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If talk about technology we can leave the future of robot.

Technology is developing rapidly from time-to-time, various devices are created.  Not only a tool, the robot was developed by technicians and scientists, so that it can be used and help humans in everyday life ranging from assistants, pets, protectors, even robots in the form of clothes.

Here are 8 that have been created, some of which are still under development:

1. Carmin's Rollbot

8 Robot Thecnology at 2020

One product from Procter & Gamble and Charmin's GoLab, RollBot.  This new robot is a prototype, resembles a cartoon bear on wheels and uses sensors with the concept of being able to provide toilet paper to those who are trapped in a compromise position without roll and controlled by remote control, most likely to be controlled via a smartphone.  Currently Charmin's RollBot is still lacking in features because it cannot retrieve it independently, but must be placed there before it is needed.

Watch Demo at you tube Charmin Rollbot

Even though it is only a prototype, the concept presented by Charmin's is likely that in the future RollBot's capabilities are very much needed.

2. Robo Cat Bellabot
Robot cat food transport solutions for powerless restaurants, can move independently, meowing at customers when they arrive to encourage them to order immediately.  BellaBot, the friendly robot from PuduTech has a screen that displays an animated digital cat face, its body consists of a stack of shelves carrying food trays, various positioning systems, scheduling algorithms, adjustable delivery functions, and a navigation system that allows it to maneuver safely around restaurant customers  , tables and chairs, and human colleagues.

Video Demo At YouTube Bellabot

BellaBot also has an "advanced touch feedback system."  BellaBot will respond with facial expressions that look satisfied if someone strokes it for the time it deems appropriate, and has been programmed to say the words "The owner's hand is very warm,".  However, if the person touches it too long, his expression hardens and "going crazy reminds you not to interrupt his work."  Like a real cat!

3. LoVoT

Created by a Tokyo GROOVE X startup, LOVOT is a very lively and highly sophisticated mobile robot that can navigate its environment, recognize people, and ask for hugs.  With a appearance that is a mixture of penguins, owls and teddy bears with a soft and warm body that allows them to be hugged and nurtured.

 Demo video on YouTube LOVOT
 "I want to create opportunities for humans to love," said LOVOT creator and GROOVE X CEO Kaname Hayashi.  Droids can help meet the emotional needs of lonely people.  "Our robot does not do any work for humans and has no content for entertainment purposes.  But so are dogs or cats.  What it does is recognize you and bother you.  That is the purpose of our robot.  "
If you hold LOVOT on your arm, it will close its eyes and enter a sleep-like state.  LOVOT can move around the user's home independently, acting as emotional support and a source of happiness.  Using Bluetooth, wireless LAN and infrared, LOVOT can communicate not only with its Nest station but also other LOVOT.

The robot can also function as a surveillance device, equipped with a luminosity sensor, a 360-degree half-ball camera, a half-ball microphone that can detect the direction of sound and sound, and a thermal camera that can distinguish humans from objects.  LOVOT can do an accurate scan of the entire room and immediately find the owner.

4. MarsCat

MarsCat is a bionic pet cat developed by Elephant Robotics.  This pet robot fully works independently without any additional input needed.  and responsive to interactions, with the ability to feel touch, hear sounds, see faces, and play with toys.

 Demo Video at YouTube Meow

MarsCat can also be customized and can be programmed by the user.  Powered by Raspberry Pi, shipped with MarsCat SDK, which is an open software development library that allows you to fully control and program all robot functions.  This makes it an attractive gadget.

5. Samsung's Ballie Robot

Samsung Ballie is a small robot that is designed as a life companion the size of a round tennis ball, which is designed to support, understand, and react to the needs of their owners.

Samsung said Ballie made use of AI to become a security robot, fitness assistant, tool to help seniors connect with smart devices in their home, and could even be friends with your children and pets.

In a demonstration on stage, Ballie followed the CEO of Samsung H.S. consumer electronics division.  Kim rolled onstage, rolling, seemingly using a camera to track Kim as she walked across the stage.  Ballie also gave a cute little robot bell in response to some of Kim's orders, and it even rolled right into Kim's hands when she called out to him.

Watch a demo video on the Samsung Newsroom

With artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities on the device, Ballie uses sensors and data in the home to connect with and even control other smart devices in the home, voice activation, and an internal camera to recognize and respond to its users, and help them with various household tasks.

Next future of robot implement

6. Guardian XO robotic super suit

From the robotics company Sarcos, the Exoskeleton robotic clothing called Guardian XO, was born from a basic need that allows adding strength to the operator without limiting freedom of movement and to increase productivity while reducing the risk of injury due to work.

Guardian XO is designed for use in industries where the lifting and manipulation of heavy materials or awkward objects is required and is not easily handled by standard lifting equipment.

 More information and Video Demo At SARCOS 

This robot is designed like clothes so that it can be worn by workers, with this tool allowing workers to lift and expertly manipulate loads of more than 100 pounds using natural body movements.  The Guardian XO is the world's first battery-powered robot that combines intelligence, human instinct, and judgment with power, endurance, and machine accuracy.

7. Toyota T-HR3 humanoid robot partner

The Toyota T-HR3, powered by NVIDIA GPU technology, is known as the Toyota innovation robot.  T-HR3 uses a variety of Nvidia technologies, which include Isaac software, Jetson chips, and reference designs, T-HR3 can smoothly move and control its body strength using sophisticated synchronization systems and master maneuvering systems.

 More information at Toyota Global 

 Demo Video on YouTube T-HR3 

The robot is designed to be controlled remotely using VR and AI technology and provides feedback. According to Toyota, the T-HR3 robot will transfer images and sounds between different locations.  In addition, users will also be able to experience movement and touch with the help of robots, so they can talk to athletes or give them a hand as if they were right next to their idol.

8. Digit from Agility Robotics

Digit Agility Robotics Robot is ideal for factory and industrial use.  Digits will be used for a variety of purposes, including in logistics, warehouses, moving containers, telepresence, and industrial inspection.

 Demo Video At YouTube Digit

Digits are bipedal robots with upper torso, arms and sensors.  Digits can navigate the semi-autonomous environment with the help of LIDAR and other sensors. Its arms allow the robot to get up if it falls, wave to balance, push the door open, and carry objects.  The arms can pick up and stack boxes that weigh up to 40 pounds, which are ideal for factory settings.

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