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Feel overwhelmed make stuck need to overcome right away

Everyone feels overwhelmed by expectations, responsibilities, and a lack of time at work, in relationships, and other aspects of life every now and then.

There are still many things that can overwhelmed you, it is not easy to overcome. If we are trapped in constant Overwhelming it can be bad for emotion, which is even worse - it spreads to those around us.

Overwhelmed is a natural part of life

Before you move on, a few things should be kept in mind to help you:
  • You are not alone. We and they have the same problem.
  • This or this thing is just a distraction to your mind, not the real damage to your life.
  • We have the power to control our thoughts, and as a result, control who we are.
  • Things change quickly when you start doing something, when we feel we don't have the energy or time to solve it the negative started to creep in.
  • You've felt this way before. Because we are human, events often recur and sometimes we forget them.
  • In fact. Your problems are not always as bad as you think. Is alright not be fine.
  • When you feel like you can't do anything, that's when you need to do something. Even if it's a small thing you are bound to act just because you are 'stuck' as if you feel you can't.

Feel overwhelmed make stuck need to overcome right away

How to overcome Overwhelmed

1. STOP! Right there!

We felt it, and felt tremendous fatigue. Give your body and mind time, the more you press the more you will feel depressed-don't let it! Exhausted and emotional and makes you more trapped. Drink a glass of water, take a deep breath, or sit for a few minutes. Control yourself before returning to the busy world.

2. Be Positive

Don't let negative things control you. Negative things can affect various kinds of things even anxiety. You may not realize that you have become a habit until good things come your way.

It's the language we use, the way we bond, the tools we put out when we feel alone or afraid or hurt or unsure or even ambivalent. Even negativity creeps in at positive times.

Thesimple way to control or stop negativity is to change the pattern. Don't rush-refocus and tell yourself 'I can do it'.

3. About your assumptions

If feeling overwhelmed is an ongoing struggle, chances are you have assumptions that lead to unproductive behavior. Example "If I'm not around, the company will fail". 

While these grand assumptions are real to every leader, these limiting beliefs may not be 100% true and leave them stuck in old patterns that significantly-contribute to their sense of being overwhelmed. In fact the world would not end without people like the example above, even the world is fine without them.

By identifying and refuting these beliefs over-time, they can broaden their previous views of the world, which in turn enables them to reduce their overwhelmingness and give them a greater sense of agency.

While we may all feel overwhelmed from time to time in our demanding work and personal lives, implementing the strategies above can help reduce the frequency and extent to which we feel this way.

4. Control breathing

The experience of being overwhelmed can feel overwhelmingly chaotic and out of control, but when you slow it down, you regain control of the experience. The reason it's important to control your breathing is because anxiety symptoms can actually create new symptoms of anxiety.

Since the respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems are connected, any deliberate manipulation of breathing will directly affect your blood-pressure and emotional state. So controlled breathing (inhaling very slowly, exhaling very slowly) is a great way to control this experience.

5. Take action

To deal with being overwhelmed, do activities that you enjoy, such as listening to music, reading books, or taking a walk. And consider how you can deal with the stress that overwhelms you in the first place. Try to do one positive thing—however small—every day. Maybe it means going the extra mile to be warm and kind as you go about the day, or spending time with people who mean to you.

6. Go walk

Most of us spend our days tinkering with them. In life and while living it, this can make us trapped and feel overwhelmed. These can be a hindrance to remembering !!! While living life you will definitely encounter obstacles no matter how great you are.

Taking a walk doesn't mean telling you to run from being overwhelmed, but to calm your heart. Try to go out even if it's just for a walk, regardless of the weather conditions and look up at the sky every day. Notice how quickly this simple act reduces stress and feelings of stress from being overwhelmed.

7. Be grateful for what you have

Not everyone has what you have and vice versa. Do you still have regular income at this time? Do you know during this pandemic how many million people lost their jobs? While you are fiddling with how to make more money, they are struggling with how to make money.

Sometimes we forget that we have more-after the uphill battle to get it, but are not satisfied afterward. We are only human beings who are created with strengths and weaknesses. With gratitude it can make your heart warm, it will slowly make you stronger in living your life.

8. Focus

Being overwhelmed can make your days feel harder, and even get lost. Making decisions based on your needs forces you to move from reacting to whatever the world throws at you, to living and making choices with purpose.

Do the more important things first This allows you to think about your bigger-goals, make real priorities, and address your too often overlooked self-care needs.

9. Routines

It may seem like routines can add to the feeling of being overwhelming, but making a varied list of routine can reduce or eliminate feeling overwhelmed.

For example, on Monday after work you schedule to go to the gym, so on Tuesday you spend time reading a-book or article after work, Wednesday for a walk, Thursday you keep a journal, Friday cycling, Saturday spending time with family, there's nothing wrong with taking time to rest on Sundays.

This is only a small part of the plan, make sure you don't create a schedule that consumes so much energy in one day-because chances are you are carrying on with negative energy or bad things after work. Of course you don't want the home life to be more stressful for you. And don't forget to include a schedule for doing the things you love to do in your routine.

10. Learn from the previous day

Sometimes being overwhelmed happens repeatedly, even frequently. By looking at the day before, of course you will be able to find a way if you suddenly face being overwhelmed at this time, possibly you can also avoid feeling overwhelmed in the future.

It is true that things that happen in the world are unpredictable, but if your mind and heart are strong, it doesn't matter when it gets overwhelmed-you are ready to face it.

11. Finding support

Before you come looking for a therapist, you should talk to family or friends whom you trust or are wise. When you talk about it you are putting out negative energy, I think you feel the inner-pressure dropping. Actually when you talk about anything it can reduce the pressures you are facing.

Even if there is nothing more that can be done after doing all the things to overcome the overwhelming and not working, you can contact a therapist.

12. Receive and pray

Why am I putting this down, because when people feel lost accepting it and praying is a powerful weapon to overcome it. When we pray we ask for good things and get rid of bad things, you subconsciously focus and your emotions run high so you can't keep the tears-flowing.

At that instant you accept all your shortcomings, down to the point where you feel negative. In these moments the negative energies come out after you-pray, of course you will feel better, and even more calm, you will feel more confident to step back.

Bottom line

Yup, there is much more you can do if you feel overwhelmed. The tips above are the best I chose for you. Of course you don't have to do everything either you can choose the appropriate one as-long as you are comfortable after that it's 'OK', because doing everything at once can be a burden.

Don't forget to exercise even if it's just cycling, jogging, walking, going up and down stairs-practicing meditation to control your breathing. This can be preparation for coping with being overwhelmed, PLUS for New-normal.

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