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Beautiful Nature in New Zealands

Beautiful Nature in New Zealands

Blue ocean, white cloud, green tree, mix with soil color make this globe become great visual dark space it more complete. Lot of thing in it creature, nature, culture even under deep sea have unknown species and hidden mystery. Not one day is enough to explore it but still feel want to walk from north to the south, from east to the west no matter what time it will take. Do you know lot of thing we missed today!!? Let's talk walk a bit.

New Zealand we get a The Great Walk, over 9 route in total give experience for walking, paddling, hiking, and biking.
Start from North island Lake Waikaremoana track
In to the mystical forest  even Mr. Frodo give visit to walk

Whanganui Jurney
Paddle down to the river " let's the water do the walking " a cross the beautiful Whanganui national park.

Tongariro Nothern Circuit
Try to up to the summit and see how real lava at Mount Ngauruhoe.

South island
Abel Tasman Coast track
Explore the beautiful beach Abel Tasman National Park with boat, walk, or kayak tour

Paparoa track 
Time to biking from subtropical rain forest to alpine tops, should be prepare rainfall n severe Strom can come anytime.

Heapy Track
Kahuragi national park home for many kiwi bird, where heapy river meet Tasman sea nature can be shy splash emit beautiful aura.

Routeburn Track
Mountain peek, beautiful lake, moss-draped forest enjoy fresh of nature a whole days

Milford Track
Enjoy New Zealands tallest waterfall, nature can make sky-scraping leaf become windows river become road more than awesome.

One zone already offer lot of beautiful landscape, can't stop my legs this time

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