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First try self therapy before you to the expert to get a better quality of life

Many things can affect our lives, it can create a balance and with that we can move more steadily in the future. Problems exist to tell us how to learn about life, not to trap us.
try self teraphy to get a better quality of life.

Sometimes up sometimes down, maybe mood, stress, health, well-being. In an unpredictable world anything can happen, anytime, no matter who you are.

The most interesting thing is that if a problem comes, we do our best to solve it. Spin the brain, expecting an idea to come. It is most annoying if we delay it so that it piles up, even if we make the wrong decision can add to the problem it self.

This can leave a person feeling down, to the point of not knowing what else to do. Create prolonged stress and make our health decline.

Running away or distracting with booze is not the solution to the problem. The effects of alcohol are only temporary. In fact, every human being has their own problems, and problems will accompany every human being, come and go.

This is what makes us overwhelmed, one is finished, another comes, finally we are in a dilemma.

On the internet scattered about various kinds of how to solve problems. A number of experts sprung up with their tips.

The best way is by way of consultation. Actually it doesn't have to be a specialist, you can talk about it with a relative, or a friend. Sometimes talking to strangers can loosen that burden.

Maybe at this time you are hit by a trust problem. Solutions, you can consult through forums on the internet, I think there will be many suggestions that you will receive. Then process the data which is the best.

It's good if you learn about self-therapy, it can help calm your mind and mind. Because things that are applied are about positive steps.

First try self therapy before you to the expert to get a better quality of life

One of the best ways is to calm ourselves down, if we think too much then we can get caught in a circle of dilemmas. Relax your self before going any further.

Don't rush, sit down, drink a glass of water. Enjoy your breath, hurry up, take a few deep breaths, then let the breath flow normally. Do a little stretching of the muscles, hands up and holding, then as if pulling your body up.

And smile, tell the camera you're all right, OK, and get back to the challenge.

Burden in other words is a barrier, turning the burden into a challenge can show that you are creative.

Positive words can also help you deal with life problems. Like 'alright, I can get through it'. If it's too long, close your eyes for a moment 'I can' or 'can. Don't think about anything else yet. Open your eyes and 'I can'.

If a problem comes at this time, you can use the two recipes above, relaxation and positive words.

Or talk to your co-workers or boss if work problems are too tough. Maybe you think 'I don't discuss work loads with my boss or work friends, they can just knock me out at that time'

This is where the name of the strongest team work is, you don't burden yourself with the workload. We humans have flaws, in team work, your flaws can be covered by the strengths of one of your team. They also have their flaws and it is you they rely on.

If we can reveal any shortcomings, your boss or office mates will find a solution. I'm sure they won't replace you with someone else, because you want to be open to them. And vice versa they will also open up to you. Win win solution.

Likewise if you talk to relatives, some people may be closer to relatives of father or mother, may also be closer to distant relatives than siblings or parents, this is natural, because when someone is afflicted with problems, they tend to look for wise people to invited to talk.

The discussion deviates from the beginning, no, the above is part of self therapy when you are pressed. Emotional can improve–anytime. When pressed we tend to use various methods to solve it.

Relax, positive words can also come from other people. Even talking about it with your loved ones can make you more motivated to face the hardships of life.

When someone is hit by the burdens of life, they often seek protection. Either the burden is from outside or from ourselves. We lose our way and feel incredibly–overwhelmed.

With the recipe above you will be able to control ourselves, others can be a reminder. Because emotional peaks can close our mind from logic, thus making us overreact.

Absorb and learn the things that make you overwhelmed, so that in the future we can overcome the problems of life that are in front of us. Some things come up over and over again, and we forget them. Maybe–solving the same problem in the same way is not necessarily successful, it could be that at that time we were dealing with it with someone.

In order to maintain your health in the long-term, there are several recipes that you need to apply;

Among them is meditation. Doing meditation is the same as practicing focus. In addition, it can also help calm the mind control emotions, and mental health.

Simple meditation is just enough to sit cross-legged or lie down, enjoy the breath, let thoughts pass through the brain without you getting rid of them, feel the sensation.

Trivial? Meditation is a powerful prescription, if you've ever spoken to a specialist, they will definitely advise you to calm down first, close your eyes, and regulate your breathing before you say something that makes your heart want to explode.

The effect can be felt from the moment you practice meditation. So you have to do it regularly. If you are busy doing it before bed, instead of opening social–media.

Confessions. Talking to an expert is not just an outpouring of heart, a confession, of things that have been done. Basically by talking to your heart's content and combining it with confession, a specialist can find out where the problem started.

Although actually we are also aware of it, but because we tend to outsmart it with various things, everything goes–dark, and avoids it. It's the same when we talk to other people. They are not ignorant of your feelings but they need time to understand, they are also careful, because they don't want to hurt you more.

If you are in a crisis of trust in others, try praying, you will definitely feel a deep sadness when praying. Don't worry when you cry when you pray, it symbolizes the feeling of tightness in your heart that comes out.

Exercise regularly. You have to understand that mental health is also influenced by body health and that is connected. You need to improve blood–circulation and oxygen in your body, so that blood and oxygen going to the brain run more smoothly, there are thousands of tissues in the brain. One of the damaged tissue can be fatal to our life.

From and oxygen is needed by the brain, it can be said that the brain is very spoiled by oxygen. The impact is bad if the brain tissue is deprived of oxygen, this can also affect your emotional. Consider–exercising two or three times a week.

Sleep quality. A person who sleeps less than 8 hours a day tends to feel–pressure on the head and body. You can feel this when you stay up all night. Heavy moving body, lethargic, disheveled in thinking, you feel upset all the time.

We work almost 16 hours a day. Just watching TV is also called activity, your eyes and mind are focused on the TV screen, plus 8 hours of work or more, and the smartphone screen that you hold on to all the time. This can make your body tired, muscles are not only to be shaped and trained, muscles need to be rested.

And the daily problems that you have to solve become additional burdens for the body, you will feel overwhelmed by them. Only good quality sleep can overcome your body's fatigue. Your body needs rest, emphasize this on yourself.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You have to control your body in addition to controlling smartphone use. Take a little time to understand your self.

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