorized as promising skills. Because the internet today is really easy to access, and can be used as a medium for income.

But remember, don't make hoax content or material to be published, hoaxes will only increase our worries, stay away from it. Seek truth not hatred.

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