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Maintain health in any condition by stay active

Health is an important part of us. Our self-awareness affects our overall health. It's not only our bodies must to stay healthy, mental health also plays an important role to our life. Emotional changes can lead to decreased quality of health.

Maintaining health is not easy, especially nowadays more people are following modern lifestyles and most of people just go a long with it, even they don't know it's healthy or make other probmatic for their life.

Not to mention the current situation that restrict us to be active, maybe right now you are thinking 'how to stay active!' Do you know? we can also apply a healthy lifestyle in any conditions such as today. Actually the lifestyle is flexible, even you can make your own.

In order to stay active and maintain health, starting from our-self.

Maintain health in any condition by stay active

Actually, there are many things we can do to maintain health. Besides exercising, activities such as cleaning the house, stretching muscles, reading books, writing, drawing, playing games can be healthy.

Here are things you can do at home.

Sometimes we think that health can only be obtained from exercise, and there is not much we can do at home. Even so, at least we still have to maintain a healthy body, take a shower, brush our teeth.

Cleaning the house is also beneficial for health, and makes your body more active. We should use these conditions as well as possible.

Check your house, need it to be cleaned? look paint on the walls has faded? or is slightly peeled off! while wasting time maybe you can do a small renovation. Don't forget to check the roof, ceiling, and ventilation of your home.

Check inside your wardrobe, there are piles of unused clothes, put them in boxes and you can donated it if still feel good for use.

Or create masterpieces in old clothes, cut, sew, add accessories. Take photos, who knows you can be creative like cosplayers.

Check household utensils. Those that are often used maybe need to be repaired. Those in warehouse and unused, check first if they are still fit for use, or should be repaired, unfortunatelyif you throw it away.

Maybe you are not an expert at repairing it, but you can start and search for tutorials on internet, or via youtube. An extra home activity you get.

Even if results are not good no need to worry, what you do can become an additional skill. Who knows, after this you become an expert, using your knowledge to find additional money as a repairman. Fact, knowledge is part from success.

Activities at home can take a whole day, you can try if you don't believe it.

Selfi activities can still be done at home, you only need to take pictures on internet, as a background.

Edit little by little your photos earlier. Your followers on social media will be impressed, because in this condition you can still be creative, so don't worry.

Recording a video, when you work at home, it can be included in the list of integrated activities at home. Ready to know you are recording a funny moment, or an interesting moment.

How if we dance in front of the camera? turn on the music, too shy to shake. There is a great app if you like singing, you can go online and even do a duet.

Because smartphones already support various features. So, when playing games, it can be recorded and you can create your own streaming channel.

But you must remember, we must wise use smartphones, don't read today's news on smartphones. Turn on television if you want to know today's news.

This for to keep your emotional, when you read something unpleasant, our hearts will overflow, our emotional will respond. Don't suppress your emotions anymore, that's enough.

No matter how good hoax news is, stay away from it, if you have already read it. Find the source, make sure about the truth of the news as soon as possible.

Don't share hoax news with friends or your groups, that not good. And always remember to use your smartphone wisely.

We better work, and encourage each other. Read inspirational stories is good to, because in the future we required to be better person and we should prepare to face new challenges. Stay active at home same as you show you are creative.

Exercise inside the house

This situation is of course an obstacle, if you are used to jogging in the morning, you can't even go to the gym and it is impossible to buy that much equipment.

At least it requires more space, wastes money, in other hand are you using these tools efficiently, rather than buying equipment, we better save the money or invest.

Yep, doing basic exercise can help us stay in shape, we can even do it while watching television.

Feel tired while doing office work from home! take your time and now get to basic gymnastics! It only takes 5-10 minutes.

Do you know!

The gymnastic system is mentioned in the writings of ancient writers, such as Homer, Aristotle, and Plato.

It covered many of the disciplines that later became independent sports, such as swimming, racing, wrestling, boxing, and horse riding, and was also used for military training.

In its current form, gymnastics flourished in Bohemian and now Germany in the early 19th century, and the term "artistic gymnastics" was introduced at the same time to distinguish freestyle from the style used by the military.

Frederick Ludwig Jahn of Germany, known as the father of gymnastics, invented several tools, including horizontal bars and parallel bars, which are used to this day. Source: Wikipedia


Doing meditation can maintain our mental health, this technique was invented hundreds of ago and its properties are recognized by health scientists.

Meditation benefit can make our minds calm, can be used to practice focus, breathing. Peace of mind can also be found.

Meditation is not easy. The first time you do meditation, you will feel strange. You just have to get used to responding to these conditions.

But after getting used to doing meditation, its benefits can be enjoyed in any condition. It can even be done before you sleep.


Yoga is also beneficial for your body to reduce stress, improve fitness, help with health problems, back pain, relieve the body after a hangover, reduce asthma problems, burn fat in the body.

You can do yoga when you feel you don't know what to do in the house and when your body feels achy.


Aerobic exercise uses the whole body to move follow to the rhythm. Lot benefits from aerobics exercise.

This gymnastic movement is like when you dance, only the movement is more active. And aerobic exercise really shows that you are an active person.

For a long time we are in the house, of course the food we consume is also more and we also consume more fat. Aerobic exercise is one of the mainstay techniques for burning fat, not just make you keep in shape-will make your body become ideal.

For those who are not used to it, aerobic exercise can be very tiring. Uniquely, if you do it regularly, your stamina capacity will increase little by little, and your fatigue will also decrease.

Because, the muscles get tighter, from aerobic exercise movements to train breathing, heart strength, bones will also increase over time.

Another benefit of aerobic exercise can control blood sugar. This is good for you especially in a situation like now.

The immune system becomes stronger, this exercise can activate the body's immune system, making you more immune from minor illnesses such as colds and coughs.

Aerobic exercise can also help you sleep better, make the brain work more optimally, and maximize the amount of oxygen that enters the blood.

The heart will also beat faster and increase blood flow to the muscles, then return to the lungs, accelerating the process of delivering oxygen to the muscles, and removing metabolic waste, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

Pay attention to your food.

You must paying attention to food, because nutritional content really affects health.

Taking supplements is not recommended, because for me, supplements are like drugs, there must be side effects. If you want to consume it, you need to consult your doctor first.

Better to eat vegetables and fruit, they can also be used as healthy snacks. There are many recipes on the internet, so don't worry.

Some people prefer to eat vegetables without being processed, maybe you are one of them. Make sure you wash it first.


For those of you who already have children, this time should not be missed. Actually, they also face a dilemma, they cannot come to school, and even have limit space for play.

If you pay attention, our children often complain because of this situation. So, we as parents must be able and wise, to explain a condition.

Yes, this can be used as a reference for getting quality time with children. Have beloved one in your side this time, yep time to make quality time. Use your time at home as much as possible, fill happiness with your kids and family.

Pin point

You don't need to worry, because the one who feels this condition is the whole world. Don't make this a more shackling burden. Increase self-awareness of health, so that you are ready to live life in any condition.

Even though you are trapped in an uncertain condition, positive things must still be done. So that physical and mental health is maintained. Even though you are still at home, stay active, small activities can be beneficial for health.

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