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Prepare for retirement how to save money

What will you do if retirement day come, sure you need to be prepare. Best thing you can do is save the money and you need avoid unnecessary things because can effect to your saving plan.

Prepare for retirement how to save money

Set savings goals

Of all things What do you want to save for? such as buying a new home, travel plans, for education costs or saving for retirement. Of course you have to determine this, this is an important point before doing it.

Of course you are interested in a variety of fantastic offers about managing finances and various facilities in it, but whether the offer can get satisfactory results?

By planning "for what this budget is" you will surely be more confident that you will get maximum results. One point you need to add is the emergency fund, why? "unpredictable events" Like the current pandemic because of covid-19.

We don't want it and don't know when something comes, so make sure you have two or three types of savings. For retirement days and emergency funds, for example.

Credit card ? I do not recommend it because of fees, on the other hand not everyone has it. It's better if you open a savings account without a credit card, so you don't need to think about things that make your budget plan uncertain.

Rather than confusing isn't it better if you allocate it for tuition fees! Dividing your savings into three things is not a problem, because it is important to you. Make sure you don't get caught up in a savings budget plan.

As I said before you will certainly be interested in various things about managing finances, but on the other hand you are not sure. So when you make a "savings budget" in other words you start an investment.

How do you increase your shares, an important point of the results you receive each month from the 100% amount invested into a savings budget at 30% or 25%, you can divide it into 15% per account or 10% per share you have.

Why? That's 70% left! Because you still need a monthly fee, to pay bills, buy something you like and some other expenses. Make sure you are not burdened, making this budget fun.

Track Your Spending

If you make a note of expenses from last day to Sunday, month, year and duh. Where has my money gone? Of course you are surprised spending from $ 0000- $ 00000 and wow.

If it is relocated into a savings budget it will certainly make your eyes sparkle. Take your breath, the note is not to make you trapped but as a reminder.

Take your time and pay attention to where the funds flow, from here you can find things that are necessary and unnecessary.

To maximize the "Savings Budget" you must determine from unnecessary things and simulate if unnecessary costs are categorized into a Savings Budget will certainly add investment.

By doing a simulation, of course in the budget record next year you will enjoy better results.

If you use e-cards for payment, make sure one card covers all merchants, as well as credit cards, if you really need it, make sure there is only one type that covers everything.

Turn off the accounts that if it sucks up your expenses, do you need to be a member to join a community? Or a gym member that you don't necessarily do every Sunday! Buy a chair A seminar or webinar? If you really need it, make sure to take from the 70% Budget value.

Make a plan for 30 days

Saving money requires commitment to make it a habit. Even so, you risk falling off the path when life happens and unexpected costs hit.

From here the rules of the 30 day rule's most popular method come into play, by keeping track of what this month's budget is, you can maximize your expenses, maximize your savings budget.

Pin points about your spending budget, what you need to buy, what you need to buy, and switch modes.

What you have to buy is what I mean is about food, toothbrushes, soap that you consume daily. Of course, these expenses can not be contested.

What you need to buy is a secondary requirement and can be bought later in other words flexible. Maybe you will suddenly say "I need this, I need that, and I need it" do you need a trendmill or exercise bike? Of course because of the current pandemic conditions.

Actually you can do Push-ups, sit-ups, or squad-jumps. If you want to train your leg muscles, you don't need to jump to do squad-jumps, just keep your feet on the floor and then move your body up and down.

While you are exercising at home, you can look for a trendmill tool on the internet and you can put it on your budget list next month.

You can use the remaining 30 days of this month's budget. This suggestion sounds weird but if you have set 30 days, and suddenly you need an emergency fund you don't need to rush to withdraw "Emergency Savings Budget".

If it's not enough, you just need to add it, and you don't need to use other savings.

"Just in Case" switch mode meaning before you decide to buy new items, you need to make sure the items in your house can be sold.

for example you need a new laptop because it attracts you, and at home you have a computer that you rarely use, you better sell it, maybe the price exceeds that so !!! try to check the items in your home that are not used you can sell it at internet or garage sales.

It's not just the money you get that instead you get extra health profits and act as a merchant.

Restrict online shopping

Various types of goods circulating on the internet, it is very interesting to have it immediately. Hold it there !!! If that includes a list of your primary needs, certainly not a problem, due to pandemic conditions, or you are currently in the go green program and the price is cheaper.

But in one webpage that you open is not just one item that you see, they offer other products that make you tempted hold please !!! "your highness".

Write the needs that you will buy on paper and stick them on your PC or laptop screen side, with this note you will be more focused on what you are looking for.

If using a smartphone, stick it on your right hand's thumb 😅 before you press the payment button, it would be nice if doublechek the shopping list first.

Avoid Debt

If you really don't need it better don't, judging by the cases that someone has a debt due to urgent needs, education costs, and investment. Actually the savings planning program and the 30 day rule can be minimized or even eliminated.

In some cases you may have to do it, before you take the dept make sure the monthly payment funds are not choked up, small interest, adjust your income if you are in a hurry then your spending budget will also swell.

This can be included in the 30 day Budget list. In this case if you want an item you better undo, after completion you can return to the "Savings Budget" program. This is an important point when emergency funds are unpredictable to come, you can take without the need to rely on dept.

Reduce electric use

Turn off the lights when not in use, open the window curtains during the day, do not switch but turn off your computer or laptop when not in use, reduce the cost of your water heater, unplug electronic devices when not in use, install programmable or smart thermostats, turn off the air conditioner if you don't at home, dry your laundry, be efficient with cooling, there is still much you can do to reduce electricity consumption, while you are doing this you are on the go green program 😇

The more you reduce electricity usage the more you save money, you can replace older home appliances with energy efficient models.

Save your coin

Have you ever seen the news of someone buying a vehicle with coins, or buying a smartphone with coins wow !!!

It crossed how long you need to collect so many coins. That's not the point, when shopping for sure you yourself get coins as change do not need to think too much just provide a special place for coins and enter, you can check after a year later !!!.

Cookies jar method

This method may feel old-fashioned but the meaning is so strong and still attached if you really care about financial management.

The method of cookies can be a reminder in determining the Savings Budget that will be planned, even this method can be used to divide the budget for this expenditure of money for what? How much is needed! It's just that make sure your division stays on track.

It's okay if you really use cookie jar to share your money because that's a good thing, this you can also teach your children.

Before writing this I understand that you most likely are in financial trouble and it's not easy to manage, I feel it too. But we are not possible and do not want to be and be stuck in it all the time, so after learning a little about finance the other day we are ready and have plans for the future.

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