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Face mask design ideas could obtain from thing around you

Role design, A face mask?!?

 Did you know, inspiration life around us?

Design role

Ah!!! Global pandemic, I don't want to mention it, almost every minute or even second, salute to health workers despite the dilemma, between workers and families, they are still strong in facing it.

Don't add to their burden. We should lighten their burden, by taking care of our health.

If there are no important activities it is better to stay at home. You're bored, maybe doing something to kill time, playing games, doing light exercise, working from home, or studying from home.

It is best to be able to spend more time with your family. Maybe I or you rarely get it because of the busy life out there. So, this is the perfect time to enjoy some quality time with your family.

What should we do? We have no idea, because of the months of isolation. maybe write like me, draw, paint, record video then edit it.

Maybe you are a celebrity, maybe you don't know that you can become a celebrity after the content is published, and I don't think you need any fabulous clothes or accessories, because you live at home. lol

How about make design simple clothes to be elegant or trendy. Talking about design and the current pandemic, it is better if we campaign, 'it is important to use face mask at this time'.

In the past, we often fussed over air pollution, there were many appeals. Wearing a face mask is not a bad thing.

Don't think using a face mask is the same as covering your identity, not necessarily, if you don't use a face mask, you are showing your true identity, 'what are you thinking?'

If you are a fraid that using a mask will cover your good face, use an identity card, clip it on your clothes. You have to design it to make it look unique. Maybe the writing on your clothes

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We can make the design on the shirt, or jacket, yes, this is unique. This is a form of promotion to.

The current design is stunning, how about we add face masks as fashionable accessories?

'warning!!! I am not a professional designer, following the instructions below can make you boost your imagination '.

Design a face mask also must pay attention to the thickness, not too thick, not thin, make sure it doesn't get wrapped around your breath.
mmm how about a scarf, simple!?! I think it will be a multi-functional tool, you become more attractive looking, plus you have face mask shield, an extra.

Buy! try to check our wardrobe, maybe it's still there or you can made it yourself! while spend the time at home, old clothes can be recycled, rather than piling up or throwing away.

Cut lengthwise 1-2 meters, width of the hand span. This is to cover up sloppy cuts, or you can add a lacy stitch on each side. Make it as unique as your imagination.

Suddenly it became a trending topic? Don't be surprised if someone wants to buy your design after posting it.

We can change the hoodie. Wear it upside down, cut the head covering halfway in half, or simply fold it up. If it is not equipped with a rope, we can add it. Add identity writing on clothes as a promotion.

You can also use the above technique to t-shirts, or clothes. Variation, forming an elongated downward, mask-shaped top, just sew it around the neck. Keep the bottom waving as you move. Make sure, the added variety is not wrapped around the neck, easy to put on and take off.

Basically, making face mask is not too complicated, just need to pay attention to the thickness of the material, the curved design is wider in the middle. A rope affix or can be made circular.

The shirt that we have can be used as a mask without a strap. Use a shirt loop as a base, and a tie. Cut in half, or the size of an arm's length. From 1 shirt you can create 2-3 masks as a backup.

Ridiculous? This technique is used if you are lazy to buy a face mask.

If you have a workshop, but don't have an idea, or don't want to buy materials. Can use tupperware. Selection of tupperware should cover half the face, it is recommended to use a rubber type material as a binder. And add a cloth as an air filter, it can be refilled.

You can become the next 'Dark Vader', even the dark lord becomes the ruler by using a mask, so !.

You can also use a helmet that is not used, take the mouth cover, a type of rubber strap for fastening, or cut the bottom circle, add a little foam as a support so it doesn't loosen when used

You can use the soldier design or maybe before you want to be part of an army! Using a cloth over your mouth, wearing dark glasses, a helmet, with a hat.

After creating your unique piece, prepare for recording or streaming sessions, health fashion shows, go live. Display your handiwork on your own online cat-walk

In my opinion, it is not a big deal how to get it as long as it is comfortable for you. Take care of your health and cleanliness.

Campaign using face masks while demonstrating your designs, encourage and support the medical team by maintaining our health.

 #stay at home

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