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Signs You Are Wasting Your Life

How you know if you is wasting the time

no matter which way you look at it, in the grand scheme of things, our time here is very limited. en
Signs You Are Wasting Your Life

Your life may look bright with friends around, normal street events, several holiday photos and social media love. 
But :
  • what did you do in life?
  • Do you really live properly?
  • Do you often sleep with thoughts about where your life is and what you really need?
If it is the confusion you live, you certainly waste your life behind things and unnecessary people. 

Here are some signs that show you wasting your life without you realizing it:

You spend too much time doing things that you shouldn't do

Whether you sit every night and watch television for hours or spend your time in front of a computer reading social networks, you have to start taking your life more seriously

Think about the way you choose to spend most of your free time and ask yourself if it helps your life move forward and helps you get better - does your actions help you create the foundation for the future you want to live?  If not, you might need to re-evaluate your routine and make changes.

You find yourself complaining a lot

Isn't it funny how some people say they want something, but have never really taken ACTION to make it happen?  Maybe that says they want to travel, or get a new job, or find a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

But once they say they want something, they sabotage their own plans by giving an endless list of reasons why it won't work.

You Prefer Life in Your Head

If you find it easier to be immersed in endless thoughts and fantasies than to interact with people and appreciate the environment around you, you are on the path to self-destruction.

Ask anyone who has great minds today - the Elon Musks and Richard Bransons - and they will tell you without doubt the importance of staying grounded in reality.

Being a wise person is great, but don't misinterpret it by spending time endlessly imagining things in your mind without ever hoping or planning to do something in action.  You don't need any expert to tell you that you are wasting your time building castles in the air.

Lack of development

If you want to know if you are on the right path in life and toward fulfillment, ask yourself this question: Am I in the same place as I was ten years ago?  If the answer is yes, you need to make a few changes.

Even if you are in a satisfying job, the fact that you have been doing the same thing for a long time means that you are treading water and your life is not going anywhere.  If you challenge yourself and try new things, you will prevent boredom, staleness, and have the drive to move forward.

You are addicted to your cellphone

You have to count the number of times you take and check or use your cellphone in a day.  Count how many hours - almost certainly hours - from the day you wasted texting, tweeting, Facebook, writing or commenting on your own life or the lives of others instead of living in the moment.  Technology is an important part of life today.

It cannot be denied, nor should it be avoided.  However, how we use this technology and how often we use it needs to be regulated.  Instead of a living experience, you create memories that you will not remember.

You can use the extra time to do something new or meet someone new.  You can spend it to get more work done so you can stay ahead and maybe take an early vacation.  You can live more every day if you spend less time on your cellphone and tablet.

You spend money on things that are not important.

Plain and simple.  If you spend all your hard-earned money on property.  Do yourself a favor, stop!  Buying a product to make yourself feel better or look better will not improve anything in your life.  Maybe instant gratification for a few moments.  Material things will not improve you.

Instead, only buy goods to meet your basic needs.  Do your spiritual needs.  Develop stronger emotional and spiritual relationships with others.  Increase your friendship, spend time just living happily with family and loved ones.  All of this is what will make you a better person.

You feel uninspired.

If you keep letting excuses ruin your ambitions, then you will never get where you want to be.  Take a moment to think about this: life is happening around us right now.  Even as you read this sentence, someone somewhere is dying, and the other has just breathed in first.

Others have just bought their dream car, while a couple somewhere is finally blessed with their eldest child.  Life is happening now.

It doesn't wait for tomorrow, and it doesn't matter if you are ready to live it;  it only lasts.  So, don't deceive yourself into believing cliches like "this is not the right time" and "I'm not where I want to be."  Life will pass you when you make excuses that stop you from living to your full potential.  The time to act is not today, or in a few hours, "now".

You do not leave your comfort zone.

Life is about making choices.  Do you choose to do this or choose to do that?  When you choose one path in life, you actively leave the others.  This moment can only be lived once and in one way.  You will never again experience the second that just passed;  You spend that second.

If the value of your life is truly the sum of your experiences, which I basically believe, then you must do your best to maximize the joy and pleasure you receive from those experiences.

The pleasure gained from a single experience decreases with each repetition.  The first time is always the best because the excitement brought by novelty is present.

One could argue that the best way to maximize the pleasure you receive from experience is to experience as many different experiences as possible, using your better judgment to choose which experiences to go through.

You live without a plan

A person without purpose will only be blown off.  You cannot make significant progress in anything without a clear intention. You must aim to set goals that are exciting and frighten you at the same time.

If you don't set goals and try to achieve your own dreams, chances are you are working for someone else's goals and dreams.

Get your actions together and start living before it's too late.

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