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Lack of motivation These way How to fix it

Before start with the world, start with yourself. Somehow our self make it. Break motivation dell won't flow anymore and make us won't do nothing

Consider the Reasons Why you feel lack motivation

Lack of motivation There are way How to fix it

Without motivation, people compromise in life, settle for the best rather than strive for what they want and ultimatelylimit the level of true happiness they can achieve in their life.

You need to take a little time to find out why you are not motivated right now, everyone is different in life and the problems they face are different.  Even the most motivated people burn out sometimes.  Maybe you are tired or feel as if your creativity has run out, but for whatever reason, you cannot reconcile your actions.  It could be because;

Depression?  People who are notmotivated by depression usually want to work and do other things, but feel as if they can't.

Lazy?  A depressed person's lack of motivation does not equal laziness.  When someone is lazy, they don't want to do work or do unpleasanttasks, even when they have the energy to do them.  They may be well motivated, they don't want to push themselves in any way.

Procrastinating?  because procrastinating is a complex problem, experienced by different people for differentreasons.  However, don't let this discourage you.

Sometimes a lack of motivation can be created through a medicalcondition or through the side effects of prescriptive medications.

Negative thinking.  Often times, people have many "what ifs," which can prevent them from moving on to the nextstep.  This can sabotage their potential all the time!  and get caught in a 'fear' situation

Everyone has the potential to make positive changes in life, and with motivation and determination, a person can make his wishes come true.  When someone is motivated to achieve something, they usually have a strongreason for doing it.

Take a Breaks

Taking breaks doesn't mean you're lazy, breaks can help reduce stress, increase productivity, help you think more clearly.  "Time is money".  however, it would be bad to sacrificeyour health.  Make sure you get enough rest and rest when you need to.

Having breaks in your activity cycle can improve your overall body and mental health.  Understand your own abilities and how much you can do.  When we start to feel tired at work, even the simplest of tasks can feel like challenges.

If you have done your job, you can respect yourself and take a break.  You will find that after your breakyou will feel more energetic, more motivated and ready to take on the world again.

Be Positive about Even the Smallest Victories

Positive thinking doesn't mean that you stay calm and ignore life's unpleasant situations.  Positive thinking means that you approachdiscomfort in a more positive and productive way.  You think the best will happen, not the worst.  If the thoughts that run through your head are mostly negative, your outlook on life tends to be pessimistic.

If your thoughts are mostly positive, you tend to be optimistic.  People who are positive and optimistic tend to lead healthierlifestyles, they get more physical activity, follow a healthier diet, and don't smoke or drink alcohol to excess.

Almost all successful people who have achieved extraordinary results can do so because they lasted long enough.  They take fairly consistent actions and of course, they never give up.  This is not something that can be created in a few days.  Real success takes years to build.

Every time you contribute a step towards your goal, you feel motivated and encouraged to keep going, to see results and feel closer to the bigger picture of success.  Positivity will help you make choices that lead to achievement.

Stick to a routine

The idea of ​​a regular lifestyle can sound boring, but it's actually an effective time management routine because it allows you to fit everything into a limited time schedule.  Put a little planning into doing the things you love, whether it's taking an hour or two of your day watching your favorite TVshow, reading a book, or spending time with family or friends.

Knowing that you have an event planned will motivate you to complete important tasks and give you something to look forward to outside of work.

To stay motivated, we need to be clear about our goals.  Setting specific goals is very important.  It needs a lot of consideration.  You need to set goals that are realistic and easy to achieve.  Take control of how you think, how you feel, how you act.  Buildroutines and apply time management skills to be more organized and productive.

Stop Procrastinating

Sometimes we may not even notice that you are procrastinating!  Choosing an easy task and saying "I'll do it later" for a more difficult one is one of the biggest forms of procrastination that can put you at risk of ruining your worklifebalance.

Overcoming procrastination don't make excuses or waste time rationalizing why you haven't started.  Instead, try to uncover the real reasons for the procrastination and act immediately.

If you push the todo tasks to the bottom of your list, you can feel tied down all day and fear that you will end up having to do them.  There's no easy way to deal with procrastination but if you can handle the pain, you'll feel a lot better when you're done and end up with a clean todo list.

Create a support network

Have a support network on standby for when your motivation runs out and you feeloverwhelmed.  Talking about your feelings can be good for your mental health.  Pick people you feel comfortable talking to and who can help encourage, friends, or family.

If your low motivation feels out of control, or has lasted longer than you are comfortable with, considertalking to your doctor about how you feel, they can offer you information about support such as available care and counseling.

It may seem difficult at first, but persistence will help feed a growing sense of motivation, and you will find that over time it becomeseasier to get up and do something.

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