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VR and AR system Technology

VR and AR thecnology

Today's technology is further developed by scientists and technicians ranging from facilities to infrastructure.  This VR and AR system technology requires a lot of costs, but on the demand side, it is highly anticipated, especially in the business world, this technology can cut operational costs, time, and productivity.  For example just for games that can bring interesting experiences.

Virtual Reality (VR) an imitated environment simulated by a computer to create a virtual reality experience.
Augment Reality (AR) interactive experience of the real world environment where objects that are in the real world are enhanced by perception information generated by the computer.

Combining these two technologies will be able to deliver promising features that were initially used by media devices where users can enjoy real-time entertainment, then the game world which initially only enough to use virtual machine glasses and wireless pads, will both be developed using touch sensors.

Have you ever played FPS (First person Shooter) or Minecraft?  Now it's almost like that, just don't need to stare at the screen, just use VR glasses and AR tools like gloves, give an effect when shot, can feel the weight of objects in the virtual world, and of course vests or special shoes with AR systems are in the development stage.

Judging from the previous results the VR and AR features use for military, medical, and automotive simulations, as a training or maturity tool.  From the results data is further developed to get tangible results and distributed to the public.  Do you know the movie "Star Treck"?  it is not only independent visuals created that real interactions can  carried out from different places at one time.

With advancement AR and VR the business world will certainly be helped not only as a training tool for faster data collection and even maximizing work efficiency, chances are you don't have much time to move from one place to another within 5 minutes to meet regional colleagues enough to activate it  , and the meeting began.

Progress like this is certainly very much-needed by the world of education especially if you are a teacher who dedicated to teaching science to other places that constrained by transportation access and geography although you blocked by something and it is not possible for you to go there now with technology like this teaching between  continents will be possible.

Aside from AR and VR, I think that loT and AI will also play a role in perfecting this system.

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