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As human we must lesson for better life, the process

Go up and down but never get score

Want to have a good life, a prosperous life with a successful career, emotional satisfaction, trustworthy friends, and all things that are desirable, of course, of course, you have to work hard.

As human must lesson for better life the process

Do you know good things don't come easily

Getting-results takes time, they don't happen overnight.  It is true that luck also plays a role in life, however, Luck can only take you so far and the rest is entirely up to you, the amount of effort you put into each day, and the ability to learn from your mistakes.  Also determines the result.

A process can be painful, I think it's natural.  It's just that, can we make it a means to serve as a foundation for the day ahead?  It's hard, sure, but if we take it as an important lesson, the next  day things likefailure, or mistakes can strengthen our confidence to move on.  And more steady

Often times I hear that "studying is only for someone who is inschool" reality, there are many things that can not be obtained from school lessons.

Maybe driving a car can be done self-taught, but you have to learn to control it, speed, braking, even you have to know where the fueltank is because not all car tanks are placed on the right.

Schoollessons are also important because they can support our lives, maybe some people think that the level of higher education is related to the level of a person's life status, yes, because the costs are not cheap.

But in reality, not everyone who gets a victorious University will get a successful life too.  Some got the positions they wanted and some didn't.  Even though you get knowledge fromeducation, you can't necessarily apply it in real life.  I think you often come across the article "a less educated person becomes a successful entrepreneur".

Many factors can prevent us from traveling in life, an educated person needs experience, application requires opportunity, and this is part of the process.  When you are in the career world, you are demanded more, on the other side of the career world you have to compete with thousands or even millionsof people.  When you feel that there is little opportunity to show creativity you feel 'I'm not lucky'.

Maybe while reading this, you're saying 'wow what nonsense'.  But in fact this is the most bitter thing to accept, on the other hand we have to understand the shortcomings we have, and why?  Note that start exploringyourself.  this is just one of life's lessons, if you are able to understand it, accept it, and learn it, it will become a solid foundation and solidify your steps.

Things to remember if you feel overwhelmed

The decision

You need to decide if you want a long-term career path, lose weight, quit smoking, save money, find a perfect match, buy an apartment, spend more time with your children, start a business, or volunteer.  Whatever you want to do, the first step is to decide and actually decide that you want to do it.  Remember don't just talk about it to the end it's not making a decision.

You have to really decide what you want.  Don't because you want everything - then you decide everything, the most important thing firstfocus on the main thing, otherwise you will feel a tremendous burden and will make you reluctant to do it.  So, write down the decisions you have made, it can be a powerful reminder.

Next up is the big step

A step to determine success, it can be said that this is a plan that must be done, of course you have to determine what steps are needed to achieve thegoal, we cannot possibly be in level two without going through the stairs.

Do you have to fast to lose weight, what foods should you eat, how much nutrition and nutrients, do you have to save to buy a house, or work parttime.  Maybe you plan to spend more time with your family, of course, you will definitely decide what activities you want to do together, even if it's just enjoying a walk in the city.

Determining steps must also be followed by unanimous decisions.

The commitment

Have you done that?  Commitment is not only to be talked about but must be with action.  Of all the things, commitment is the most important, commitment can also be a stumbling block for many people, humans are filled with all kinds of wants and needsit can distract you.

When you have made the decision to buy a house or apartment, you see an ad abouthousehold furniture at low prices, even with prizes.  At the same time, your savings are almost or half sufficient to buy a house.

"Maybe I bought furniture first, it suits me. That is my taste. It is possible that nextyear this model will no longer exist, my savings can allocate a little of that savings"

and pew ...

"Huh, how much do I save? How much longer do I have to raisemoney to have my own residence! And why do I buy this furniture?".

Many things can make your goal collapse.  If you have a strongcommitment and stick to it, unwanted things will certainly not happen.

Whatever decision you have made you have to believe that you can, enjoy theprocess.  Even if you know you are going to taste bitter, brace yourself, remind yourself that you are extraordinary.

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