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Beautiful nature in Peru

A masterpiece historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu The Inca City, not just embedded at peek mountain and also surrounded by high mountains, dramatic lanscape, fresh nature sensation make extravagan experience jurney.

Even nature can mix pallet Rainbow Mountain.
Compose 7 color with Pink: mixture of red clay, mudstone and sand. White: sandstone (quartz sand) and limestone. Purple or lavender: marlstone (mixture of clay and calcium carbonate) and silicates. Red: argillites and clays. Green: clays rich in ferromagnesian minerals (mixture of iron and magnesium) and copper oxide. Yellowish brown, mustard or golden: limonites, calcareous sandstones rich in sulfur minerals. Earthy brown: fanglomerates composed of manganese rocks dating back to the quaternary era. That's right Walk at rich mineral.

Tired for walk? but nature feature still long a way to the end let break a bit

Laguna Huachacina 
Nature prepare anything even in hot desert, won't missed this reservation.

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